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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Interested. just not sure how interested.

I'm still waiting for one "generic" game system that's hugely late, and I have a couple others sitting on my shelves. do I need yet one more? logical Justin says no, though I've heard good things about this particular game.

so, watching for now.
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while not naming names

there is a funded kickstarter, who's estimated completion date was in the first 4 months of 2018.

the project is delayed. significantly

the project runner has been, at best, only OK at communicating the project status - though recently, the communication has been much better. however, the status updates indicate that the project is still a significant ways off.

that's OK. I accept this for projects. I'd say roughly 80% of all the projects I back don't deliver on time. some are VERY late.

however, when this project organizer is only talking about delays, personal issues and reasons why we're behind schedule - and then on social media I see posts about being on fire about different projects. contributing, thinking, and participating in the creating of new games - I grow seriously concerned about priorities.

I get it. designers want to design, and I'm sure there is a major component of drudgery of putting language around rules.

but we are paying customers at this point. you're first priority should be to the fulfillment of this delayed project.

its frustrating.

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awww geez. this one is going to cost me a LOT of money

I kicked myself so hard when Tales from the Loop was funding
then I further kicked myself when Tales was the new hotness (and totally sold out) at Gencon.

I ain't gonna miss out this time. all those beautiful addons.

I tried. honestly tried to avoid a kickstarter this month. NOPE! hard NOPE
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Demon City: the Ultimate Horror RPG

up front Caveat. This is a game written by Zak Smith, which I understand is someone who has somewhat of an online reputation. so, if you are in the "never Zak" camp - its time to move along.

gosh, this looks pretty! do we need more urban horror? is this something that people really like to play? is this a mode of play that is fun for long term play? I have no idea. I've done horror games before - Fantasy horror (splatter horror with Warhammer fantasy), and modern horror (kids on bikes 2-shot, maybe more suspense than actual horror???). a mid-length conspiracy (think X-files) game that ran about 15 sessions - but wasn't necessarily horror. I guess "horror" for me may be different than horror for your...

Tarrot card "dice" mechanics - that sounds interesting.

I mentioned in a different post about The Expanse, about wanting a more generic hard sci-fi game without a setting stitched onto it. this seems to be exactly that but for the "horror" genre.

$15.00 for the PDF doesn't seem horrible - though I tend to not be someone who really likes PDF only products. I like the smell of the printed page and the physical weight of the book in my hands.

the Kickstarter page is really weak. not a lot of details. unless you head over to Zak's blog. i guess that's OK, if you are a devotee of Zak and follow his work - but that's sure a lot of effort to know what kind of game you are getting if you are not a follower. a quick start rules would be nice.

"investigation" and "horror" detailed rules. sounds great! but I've heard that claim many times in the past. show don't tell!

I find it interesting that this is funding as well as it is. the must be something here. I continue to follow this, uncertain. somewhat attracted to the design and conceits that I've seen so far. not convinced it'll ever get to the table unless with a very specific subset of my regular players. intrigued enough to continue listening...
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The Expanse RPG

So, I was fortunate to get to play an (Alpha?) version at Origins. the experience wasn't great. it didn't have any stunts defined (we were basically using Fantasy Age stunt sheets). it really felt like a home game kludge.

I really want a hard Sci-fi game in my library. I keep leaning towards systems like GURPS if I am ever going to get my hard sci-fi fix in.

I really hope that The Expanse can fill this role, because honestly, using Gurps doesn't excite me at all :)

but they sure as hell need to make a huge stride forward.

Fantasy Age is an OK system. I'm not at all jazzed by a fantasy system getting re-skinned into other formats (modern-age, the Expanse, Titansgrave etc). it seems like a cheap shortcut. Modephius does this (star trek, john carter, conan, etc), FFG (Star wars, Genysis) with mixed results. Paizo is now doing this with Star Finder.

I'm not convinced this is the right path forward. I'm not convinced its the wrong path forward either.

A couple of times a year there is a RPG project that blows up on Kickstarter. this looks to be the one this time. I'm really on the fence here, while I love the show and while I love the idea of a hard sci-fi game, I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea of a hard sci-fi game set in the Expanse setting. I'd have been much more eager with a more generic system that can be more tailored to my own game universe ideas.

Also, why must all games demo's focus on the dungeon crawl!!!
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Gloomhaven Player Mats.

Damn you! this game. this single game. has become an ecosystem onto itself. Box organizers - check
Reusable stickers - check
tracking apps - check
now player mats
expansion in the works - check

I mean, if you are the type of person to go all-in on something, this is getting out of hand. how can one game suck up so many real world resources. this is now the fortnight of boargames!

sure, it's #1 on BGG's game list.

sure, its a frikken awesome game..

but why do you tempt me so? why must the next new awesome, yet totally not necessary item getting released to whisper in my ears.

Gloomhaven Player Mats
Gloomhaven Player Mats
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Thunderstone Quests + barracade Mode

There are a couple card based KS' that are currently in progress. one was for a TCG/LCG style game that I initially was interested in, but ultimately decided that Star Realms was going to scratch this itch once I received it.

this one however looks awesome. bunch of different modes of play. can support up to 6 players (but I'm sure that'll make the game last like 32 hours), and is generally getting pretty good reviews all around (for a deck builder).

I've been toying for quite some time now to pick up dominion - mostly because its the granddaddy of them all. I have a couple other deckbuilders that I find fun, though I would like to get them to the table more often. I think this would be one that could work for both the family game night and for a more casual game night with other like minded players.

havent backed it yet, but am seriously, seriously considering it.
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this kickstarter I think is great

the Angry GM is a wonderful read. acerbic in the extreme, but great advice in long-form format. really super analytical and focused. While I'm not one to normally pick up "how-to" materials - 'cause, I generally think I mostly know how-to. this interests me enough to pick it up. equally, success with this KS means The Angry GM will have future projects as well..

I'd recommend checking it out!
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its been a minute.

honestly, a bunch of drek has been cycling through KS lately. the same old same old - noting really rising to the surface of my attention.

this one has a bit

I don't actually own a 4x board game. do like them in computer format. as with all KS boargames, its expensive, again because they are catering to the competionists and their chase to get everything (I admit to being one of those).

anyway. found this to be interesting...

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John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying Game\

this is a pretty big monster of a tabletop RPG at the moment.

I'm left feeling cold. with only partially explained reasons.

it looks beautiful, but gosh it's expensive
it uses a 2d20 game mechanic. so does a lot of other games. so its tried and true. however, mechanics matter, and if you are trying to stuff too much into a single framework and post hoc make it a "generic" game system. are you giving up too much freedom? I don't know the answer to that. I hope not. Star Trek seems like a tight game using 2d20.. it kind of reminds me of the 3rd edition days of D&D. you had D&D. you had d20 modern. d20 future. d20 past, and then a literal shitton of d20 derived 3PP games that utilized the GPL. Granted, all of these 2d20 games are coming from 1 publisher.. is this IP getting stretched too thin??? most likely not as everything I have heard about Modiphius is nothing but positive and yet... I feel a disturbance in the force.

which brings me to my next feeling of unease. Modiphius now is producing licensed games for:
star trek
John Carter
and others.

all of this costs money. all of this demands time and attention to product materials for, to, you know, pay those license royalties.

which leads me to FFG. may not be an apt comparison, but at one time, FFG owned the licenses for star wars, Warhammer fantasy and 40k, as well as a few in-house RPG designs. there was a LOT of splat books for each license. each book was expensive (but beautiful) and over time you could see a drastic pull back in released materials from old properties (warhammer fantasy) in favour for new properties (Star wars). there was obviously other things going on at FFG as well which ultimately led to the loss of the warhammer license. but I can't shake the feeling here that simply having more and more licensed products sitting on top of a single game engine... is a small gaming company going to get stretched too far.

full disclosure here. I own, really like and WANT star trek adventures RPG to succeed so there is a vested interest on my part that ST:A is the Primary game for Modiphius, and I get a twinge of jealousy whenever I see my game take a back seat to a new game.. "hey! why you looking over there! you keep you eyes right here on ST:A thank you very much!"

anyway. I did enjoy the Disney treatment of John Carter. never read the books or source materials. the setting from the movie appears to be fun and one where you can have LOTS of adventures with. the cost of entry is too high IMO (I don't like PDF's in general) so unless one of my friends that I regularly game with picks it up, i think it'll remain firmly in the realm of a convention try it once kind of game...

best of luck. but don't F with my ST:A!!!
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