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One of the guys who lost an awful lot of business due to the 4x4 ban and it's economic impact on the tourism Industry of St. Lucia in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. You can order wooden carvings made from indigenous timbers of DUDKUDUKU FIOREST by phoning Hlope on +27818481379 +Petrus Viviers
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It is time to act now.... while the IWPA management are regrouping after the sudden and mysterious departure of #UNCLEANDREW

Andrew Zaloumis has recently left the post of CEO at the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority, making things a bit easier or maybe not....
The St. Lucia Estuary and lake system is an ECOLOGICAL DISASTER ZONE due to poor planning and management by #UNCLEANDREW

Uncle Andrew or as most know him Andrew Zaloumis has recently left his post as the CEO of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority, in what I personally deem a suspicious manner. How ever Andrew Zaloumis has been the CEO of the #IWPA or #iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority since it's inception, and was the CEO of the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park World Heritage Site Authority before the name change.

Andrew as the CEO of the IWPA was responsible for the ECOLOGICAL integrity of Lake St. Lucia and the St. Lucia Estuary System. Under #UNCLEANDREW 's watch the lake and Estuary systems were, at least in my mind, deliberately neglected and allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that the system is now an #ECOLOGICALDISASTER

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Take a #PERPSEE here and read this specialist socio - economic report discussing the 4x4 BAN along with the lost economic opportunities that evolved due to the absence of the domestic tourists from the Elephant Coast tourism mix.

This Socio - economic Specialist Report discussing the #ECONOMICIMPACT of the #4x4BAN makes interesting reading. These guys basically admit that the economic impact of the 4x4 BAN was rather serious, but only impacted on the #DOMESTICTOURISM market.

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A short video discussing the value of an estuary.

This should be considered when you evaluate how the #IWPA Or iSimangaliso wetland park Authority are currently managing the St. Lucia Estuary and the water flow issues within the Lake St. Lucia as well as the Umfolozi flood plains.

In my mind this is a total disaster and this mismanagement is in place to ensure failure of the #DOMESTICTOURISM MARKET within The iSimangaliso wetland Park. The 4X4BAN was the first step in this regard, causing in excess of 20 000 job losses within the Elephant Coast tourism industry as discussed i n the occasional paper number 20 issued by KZN TOURISM

THEN THERE ARE ALSO OTHER ISSUES..... more in next posts here

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This report issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism makes very interesting reading, but you need to take note of the attitude of the report author. This person, or group of people are very biased and totally in favour if the closure of our beaches to reasonable motor vehicle access.

The report makes many mentions of the losses associated with the absence of the domestic tourist from the Elephant Coast, along with the financial implications, of low domestic tourism numbers to the Umkhanyakude district municipality, but does not deem these losses as serious or of any importance.

This report makes no mention of the marketing and promotion of the world heritage site status awarded to the area in terms of the increase in non beach related tourism, which is in itself rather substantial. This world heritage status, along with the associated marketing by a number of tourism bodies such as but not limited to

1) The UN through UNICEF
3) KZN Tourism
4) The Elephant Coast Tourism Association (now disfunctional )
5) The Mtubatuba tourism bodies
6) The #IWPA or iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority

These organisations have spent vast sums of money to promote the area with the focus on it's world heritage status, and were there not an increase in the #INTERNATIONATOURISMNUMBERS then there would be something wrong. These numbers (International Tourism figures ) are quite impressive, but the domestic tourism numbers are very dismal and the reason is quite clear in my mind why.

Being a South African citizen who is made to feel most unwelcome is not unique to me as an individual, as there are many hundreds of thousands of other South African citizens who feel the same way, due to the attitude of the state and it's agents who control and manage tourism in South Africa.

This report by the Department Of Environmental Affairs And tourism (DEAT ) reveals this attitude very clearly in the manner that they attempt to show how disrespectful the South African public are to our natural environment.

Think about this as you go over the content of this report, and then decide for yourself if they are giving a fair and balanced view.

In my mind this report is very one sided and attempts to confuse and conflate issues in very strange ways. I mean how petty can they be when they say that INTERNATIONAL Tourists are offended by tire tracks on the beach, when these are washed away at every turn of the tide.......

THAT Being Said this is quite an important report, as it lays the foundation for us to work further on promoting tourism within the Elephant Coast.

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The #4x4BAN or the closure of the Elephant Coast beaches to reasonable motor vehicle access has had a very nasty long term economic impact on the rural areas adjacent to the #ISIMANGALISO #WETLANDPARK in north east KZN South Africa.

The #IWPA or iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority have not considered all the the relevant stake holders and consider us as THE SOUTH AFRICAN PUBLIC as problematic for their long term aims of having a world class tourism destination which excludes Mr. Vali Musa's #BRANDYBRIGADE

This collection of posts will highlight what I as #FRANKIE2SOCKS CONSIDER to be issues that need to be addressed by the SOUTH AFRICAN government along with all its organs of state to alleviate the gross poverty along with the many thousands of job losses caused by the 4x4 ban.

Please share this collection with anybody wjo you think may have an interest in these matters

Regards and thanx for reading here.

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