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It's not very often but every once in a while, someone comes along and completely attacks me and what I'm doing because they see the amount of $ that is coming in on Patreon ( and automatically assumes that I only ever created Autcraft to swindle or take advantage of autistics and autism families.

This video is for those people... and anyone else that would like to know the background of how Autcraft came to be where it is now.
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Announcing the 4th annual 24 hour livestream to raise autism awareness and end bullying in the Minecraft community!

Since starting the server almost 4 years ago, I realized that the amount and severity of bullying that children (especially those with autism) face online and in the Minecraft community are greatly underestimated.

So I started making a plea to the Minecraft community every year on April 2nd as it is Autism Awareness Day around the world.

The livestream will begin at midnight EST as the clock ticks over to April 2nd and continue right through until midnight as the day ends.

The goal with Autcraft was never to give children with autism one safe place to play but to make all places safe. This is just one of the ways I intend to go about making that happen.

So please join me at on April 2nd.

More info on our website at
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One of the children on the Autcraft server just said "I think I'm retarded"... when the rest of the server assured him that he is not, he replied "i feel it true because its been said so long."

THIS is the problem with bullying.

Bullying doesn't toughen you up. It doesn't make you stronger. Mistakes do that. Mistakes happen and then you move on and you learn from them.

Bullying isn't a mistake. Bullying lasts. It persists. It does not stop. And even if you do get away from the bullies, that feeling stays with you. It wears you down.
When you're different, as children with autism clearly are, you become a target for these bullies. Not just for a single bully but for multiple bullies. For many many people. Sometimes even their parents.

When you have to endure that for so long... you start to believe it. You start think you don't deserve to be happy. You don't deserve to be proud of yourself. You don't deserve to live.

It takes a lot to bring a person back from that, especially a young child with autism. But that's why Autcraft is here. A community can do what one person can not. A community can support you more than a single person ever could.

I wish you could see all the others telling this child "I care" and reassuring him of what he's worth.

This is why I need Autcraft to continue and to do well. Not for my sake but for his sake and the sake of everyone that needs it.

It's no exaggeration... the Autcraft community is saving lives.

If you'd like to support the server, or read more on what we're doing, check out
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Tonight one of our newest admins on +Autcraft crashed the server and we all celebrated. Why? We believe that crashing the server is the last right of passage, the last step of initiation before truly being considered a full fledged admin.

It's not that we want it to happen, we are just very much aware that it's going to. We're all human and we all makes mistakes. The people who have the most power in a certain place have the potential to make the biggest mistakes in that place.

You can choose to feel bad about it, or guilty, or angry or even freak out about it but I choose to celebrate it.

We're all human. We all make mistakes. We restart the server and move on.

Enjoy your mistakes while you're alive to make them.

It's a right of passage.

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I just got an email from a player on the Autcraft server with a screenshot of 9 double chests at his base.

In the email was the offer/ultimatum that I must trade him the rarest item on my server for what he has in those 9 double chests or else he may leave the server forever.

So basically what he's saying is, if I give him that item, I get his stuff and if I don't, he leaves and I get his stuff.
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Autcraft 1.11 Is Coming Saturday, December 10, 2016!

Friday night, when the server restarts (at midnight EST, New York time), the server will remain unavailable approximately 6 hours as we do all the final work for the 1.11 update.

The reason that it will take so long is that we must migrate some older plugins that are no longer under development and move to newer plugins which still receive frequent updates. We've done a lot of testing on this and know that nothing will be lost, everything will keep running as it always has and that the process does take several hours.

In addition to moving old plugins to new plugins, we'll also be adding in some extra new features for Autcraft players along with this new update! But we're not telling what those are just yet!

We apologize for the downtime that'll happen on the weekend but it's the best time for us as that's when we'll have the most admins and helpers around to answer questions and make sure everything is working properly after the update.

So again, Friday night after the restart, the server will be unavailable to players for approximately 6 hours while we move to the new 1.11 update and add in new features.


Will the build worlds reset? No.
Will the build world borders expand? Yes.
Can you tell us what the new features are? No.
Will we have to update our MC clients to 1.11? You should, but you won't have to.
Will our inventories be reset? No.
Now can you tell us what the new features will be? Still no.
Are you sure it will take the whole 6 hours? No. Could be less, could be more.
Can I make a mansion my base? If you are the first to find one in the expanded areas of a build world, yes.
New features? Still not telling.
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Giving Tuesday

For a long time, people told me that I should charge for access to Autcraft but I never believed that was the way to go. I've always believed that no one should be excluded from having a safe place to play and that those who need a place like Autcraft most are those who probably don't have the extra money to pay for it.

Looking around today, talking to people, I realize now that it was probably a wise decision. Times are tough. Most people don't have any extra money to spare for things like video games, even if Autcraft is far more than just a game.

The people who donate either monthly via Patreon or through our online shop or just making one time donations do so because they believe in Autcraft but also because they have a little extra to spare.

Each person that supports Autcraft is literally giving thousands of children with autism a place where they can make friends, feel safe and be themselves without fear of judgement, embarrassment or bullying.

Today, Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to support Autcraft or any other good cause that you believe in. For all those people who don't have the extra money to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, for all the people who sacrifice things in their life only because it costs money that they don't have, you can be the one to make sure they still have a place to go that will never turn them away.

To support Autcraft
one time:

Thank you!
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While I certainly don't use Minecraft for educational purposes, much less the actual Education Edition, I can say that it is most definitely not a gimmick.
Is that to say that you can't teach children the same things in other ways? Of course not. But that's the point. You can teach the same old lessons in new ways and Minecraft is one of those ways.

My experience with Autcraft has shown me that a happy child, a child having fun and doing what they enjoy doing is far more inclined to learn new things freely and willingly just by doing... rather than being force fed information or told to sit down and read.

It's more about engagement and involvement than it is about the tools you use. Is the child happy and absorbing the information easily, possibly without even realizing it? Or are they fighting you every step of the way and learning nothing because it's simply no fun?
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Will the Java and C++ versions continue in parallel, or will C++ eventually win out?

From that perspective, it looks like down the line that C++ will eventually be the main engine and also the main game version. At the same time, we have such a huge following on the Java edition.
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