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If you grew up taking a multivitamin every morning, you may be surprised to find that some supplements don’t agree with your stomach.
In fact, there are some supplements that may leave you feeling downright sick.

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Choosing the healthiest carbohydrates for your diet can be a considerable challenge.
Many consider rice to be among the safest and healthiest choices of grains to add to their diet, particularly for those with small children.

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Nature and natural foods have no comparison with those artificial that we grab up from the streets of the town...

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It is well known that exercise benefits your physical health, but it can also improve your mental health in numerous ways.
Here are five ways that exercise promotes your mental and emotional well-being.

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Several health and lifestyle factors can contribute to poor circulation, but there are vitamins and supplements you can take to help improve circulation, as well as lifestyle changes you can make to promote good circulation and overall health.
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It’s a centuries-old debate upon which the world has never been able to agree: green tea or black tea?
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Pepperoncini are a standard in antipasti in Italy, and you can eat these peppers straight out of a jar.
You can also use these delicious peppers to instantly add a zing to everything from steaks to sauces.

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You’ve heard of green smoothies, but what about red smoothies?
It might seem strange to add beets to your smoothie, but once you learn all the health benefits that these vegetables have, you’ll be rushing out to pick some up.
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Eating a good diet is one of the most crucial components of health.
Getting the basics down is often good enough—eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, getting enough protein, and avoiding processed foods and sugar.
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One of the common and often most hated effects of puberty is acne.
Although acne is often associated with teenagers and puberty, many adults (well past the ages of puberty) face this issue, as well.
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