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Whats all the fuss about?  The dude said they were checking for certain files. OK, so no problem. Just run
su -c "mount -o remount,rw /system; mv /system/bin/su /system/bin/suckIt"
Then instead of su, run suckIt.   Keep root, just hide the telltale signs.

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Wow, neat info. There must be a lot of people in Macedonia testing force touch capabilities on their phone. 

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Looking forward to seeing Windows based on Linux soon. 

How does one go about calling a system framework's public method from a system app, without access to the system framework in Android Studio? Reflection?

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First Custom ROM for Pioneer. I made it, so it won't ever be released. Also, it's not useful in a car, and full of distractions.
On-screen buttons, Nova Launcher, file manager, and Connect Bot... Just enough to poke around.
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Force Touch For Android
So, the media is making a big deal about Apple's Force Touch and the possibility of the iPhone6S supporting it. This has been on Android for a long time.

TouchEvent.getPressure() returns a value which can be used by an application. Here's a pressure sensitive app I created for Android. Just press the screen with varying degrees of pressure and it will tell you what it saw immediately, then wait for the next event.

Source code:
Android API:

How is this useful? It's not, really. It just adds a level of complexity to a user experience.

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Oracle's Java installer stopped supporting Ask Toolbar and opted instead for Yahoo! Toolbar. Article linked below.

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Wow. C# came from Java, but i didn't know it came DIRECTLY from Java. Is there an Oracle license to use Visual Studio?

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Hey, since +Pioneer Electronics​ website is down, now's a great time to point out that they flagrantly violate the GPL. They use Android for all their NEX products including Android Auto. No source code is published or offered.

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Can everything be this, please? I would like it if everything was this. 
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