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This is my Android collection. I organize all my posts by hashtags. 

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Love my Pixel.....and now I know what I will be buying next year :)

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Pretty good breakdown of what the Google Assistant can do. 

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One of the better Android games is 85% off. 

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This is a pretty awesome update that I look forward too. I will never stray away from a Nexus device.

Keep your connection speed high and your data bill low with Wi-Fi Assistant, a feature that allows you to automatically and securely connect to more than a million, free open Wi-Fi hotspots. Originally a Project Fi exclusive feature, we are now expanding Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries. This will roll out to users over the next few weeks. Learn more:
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Opera released their VPN app for Android after using an iOS version out for so long.


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Nothing new on my Nexus 6 but my Pixel C on the other hand.... :)

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Android 7.0 released!


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Google Duo is being released! I still can't download it from the playstore but this is exciting stuff. Can't wait to try it.

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Less R&D costs which could result into a cheaper device. Or is this wishful thinking?

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