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Only one single couple slot left for our Barcelona Experience September 12 - 17, 2017!

Grab it here:

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Join us this September for the experience of a lifetime!

Why gastronomad? It's a slow and deep approach to immersive travel with intention and conscientiousness to champion for preservation of local culinary traditions, cultural heritage and authentic way of life.

Our mission is to create a joyful gathering of likeminded future friends to rediscover the simple pleasures of sharing a farm-based meals made with locally sourced seasonal ingredients with the help of local artisans around the world.

Informing to inspire sustainable, slow and conscientious travel practices is part of the core philosophy behind the gastronomad lifestyle.

Join us for our Barcelona Experience September 12 -17, 2017! This is the one and only Barcelona event! To us, each experience is serendipity in the making and trying to recreate the same thing twice is not serendipitous.

We have only four spots left for this true and genuine once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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Mike's Favorite Way of Eating Cherries!

In the form of a cherry pie, of course! :)

If you've been following my food adventures in the kitchen, then you know that my better half loves pie. Actually, he might be a pie addict, frankly. And, of course, I'm an enabler because I love baking pies for him. Maybe that makes me a pie baker addict -- and I'm okay with that. Or maybe that's what makes us soulmates! ;)

My food is delicious (modesty aside) and even decadent. And while I make it all from scratch with my own recipes, I not only cook with joy and love but with the healthiest ingredients I can get my hands on. I have a passion for that. And sometimes I even grow it myself -- that is when I'm not wandering around world.

You might also know that Mike and I travel abroad seeking the best and most delicious food we can find. We try to explore the most beautiful corners of the world discovering the most wonderful and amazing traditional food artisans.

And now you can be part of our adventures!

We're encapsulating everything we know -- our expertise and passions -- into what we call Gastronomad Experiences!

We want to share it with you -- or rather -- we want you to come along for the ride of lifetime!

The thing is that each experience takes place only once!

We go to a favorite place of ours, get together with the most talented and passionate food and wine artisans to create epic gatherings around the table in some awe-inspiring place.

And all along the way, we're sharing everything we know about everything we do: Living a joyful life and traveling like a gastronomad, best secret places, my secret recipes, tech and social media tips and how-to information and ideas from Mike. And I can even provide health coaching if that's one of your interests.

But as a small group of friends, we'll share and enjoy the true gifts of an adventurous life with the enjoyment of amazing food, wine, magical experiences and friends to be.

Come and experience the joy of being a gastronomad!

Sign up here:

We only have 4 spots left!

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Our new venture!

We're in Barcelona and this is La Boqueria!

Mike and I have written a couple of blog posts about what we're up to.

You can check it out here:

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New batch of homemade naturally fermented raw apple cider vinegar

It tastes way better than the store bought variety and it even tastes better than shrubs -- but it's much healthier and full of probiotics!

You start with apples, water and honey (or raw sugar). Eventually a mother forms and viola! Delicious raw apple cider vinegar.

Once you have a vinegar mother, it's a lot easier to keep making it.

Drink a little every morning before breakfast for a great way boost the immune system and give your gut flora a strong foundation.

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In the mood for avocado salad for breakfast!

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Gluten free galette with caramelized onions and Brie cheese

I can't wait to test this recipe again! 

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My son had a cold and asked for chicken soup

I made a chicken bone broth for scratch first and then I made a spicy chicken soup with the meat of the chicken I had set aside. I made it the same way my mom used to make it for me, which was with different kinds of spices and lots of herbs.

But I only use chicken that is pasture raised in organic farms, and thankfully, in Northern California, that's somewhat easy to find.

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Naturally leavened bread pudding with homemade caramel sauce!

It's supposed to be spring already but Northern California apparently didn't get the memo. Naturally, gray skies and rain make me want to bake.

Mike uses ancient grains when he makes bread so the flour is nothing like modern wheat laden with gluten. Additionally, the dough is highly fermented getting rid of all the bad compounds in grains that can make it unhealthy.

Naturally leavened bread is delicious and actually nutritious and good for your gut flora.

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Who loves eating pie?

Eating pie is one of my husband's obsessions. If he had it his way, everything would be made into a pie. We don't eat gluten and haven't for years so I've perfected delicious pie crusts that are gluten-free and mostly whole grain.

One of my favorite savory pie recipes I've created is a curry turkey pot pie. But I also make lots of different kinds of sweet pies, which are also gluten free. In our family, quite often, there is birthday pie instead of birthday cake. And, of course, my husband's last birthday was all about pie -- both sweet and savory.

Would you like to learn the art of healthy gluten-free and nutritious but exceptionally delicious pie-making from scratch? It's one of the optional offerings for our new Gastronomad Experiences 😋

More info at
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