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UK has no blue fin tuna QUOTA (permitted catch), so Brixham citizens cannot eat this giant. Another example of the ludicrous nature of fishing quotas dictated by the EU, when they can legally take 90% of our fish.

Brixham once a thriving fishing centre has only a paltry fishing fleet now, although one of the biggest catchers still in UK. campaigns for British fishermen

Old painting of Brixham harbour

#Brexit #LeavetheEU #fishing
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UK Energy Minister fracking her way against MPs' debate
...called fracking protesters a "travelling circus" (very insensitive!)

MPs are challenging the 'permitted development' which would allow fracking corporations to have instant planning permission without consultation with local councils. In almost every case, councils have refused permission which is setting the #fracksters back, as costs of idle equipment mounts at some sites they already have leases on. (thanks to Cameron).

There are concerns about all the many old coal mines beneath the Yorkshire land where they plan to frack. Sounds dangerous.
Professor Peter Styles has written about this. Good diagrams too.

Thankfully she reminds MPs of UK's great standards of environmental protection, and our "green and pleasant land", so I'm sure if she actually gets down to read the reports on fracking (she refers disparagingly to 'cut and paste' reports): she will know where her duty lies in land protection.

Watch the debate on 12th September and support +Ian R Crane extensive work to stop fracking.

266 page report: USA has learnt from fracking and the health implications:
all new to British civil servants.

#Cuadrilla #INEOS #fracking
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INEOS plastics plant - beach ready

“The stunningly white sand here is not natural. It’s chemical waste, and its source stands right next to the beach — an enormous complex of towering chimneys and cooling towers spewing smoke and steam into the air. This is the Solvay chemical plant.”

- -'The white sand has been artificially created by years of chemical discharge – specifically, calcium chloride and limestone into the sea. An article in 2016 described the beaches in all of their artificial glory.'

- -'The monstrosity behind the beach is the Rosignano Solvay facility, where INEOS is based. They manufacture high-density polyethylene, alongside a host of other petrochemical operations and companies.'

INEOS owner Jim Ratcliffe got a knighthood for being a plastics billionaire but his plant has been found toxic; one of the worst on the Mediterranean coast.

#plastic #plasticpollution #INEOS #polyethylene
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MONSANTO to pay 289 MILLION IN DAMAGES to grounds keeper with CANCER
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UK Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal and a DEFRA (environment) Minister took to advertising Monsanto's 'ROUNDUP' on Twitter. One day after ‘Jury orders Monsanto to pay $289 million in California Roundup cancer trial’

Ms Coffey told BBC Radio Suffolk
*"Like a lot of chemicals and pesticides, you handle appropriately to manage the risk. Just like you do with bleach and other household chemicals. Roundup is just the same."* Glyphosate? The same as bleach?

*"We would not allow them to be sold in this country if they were not safe."*

Well... blind faith in corporate profiteering. She is quite ignorant.
Totally outstandingly unfit for her job!

See her Tweet here and in link below.

A very good article more informative, in retaliation to this utter stupidity:-

#Monsanto #Glyphosate #Roundup #Pesticides
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#SaveTheBees - They're in big trouble if BAYER get their evil way

Beasty behemoth BAYER is appealing court decision, trying to overturn the EU partial ban on #neonics - The EU aren't good for much, but this was a start, to help the bees.

'In May this year, the European Court of Justice ruled in favour of a partial ban on three neonics'

'Bees are vital to our food supply -- providing one of every three bites of food we eat, but bees and other pollinators are declining at catastrophic rates and neonic pesticides are a key culprit. That’s why maintaining the EU’s ban on neonics is so important.'
(Petition here)

Support the Bee Defender Alliance:

'Bees are irreplacable for the beauty and abundance of the nature we live in.
Their well-being is close to our heart'

'Highly hazarduous pesticides and transgenic crops and foods are an extreme danger for bees, humans and nature. The BeeDefender Alliance is taking judicial action to take on the world’s biggest agro companies.'

The BeeDefender Alliance is coordinating the activities of its member associations to serve as interveners in the lawsuits of Bayer, BASF and Syngenta at the ECJ against the partial ban of the three neonicotinoids clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam. In these cases, our members serve as an advocate for the bees, preventing an out-of-court settlement and making sure that the ECJ puts the protection of nature before the profits of the agro-chemical giants.
(There is a petition to sign.)

Download their PDF leaflet:

#Bayer #Neonics #SaveTheBees #Corptocracy #CorporateIrresponsibility
BeeDefender Alliance
BeeDefender Alliance
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Plate Climatology Theory
Until recently, climatologists have an 'atmospheric bias'.
Internal geothermal events such as subduction and obduction where the plates sink or overlap each other, (e.g. Nazca Plate) and undersea volcanoes (there are 600 in South Pacific): all can heat the ocean, melt ice, and have an affect on climate, as Plate Climatology Theory

Nick Begich also discusses these possibilities in the video.

#PlateClimateTheory #Climatology #Volcanoes #PlateTechtonics
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Greeek islanders on Lesbos have had enough

‘A few days ago, migrants started a fire, burning down 10 acres of olive trees. This was the last straw for the residents of Moria. That incident made the head of the community start his hunger strike.’

“We can’t take it anymore. From the year 2015 on, we are experiencing a complete disaster in our village. Inside the camp the sanitation facilities are built for 800 people, and right now 8000 people are living there...

The sewage is poured into the nearby rivers and ends up in the sea passing through our properties. There is garbage everywhere, dirt and mosquitoes. Every notion of safety and hygiene is ruined in our village.”

#Immigration #Migrants #MigrantInvasion
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An unusual 28 degrees in UK today, but in Russia...

‘At this time of year, there has never before been such a complicated ice condition around Russia’s offshore Arctic oil platform’ and in other Russian arctic areas.

'State nuclear icebreaker company Rosatomflot last week informed that independent shipping in the area is «paralysed» and that LNG carriers and tankers are stuck. «"We are back to the standards of the 1980s and 1990s” '

#Climate #Arctic
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Plastic is everywhere in the oceans
'Turn the tide Plastic' Yacht - Volvo Ocean Race.

Seawater collected and tested for #microplastics by racing yacht ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ during the Volvo Ocean Race.
Samples collected throughout the 45,000 mile journey are still being analysed, but have revealed traces of microplastics almost everywhere, including in the remotest waters in the Southern Ocean.

The results - Plastic particles per cubic metre of seawater:-
26 particles even in the remotest parts of the Southern Ocean
307 particles in the western Mediterranean
349 particles in the South China Sea close to Hong Kong.

#OceanPollution #Plastics #Microplastics #TurntheTideonPlastic
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