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Pay with Google using any credit card in your Google account (not just in Android Pay)

When you pay with Google, you can use any of the credit or debit cards you’ve added to your Google Account from products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay. Google sends the merchant your payment info and shipping address using the information from your account—no typing required. Then, the merchant will handle all the details just like any other purchase.

This payment option will soon be coming to the web in Chrome.

Learn more on the Google Blog
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Google Search will now show if an e-book is available at your local library (US only)

Here's how it works. On mobile, search for the book you're interested in and click the "Get Book" tab that appears right up top, just under the book's info. You'll then see where you can buy the e-book and below that, which libraries have it available. On desktop, the purchasing and library information appears on the right-hand side of the screen, just scroll down to get to the library bit. Once you click your library, you'll need your membership information to log in and get the book.

Read more about the update on +Engadget:
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iOS users: help Gmail test a new feature - adding non-Google accounts

The beta program eligibility requirements:
* Be a current user of the official Gmail iOS app
* Have a non-Google email account
* Use iOS10 or later

Sign up here:
Calling Gmail iOS users! Help us test a new feature - check your non-Google accounts from the official Gmail iOS app.
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Google Calendar for web gets a new look and features

We’re taking a lot of what you know and love from Calendar’s mobile application, like the modern color palette and sleek design, and bringing it to the web with a responsive layout that auto-adjusts to your screen size. We’ve also added more features for enterprises to help teams schedule and prepare for meetings.

New features include:
* See conference room details when booking a room. (G Suite only)

* Add rich formatting and hyperlinks to your Calendar invites.  Link to relevant spreadsheets, documents or presentations in your Calendar invite and open them directly from the new “Event Detail” view.

* Manage multiple calendars side by side in “Day” view

* See contact information of meeting participants when you hover over their names in a Calendar invite. 

How to get the new Calendar:

1. On a computer, open Google Calendar. (

2. On the top right of your screen click  *Use new Calendar*

3. To go back to the old Calendar at any time, click Settings great icon, then *Back to classic Calendar.*

Note: If you cannot see "Use new Calendar", the new Calendar isn’t available for your account yet. 

Learn all about what's new in Calendar

Additional information for G Suite admins:

Get the details on the Google Keyword Blog
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Movies Anywhere is a single library for your movies from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes and Vudu

Available first in the U.S., just connect your accounts using the new Movies Anywhere app or on the Movies Anywhere website, and all the movies you’ve purchased from Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal and Warner Bros. will be available for you to watch on Google Play.

Get Movies Anywhere

Learn more on the Google Blog:
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Google Slides gets add-ons, synced slides and more

Google Slides has new tools to make your presentations shine:

* Linked Slides, that sync slides from multiple presentations - update one, update them all
* Insert Diagrams
* Grid View of all your slides in a presentation as thumbnails
* Skip Slide lets you choose to skip specific slides in a presentation without deleting them
* drag-and-drop integration between Google Keep and Slides

* Add-ons to integrate with other services:
- Search for and add images from Adobe Stock, right in slides
- Shutterstock Editor add-on lets you add and customize photos within slides
- additional add-ons from Balsamiq, Lucidchart, Pear Deck, Noun Project and Unsplash

Learn more on the Google Blog:
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New: Drag and drop integration between Google Keep and Slides

Today, you can use a new drag-and-drop integration between Keep and Slides to transform these ideas into action. Simply select notes from Keep (or sort with #labels) and drag them into Slides. When you add a note from Keep into your presentation, Slides will automatically add a title and description for you.

Learn more with the announcement on the Google Blog:
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Explore a global map of crowdsourced photos in Google Earth

To get started, open the Google Earth app on Android and iOS, or go to Google Earth in your Chrome browser on desktop. Open the main menu and turn on the Photos toggle. As you explore the world and zoom in, relevant photos from each location will appear. Click on any thumbnail to see a full-screen version of the photo, and then flip through related photos.

These are photos shared to Google Maps by Local Guides and other contributors.

Add your own photos:

Start looking for your own photos on Google Earth

Learn more on the Google Blog
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Addresses, phone numbers, and contacts now converted to links in Gmail and Inbox to save users time

Precious time can be lost by having to copy and paste this information from an email into other apps and websites, so we wanted to provide a better way to perform these tasks that also saves time. That’s why starting today, Gmail and Inbox by Gmail on Android, iOS, and the web will begin converting text to interactive hyperlinks whenever they detect phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses in emails.

Click a Street Address to open it on Google Maps
Click an Email Address to compose a new email message in your default email client
Click a Phone Number to dial a phone call if you are using the mobile app

Learn more on the +G Suite updates blog:
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Let the Chrome team know what they could do to make your video & audio experience even more delightful

Leave your comments on +François Beaufort's post below!
I work on Chrome Audio/Video 📺 these days and I love it! I get to learn new exciting things every day and this makes me happy.

Today I would be thrilled to get your crazy thoughts on what the Chrome team could do to make your media experience even more delightful. I'm thinking codec, VR, 360, live, HDR, PiP, autoplay, mute, bugs, nits, etc.

🔉 Please share in the comments your dreams, +1 the ones you like, and share this post. I'm looking forward to read them!
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