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Jaana Nyström

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Warning: This is a rant. 😡

The New Google+ +1 spam is intolerable!

Almost every third post in the stream is the "spam" someone in my circles has given a +1 to.
I find this REALLY annoying: I'm being force fed something which is of no interest to me.

What happened to the interest-based Google+?

- Oh yes, it still exists: In the Classic G+ mode. Thankfully.

Can we PLEASE get a possibility to opt-out, +Google+ !

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Jaana Nyström

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Guide for Google+ community managers!

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Community Managers Guide
Our Google+ content team has assembled a set of best practices for setting up, customizing, and growing healthy Google+ communities. Get it here:
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Good afternoon not on this much
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Jaana Nyström

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Are you familiar with +CircleCount ?

I do recommend for anyone using Google+ at least trying the free version.
You get statistics and follower history among other things.

Sign in with your Google account and wait for a bit to get the results.
You can also add your business Pages!

Can you see my CircleCount profile:

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Yes I am
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Jaana Nyström

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Get started - and learn more about the New Google+!

Find instructions and tips for almost all aspects of Google+:

From getting started to troubleshooting.

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Yes Google Help Center I'm having a problem either with my connection I have the same password and I enter the same password and everything is interlinked with one password and it won't allow me to gain access to my Google account what can I do to control correct the problem
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Jaana Nyström

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Help getting started / using the New Google+!

Free webinar: Getting started with the New Google+
Are you new to Google+? or are you a long-time Plusser who hasn't made the switch from Classic Google+.
On December 7th, I joined  +Michael Daniels to talk about how to get started with the New Google+. While the focus was setting up Google+ for new users, I think even old-timers long-time users might learn something new. 
Here's what I covered:
1. Setting up your Google+ Profile

2. Populating your Home stream
       * Finding and following Collections
       * Following People and Pages
       * Organizing people into Circles
       * Communities
3. Engaging with posts: Plus, Comment, Share
4. Posting
         * Create your own Collections
         * New posts, Text and Plus Mentions
         * Share photos and images
         * Share links
         * Create a poll
         * Post settings
5. Notifications
If you missed the show or want to see the replay, I've posted my slides, linked the video and added some helpful links to resources on my blog.
Check it out!
On December 7th, I joined +Michael Daniels in his Top Contributor Hangouts series to talk about how to get started with the new Google+. I talked about how to set up your profile, find interesting content, and post your own...
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Jaana Nyström

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Keep track of your Google+ activities

From the settings:

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Jaana Nyström

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Google+ Collections best practices!

Start with a clear theme then create a title:

What is your Collection about? Be specific!

● Board Games > Games

● Faces of Afghanistan > Travel Afghanistan

● Vegan Recipes > Food

● Still Life Drawings > Art

See more:

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Kirjaudu sisään. Loading… Päävalikko.
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Jaana Nyström

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Cats and flowers ruled the 2016!

Here are my most popular posts...
For more, check out my Collections!

See more about your year on +CircleCount

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Jaana Nyström

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Over 250 million Views of my posts and photos on Google+!

Great Christmas gift... 😀
Thank you, all! I hold all of my followers very dear.

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Jaana Nyström

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Trending posts update on New Google+:

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What's Trending? This Launch.
Today we're starting to roll out two new updates to the Recommended & Trending posts feature on Google+. On all platforms, we've adjusted how we rank these posts to include more high-quality content.

Also, the Google+ web experience now includes a volume control for how much Recommended & Trending content you'd like to see in your Home stream. Pick from none to lots.

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~ 
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Delete all the shared publicly.Customers unknown. Related Collections used my cellphone number irrelevant on Wikus de Swardt-Tab
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