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Photography & retouching by +Joanna Ortynska at +Muses Touch

When I finished this pic I wished to hit my head against the wall so hard...instead I cursed....LOTS....because dreamy me saved the huge file into a 72 dpi image and overwrote the huge file...I realized it too late to retrieve it through history....that was the only time I wished I had made restore points on my I will have to do it all over again...F****** (censored)

#ironman #fanart #digitalart #actionheroes 

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Color palette by Laurie Varga

+Laurie Varga made such a beautiful color palette from one of my photo composites!  I sooooo love the colors she chose from it and the layout of the whole design she uses for her color palettes. 
Have a look at her Behance portfolio for more inspirational colors

If you don't know Laurie yet, have a look at her G+ profile. Laurie is a writer and communication designer. She helps her clients get their message out clearly and beautifully. 

Thank you Laurie!
New Colour Palette!
This one is inspired by the work of Joanna Ortynska

Joanna posted this photo composite a few weeks ago and I thought the colours were fantastic so I wanted to create a palette with them. If you want to really be blown away, check out her post on Behance where you can see the bland, original stock images before she worked her magic on them:

+Joanna Ortynska  #palette   #color   #Colour  

[Yes, I realize I can put this in a collection or something but I haven't yet figured out how that works and would rather go read on the balcony with a cup of coffee right now.]

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My new work: Spirit Dragon
By: Joanna Ortynska at +Muses Touch 
Photomanipulation with premium stock
See in detail on Behance:

Initially I wanted to create this for the Advanced Photoshop Cover contest but due to circumstances I was not able to finish it in time. I wasted quite some time thinking what colors to use in the color grading (so many options...sighs) but outside of that it went swell:-).

#dragon   #photomanipulation   #digitalart   #advancedphotoshopcovercontest

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Moonlight Village
Digital Art by +Joanna Ortynska at +Muses Touch 

This time it was not about a witty idea or a funny concept, but about the mood of an image. I love fairytale kind of landscapes, especially in the moonlight. You can imagine how much I love Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks movies with such lighting...which often is with Christmas!:-)

This photomanipulation exists out of several 3D house objects, all set up and rendered in photoshop, mixed with my personal photos. Most time went into retouching of the lights, lighting, windows etc. 

If you are new to 3D in photoshop be aware of the following tips:

1. Merging 3D objects together lets them inherit the same light for your scene and makes it easier to set up your perspective. You might need to use the move tools to place them correctly as sometimes after merging they can slide into eachother or get spread all over your canvas. Use for that 3d layers in the 3d panel to select the objects and move them.

2. 3D panel has layers similar to photoshop layers, where you can individually move the objects to your liking as mentioned in point 1.

3. Best is to use .obj files as they often come all textured, compared to .DAE files, that often come blank. When you get more familiar with the tools you can of course texture it yourself, which can give very cool effects.

As for retouching/postprocessing:

1. Work in 16 bit. This will reduce your posterisation tremendously, avoiding artifacts as it gives you a lot more finetuning levels per RGB channel.

2. You do need to flatten the image before you set it to 8 bit again. If you don't flatten the image, Photoshop will convert all layers to 8 bit, process in 8 bit and dither any colors, that it thinks it's getting, wrong. If you do not do this, you lose all benefits of the original 16 bit edit.

3. Color conversion before bit depth conversion

#digitalart   #photomanipulation   #3drender   #photoshop3d   #moonlight   #moonlightvillage   #joannaortynska   #musestouch   #mountains   #fantasyart   #mountainvillage #ArtAndDesign

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Mission: Undercover - v2
Finally I took some time to create a new piece.

Digital art by +Joanna Ortynska  at

Sadly I have some issues with my colors so I uploaded this one without a color profile and the other one with...can you guys check both and tell me which one looks way darker?

Lets name this one number 2 and the number 1 is here:


#photomanipulation     #digitalartist   #digitalart   #photomanipulationart   #photomontage   #ArtAndDesign

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Home is where your heart is
By: +Joanna Ortynska at +Muses Touch - digiArt & design 

Muses Touch digital art/ Concept

From time to time I like to work in square format as it looks like it could be a CD cover:-). This was all about the concept. I used photoshop with house and tree as 3D stock. Rest is painted.

#digitalart #3D #mixedmediaartwork #artwork #digitalpainting #photoshop #musestouch #joannaortynska #home #house #tree #homeiswhereyourheartis #landscape #nature #scenery 

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Gplus poofed my post: Creativity is contagious - pass it on!
By: +Joanna Ortynska 
Reposted it due to Gplus poofing my old post, please read below how it happened if you do not want this to happen to your photos!

Muses Touch digital art/graphics

Not sure if it is true or not that the quote is of A. Einstein, but it is for sure a good one! Feel free to tear off a tag;-)

Some of you will know this one already as it's the 2nd time I am uploading this...sadly...somehow my post with reshares and plusses went poof from my stream. ...maybe the tags were fully torn off and it got suspended...who knows with Gplus;-)

This is what happened, in case you have the urge to do the similar, I advice you not to...
As I got some advice from a fellow designer (can't thank him even as also that went poof) to improve the emboss on the ink splash (funny I did not think of it before to do that as well in photoshop 3D, like the pen) I wanted to upload the improved version to my G stream. I thought to be smart and to upload it only to my 'album digital art' and leave the old post untouched with all the comments, plusses and reshares, which to my knowledge was connected to scrapbook photos. As the old photo was in scrapbook and from there I copied it into my album, I thought Gplus would leave that untouched when deleting only the album photo. Unfortunately, it deleted the WHOLE post! Same happened on my business page. Frustrating but I will NEVER do such again...

#creativity #quotes #inspirational   #graphicdesign #musestouch #joannaortynska   #alberteinsteinquote   #alberteinstein #fountainpen #inkpen   #dippen   #ink #splashes #tearofftags   #gpluscoverphoto  

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The world beneath our feet
by: Joanna Ortynska -
3d mixed with digital painting

Muses Touch digital art

I think I can speak for everybody who is in the creative field, that it feels darn good when you finish a project. This one took me crazy amount of time, not so much because of the concept but because photoshop 3D did not want to do what I had in mind...when I figured out what the problem was, it speed up. 

I love fantasy art and everything that is related to a kid I loved the smurfs...mhm...and imagined a tiny world under my this one is inspired by my childhood

For more formal posts about digital art and graphic design you are welcome to follow my business page:

#digitalart #fantasyart #surrealism #illustration #digitalpainting #3D #photoshop #musestouch #joannaortynska   #worldbeneathourfeet   #cottages #houses #miniatureworld  
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