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Google+ Create Collection

This Create Collection introduces each Create member along with their interest(s). We collect their story and share it here to recognize their amazing work, spread their passion, and inspire you.

What is the Create Program:

Today we are thrilled to launch Google+ Create (, a program that celebrates the inspiring individuals behind the most captivating Google+ content.

Create is the bridge between Google+ and its most passionate content creators. The Create Community is full of inspiration and energy from engaged Google+ users with an insatiable passion.
Create helps members grow their audience and their interests, recognizes their efforts and dedication while giving them the opportunity to help shape Google+ by talking directly to the Google+ team, getting updates before the public and testing upcoming features.

- Visit to learn about the benefits and see if Create is right for you. We are always accepting applications to join so apply when you are ready!
- If you don’t have Collections or want to improve yours, check out: or visit our Collections Community where you will get support from our team and our Create members:
- Or just sit back and lose yourself in the diverse Collections of Google+ (
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Participate in the 100 Days project with Create member +Rosie Nixon

Rosie Nixon's latest project may involve a lot of repetitive actions - she's taking a photograph of the same thing for 100 days straight - but the results are anything but!

Check out Rosie's work so far from this project, and consider starting a 100-day creative challenge yourself!
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Get Hungry For Inedible Food

Join Create member and lego photographer +Ann Feklista in sharing your meal scenes constructed out of everything but food. Read Ann's post below for more details and use the hashtag #Hungry_for_Art to participate!
Dear Google + Community, let me share the idea of a little creative event with you - "Hungry for Art" and particularly "Hungry for LEGO"! 🍽

Admiring the Art, the human can feel hungry figuratively... and literally!

Let's try the new kind of Food Photography. It consists in making food from all the uneatable kinds of handiwork. It can be sculpture, needlework, paper, toys - there is a full scope to imagination!

I'd like to show the example of the concrete section of "Hungry for Art" - LEGO. It's possible to make the simple tiny building parts as delicious as possible using colors, digital editing and of course, your fantasy! 🍹

The uneatable food is unending - that is the great advantage! ;) It's connected with the aesthetic hunger.

To celebrate our friendship and the cultural exchange we can cook the dishes of our national cuisine or the traditional dishes of another country.🌍

Let's make our special Cookery-Book on G+ ! The general tag would be #Hungry_For_Art (or different particular tags like #Hungry_For_LEGO for your unique ideas).

Hope it will be interesting for you! Have fun! 💛💛💛

This is Russian "Buzhenina" or "Baked ham" in LEGO! It is covered with capsicum, onion and fermented-bread kvass for two days, then it's baked with potatoes. 🍅😋🍗
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Meet Create member +Meri Amber // GEEK POP SINGER-SONGWRITER

Meri Amber is a geek pop singer-songwriter based in Australia. She sings original songs inspired by everything from Doctor Who, to ninjas, zombies, computer games and robots taking over the world. You can find her performing at comic-cons around Australia as well as on Google+ sharing her songs, videos, cosplays, and artworks!

Currently, she's working on putting together a Westworld themed EP of songs along with an accompanying robot that responds in real time to social interactions on the web. She's scheduled to exhibit the robot and new songs at an art gallery in Sydney later this year! She's also promoting her recently released album, Origin Story, online and on tour around Australia.

You can check out many songs, artworks and music videos in her Origin Story Google+ Collection:
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Meet Create member +Kevin Wenning

Kevin is a photographer and leads cycling tours for photographers in the US and abroad. He enjoys creating interesting visuals to inspire people to be a creative visual communicator. Read on to hear more about Kevin's background as a creator:

"If anyone has been to many places around the world you know that they all start to blend together after a while. I get off a plane and think, "this city reminds me of __ (insert another location here)". When I start to meet the people, only then do I realize what is really unique about that part of the world. Landscapes, cities, restaurants and even historical sites don't tell me as much about the world as the people do. It's not always easy to get portraits when traveling, but it is always worth it to have that conversation and connect with people."_

"I like to photograph a lot of different things and edit in different styles because I get bored with doing the same thing all the time. My next project is "visual literacy" which is a large topic that I'm not entirely sure how to tackle yet. It needs to involve a lot of people and a lot of visual styles to do it right. The idea is that "we"; the universal we, communicate visually more than we do by written word in our modern socially connected world. And that's a good thing because imagery crosses all language and cultural barriers. Which "visual style" do you speak? If anyone wants to share their story about why they craft a photograph or a painting in the way that they do, I would love to talk with them."

Kevin's Collection:
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Meet Create member +Sabine Mey-Gordeyns

"Ever since I can remember I held a camera in my hands, I see the world in images, it felt natural since I was 8 years old. Today I am happy to be a travel journalist and I tell my stories in word, image and video across platforms like social networks, YouTube, books, on stage as speaker and in my own travel magazine in German.

I feel privileged to travel sometimes to remote wild places, I have a soft spot for the arctic north. I love snow, I love the indigenous Sami culture and I am obsessed by the soft pastel colors and blues created by the mixture of light and snow reflection, even if it feels sometimes like being stuck in a freezer when temperatures drop lower than -35 degrees Celsius.

In my collection “Arctic fascination of Lapland,” I share my experiences from Arctic Sweden and Arctic Norway. Join me and take a walk on the wild side!"

Sabine's Arctic fascination of Lapland collection:

Sabine's travel magazine:

Find Sabine on Twitter: @SabinesTravels
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Explore 'Confused, passionate, wonderful humanity' with Create member +Gavino Idili

Gavino Idili is passionate photographer attracted to all aspects of life, particularly in capturing people's expressions through portrait photography.

After getting his first camera in 1967, Gavino's love of photography never stopped, and says each of his photographs have stayed with him because with each of them there "remains a kind of umbilical cord."

Follow Gavino's portrait collection:
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Meet Create member Julien Ballester

Julien Ballester (aka +Ballou34) is an amateur photographer who enjoys to tell stories with the help of his toys. Based in Paris, where he works as an engineer in aeronautics, he also travels the world with his backpack full of Lego mini-figures and other plastic friends. His inspiration comes from movies, books or his own imagination. After starting photographing Lego toys in his apartment, he now takes most of his pictures outdoor everywhere he can.

Follow Julien and his Collection to enjoy more his toy photography:
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Meet Create Member +Heidi Anne Morris

Hi Heidi! How did you start pursuing your passion?

"As a child, I was gifted a Kodak Instamatic camera in 1979. A few short years later I was given the best present I ever got, my Border Collie dog called Timmy. These two things, cameras and dogs, have been married in my life ever since. Several thousands of dog photographs later brings me to the present day, where they still bring me more enjoyment and more joy than I could ever have imagined."

Tell us about your favorite creation.

"My favourite place to post on Google Plus has to be my Dog Encounters collection. I am very grateful to Google Plus for enabling me to share my passion for dogs, I also appreciate being able to meet so many like minded people here on G+, who clearly love their dogs too."

A few times throughout the year I host a Google Plus event named #dogweekend. It has been very popular with fellow dog lovers for a few years now and always turns into a great get together. The G+ community of dog lovers amaze and delight me, each time we gather together people from all over the world take part, sharing their own dog photographs and stories about their dogs.

Heidi's collections:

You can also find Heidi on Redbubble:
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Meet Create Member +nomad dimitri

"They say ""a rolling stone gathers no moss"": perhaps this is why I keep traveling, learning, re-inventing. I am attracted to the idea of the cosmopolitan nomad: moving through the world with an open mind, always at home, but always with a bit of itchy feet. Everything I create refers to these themes.

My friends always asked me to share my adventures - at some point I decided to enlarge the circle and share through social media. I have a soft spot for things that make me emotional, like the first day of travel to a place I have never visited before:"

Follow Nomad Dimitri's Daily Adventures in one of his Collections:

Also, stay up to date on his travels on his YouTube page:
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