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Are you using Facebook Conversion Tracking and the numbers aren't adding up? You really, really, REALLY need to dead this...

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#FacebookAds split testing made easy!

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Here is everything you need to know about how #Facebook's algorithm works and how it decides which posts qualify to rank high in your central timeline.

The information comes straight from an Adam Mosseri's presentation in the F8 Developer Conference ( where he demystifies how the most popular social network models its feeds.

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Here’s 5 Secret Features that you should look for in Ads Manager when you’re running your next #Facebook campaign:

1. Breakdown (a goldmine for trimming your targeting)
2. Free Stock Photos
3. Crop Image (with immediate acces to the rule of thirds)
4. Create a Slideshow of Images
5. Create an Audience of People That Have Viewed Your Videos

A really important article for the advanced #FacebookAds user!

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Concentrated knowledge in #digitalmarketing !

This is is the one and only #infographic  that you'll have to bookmark as a source and guide for your digital actions.

1. SEO and UX is king: 39% of your visitors come to your site through search results and 36% are returning and happy visitors.
2. People use smartphones to surf the internet and acquire information, but they use their desktop to complete an action, a registration, a purchase and so on. Conversion rates rise on desktop!
3. Banners, apps, competitions and non-value stuff decline in value.
4. Email Marketing remains king!
5. Website owners tend to focus mostly on acquisition. And they fail to realize that a smart digital plan has to be based on audience (personas, customer journey and customer intent surveys) and behavior (split testing and website path analysis).

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Video ownership and rights inside #Facebook  should not be a problem any more!

Read through this step by step guide on how to protect your videos and track any misusages.

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6 Things BuzzFeed Does Better Than Anyone Else on Social Media

I have to say that the number is slightly different! The actual number is 6 plus 1. Here are Buzzfeed's best practices:

1. BuzzFeed Creates Micro-Communities (thematic communities inside the network)

2. BuzzFeed Drives Monster Traffic (using the other social networks)

3. BuzzFeed Takes Advantage of Existing Behavior

4. BuzzFeed Knows That Humor Is Social

5. BuzzFeed Really, Really, Really Knows Their Audience

6. BuzzFeed Optimizes for Mobile (no matter where the content is shared)

And here is the plus One point that I have to add:

7. BuzzFeed Uses Catchy Titles (better than anyone else)

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Combining Email and Facebook Ad Campaigns, using a special email sequence, custom audiences and utm campaigns inside Google Analytics.

A really great approach to create successful customer funnels!

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Hashtags have a habit of maximizing your post's reach! With the exception of Facebook (where posts without  #hashtags  seem to perform far better), it is highly advisable that you use hashtags keeping in mind that those hashlinks are there to help people find related content.

In this article you will learn:

1. the science and data behind hashtags

2. the best tools to discover and manage hashtags

3. the 4 critical steps that you have to take in order to find the right hashtag to use

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Would you like a Facebook profile picture that draws attention? You should definitely try cinemagraphs!

And if you would also like to find some Flixel alternatives for iOs and Android as well, check those short reviews here:

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