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Planespotting 2015
With all the nature-related galleries posted, it's time to bring out one of the fun diversions with Planespotting 2015, which was surprisingly successful last year. It turned out the Powershot SX1's bigger zoom is ideal for catching the planes that sometimes fly right above us after starting from the nearby Düsseldorf airport. The star of the flock was ANA's Boeing 777 'Dreamliner', which has only been flying here since last year, but there are also lots of other interesting planes plus some balloons and, of course, our famous local blimp, which was completely rebuilt after it had been destroyed by the huge storm of 2014. The parallel G+ and self-hosted versions of the album are identical this time, so you can choose either one - although there might be some additional compression artifacts in the G+ versions especially in the sky background sometimes.
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Planespotting 2015
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