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Tried and tested, vegetarian and vegan recipes from a diverse Indian kitchen


Simple dahi aloo is a basic side dish, very light on stomach and ready in about 20 minutes. So good on the days when you are too lazy to cook or have had a heavy stomach already. It can be had as an awesome soup too!
This Navratri, I have tried to keep myself away from the Tamasic food. No specific reason. Just wanted a natural detox for the body after torturing it
Spicy and aromatic Chettinad paneer curry, made using flavourful spices like cardamom and Kasuri methi.
There are so many cuisines in India alone that I haven’t tried yet. I would love to go to places down South and relish regional cuisines like Konkani food
This Kashmiri style egg curry is a spicy and quick deal, infused with the aromatic flavours of cardamom and saffron. It might not be the authentic recipe from Kashmir (read the ironic story in the post), but tastes amazing and is unbelievably simple to make.
Ahh this curry! It reminds me of my college time when I used to live with a bunch of girls in a PG. One of them was from Srinagar and was a total food
Soulful, healthy and very easy to make- This Rajgira kadhi is the perfect side dish to serve for fasting during Navratri. I simply love to sip a bowlful of this simple Amaranth flour soup for dinner.
Today is the first day of Navratri. Just wanted to post a quick and easy recipe for the day one. Very quickly, for those who dont know what is Kadhi?- It i
Some days you just wish to have something simple to sooth your stomach and that is where this Farali aloo comes in. Not just for navratri or fasting, this is my Lazy day dish.
Navratri time in India is about to start in a few days. Shops will soon be filled with various non-grains flours like Buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta), Singh
Vermicelli Kheer or payasam is one of my most favourite dessert. It is fairly easy to make and never goes wrong. Loaded with nuts and raisins, this is an awesome weekend or festive treat.
Some dishes bring a whole lot of nostalgia rushed inside your heart, each time you make them. Memories of you sitting with your family, fun and laughter a
North Indians style Sooji ka halwa for the upcoming festive treats. Easy to make and delicious to eat!
Why does it happen that every time I think about going on a no sugar diet, I end up eating loads of it? Like last week I had decided to go no sugar for one
This steamed lentil dumpling from Bihar is known as Fara or Peetha. Chana dal is soaked, ground with spices then spooned inside these little pockets and steamed or boiled to make these extremely addictive and healthy dumplings.
I posted a short video on my Instagram profile a few days ago which was taken really well and I received a few comments about what I was making and how.
The best recipe for Instant rava idli with spinach (palak). Ready in 15 minutes, this is a quick healthy dose for your taste buds.
Rava idli is my favourite kind of food. Quick, healthy and super tasty. What is Idli? South Indian semolina steamed savoury cakes. This version is mad
This Gobi sambar is so simple and easy to prepare and the crunch from cauliflower is just too addictive. All ready in under 30 minutes.
Am I on cauliflower spree or what? The last recipe I posted was Cauliflower (gobi) ka keema and now its Cauliflower sambhar! Well, what can I say? I just lo