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Google I/O Throwback

+Google Developers are going through a decade of I/O, and they're finally at my first I/O - 2012. (aka - "The Google+ +1 birthday party" and "The skydivers did what?")

Google I/O #TB: What happened in 2012 (Post 6/10)

When: June 27–29, 2012
Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Highlights: Analytics for Android, Android Jelly Bean, Chrome and Drive for iOS, Docs Offline, Google+, Nexus 7 & Q, Now, Project Glass

Back in 2012, #io12 expanded to three days to accommodate more content and product demos. Sergey Brin announced Project Glass with the help of some skydiving friends: Finally, we announced updated global metrics for some of our key products:
- 1M +Android devices were being activated every day
- +Google Chrome surpassed 310M active users
The after hours party at Moscone counted with some fine tunes from Train and Paul Oakenfold.

Watch the full event recap video for more:!

Chrome Experiment ( A HTML5 game, launching particles from the Input to the Output using canvas, CSS3, animated Sprites and Flash controlled by Javascript.

Visit the #io16 website for the latest on this year’s event:

Google I/O #TB
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Memories of I/O 2012

With the announcement of the dates for I/O 2013, +Timothy Jordan raised an interesting question: "What are your favorite Google I/O moments?"

I looked over my #IO12  stream quickly and remembered some awesome moments from the end of June:

- The excitement of just getting to register. Leading up to the morning before the first session, too excited to sleep.

- Sitting next to +Moritz Tolxdorff at the initial keynote, listening to +Vic Gundotra and +Sergey Brin, and having the skydive team run down the aisle about 6 feet from us. There was just such power and energy in the air. The feeling that we, as developers, can do anything, and that Google was there to help us do it.

- Sitting at the Google+ kiosk, getting a message from +Gerwin Sturm suggesting I talk to +Jenny Murphy about the new history API, standing up going "Hey, is Jenny here?" and having her reply to me. And then watching that API in action... and having way too many ideas about what I wanted to do with it to contain myself.

- Sitting (again) at the Google+ kiosk (get the feeling I spent a lot of time there?), trying to get into a hangout with +David Bennett, having problems, and asking if there was anybody who could help diagnose problems.

- Working at the coding workshop for the History API, running into a bug, calling +Wolff Dobson over to get his impression of it... and him wandering away to discuss the problem with the rest of the team. The bug is still open, but the workaround he suggested has made it into the code, and I think actually makes for a better feature in this particular case.

- Watching presentations about Google Drive and Visualization and Apps Script and Maps.. and realizing how they've fired off ideas that are just now beginning to come to fruition in my code and with my clients. Some of it was over my head then, and some still is now, but it helped set a foundation where I could explore the topics later without feeling overwhelmed.

- Great conversations with +Charles Jaimet and +Joshuha Owen and +Abraham Williams and tons of people whose names I don't remember. Running into +Mike Elgan after lunch one day, and having a great conversation with him. We all met online first - and it brought us all to this one place at one time... thats social.

- Saying hi to +chee chew as he was hanging out at the back of one of the hangout presentations. There is a wonderful feeling to watch a project lead be humble, modest, and incredibly proud of his product and his team - and Chee showed it that morning. Listening to +Bradley Horowitz and hearing how there is a clear and compelling vision behind Google+ that is slowly and carefully unfolding.

- Meeting up with college friends of mine who work for Google and who I never catch up with these days. It is great to see them, still charged up and excited about what they're doing.

- Stopping at the +Project Glass booth, just as I was about to leave to catch my flight home, and talking to +Sarah Price about their (and my) vision for the project.

- Sharing everything with +Dan McDermott and the gang... via my posts and the hangouts I was doing.

- Coming home... charged up and ready to put everything I had seen, and learned, and experienced into action.

Those were my I/O moments from 2012. I just hope I can go in 2013 and experience a pile more.

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Swag can be a pretty greedy four letter word.

This may be my very delayed final entry for #IO12 .

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Number 2162
I guess I am a number, and hopefully still a free man.

I got a phone call at 8 this morning. "This is FedEx with an automated message. Your package will be delivered by 3pm today. An adult needs to sign for the package."

Huh? I don't remember ordering anything.

But it gave me a tracking number, and sure enough, shipped from Sunnyvale, CA yesterday... due for delivery to me today. Purchase order 2162. I still thought it was a mistake of some sort...

... until I opened the package.

There was my glass brick, silently welcoming me to +Project Glass.

There were about 5000 people at I/O... and I signed up on nearly the last day. So we have a pretty good idea just what percentage of people who attended signed up for the Explorer Edition of Glass.

#io12   #ProjectGlass  
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Ah cool. One of the things I was wondering about the Payments API was if we could do micropayments with it, and it sounds like we can.  Cool.

Now I just need something more than microtime...

#io12 recap at +GDG New York 

Nexus Q Streaming

Interesting... the streaming actually is from the controlling device (from what they say) and not a separate stream. So I should be able to load my own videos on my device and stream them without having to go through uploading private videos to YouTube first. I may have to actually hook mine up at some point.

#io12  recap at +GDG New York 

Don't Flash

"Adobe are deprecating Flash
(stop using it already)"

#io12  recap at +GDG New York 

Nexus7 in the Wild

"Actually saw two  people in the subway today. One with a #Nexus7 and one with an #iPad. And the person with the iPad looked like he was going to drop it when the train lurched."

#io12  recap +GDG New York 

Developer support for Google Now

Not yet...

#io12 recap +GDG New York 

Android Emulator is better?

The developer advocates are saying that the emulator is now "pretty usable" and "much better than what it was".  How.. glowing...

#io12  recap +GDG New York 
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