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Looking for a way to enhance your 3D printing and electronics design skills? Interested in learning how to automate your own home by creating electronic devices yourself? Why not learn directly from a local Fairfield or Westchester or Bergen or New Haven county tutor. Visit for more info how to get your local tutor to teach you how to 3D print and design your own printed circuit boards and create your own Electronic IoT and wifi type of device to help you automate your home. Visit
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Live in Fairfield County CT? Ever wanted to create your own IoT electronic device to automate your home? Find out how Tutoring Services, LLC can help.
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Are you a college student who is about to graduate college and happen to be good in math and information technology?

Do you happen to reside in in Fairfield, Westchester or New Haven County?

Looking to gain some real world job experience in Information Technology and Engineering company?

Interested in earning some money in the process of getting your internship and teaching students math and information technology, while gaining valuable experience?

Interested in breaking chicken and the egg conundrum of no job = no experience and no experience = no job?

If so check out this link. Tutoring Services, LLC is the only company to combine education, math, and Information Technology together helping college students make money and get job placement assistance.
IT Training
IT Training
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Private tutoring advantage for parents thinking about getting a tutor. Here is quick reasons why to consider a tutor.
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Tutoring Services, LLC rolls out new feature where it shows break dancers on the google map, and inter-links them to their respective profiles, thereby allowing students to easily search for tutors using most advanced search mechanism on the planet, using power of google.

You can search for break dancing tutors by your address and radius, and see which break dancer are the closet to you,, see tutor's profile picture and link to the detailed profile that shows tutor's tutoring discount packages, tutor's intro video, hourly rates, previous break dancing performances and information about the tutor.

You can reserve your tutor directly by sending a message and our agent would respond to help you get matched with your break dancers.

We use inter-combination of several mechanisms to attract students.

1. We use local tutoring network of sites that is geographically strategically positioned to provide highest level of incentive for our break dancers from the perspective of being able to do work and travel to neighboring geographical counties and cities.

2. We use google to provide search interface that makes it extremely easy and intuitive for student to find their tutors

3. We use engaging chat icons that direct student towards our agency, at which point we notify your tutor to contact you and arrange lessons.

4. We use our own search map and our own custom portal conveniently organize and show all of the tutor details, making it easy for students to make their decision when it comes to hiring their break dancing tutor for either private break dancing lesson or public event.

The key difference between us and Facebook or any other social media platform, is that we provide a method for our break dancers to be presented in an organized fashion, in such a way that helps the make money. Facebook is good for social interaction, but when it comes to business and making money, our solution is the choice our agency managed break dancers chose.

Find out more visit link below.
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Residing in CT NY or Nj? Have a boat party? Or perhaps a wedding party either on the boat or outside of the boat? Whatever the case may be, let us help, by making your party memorable. Reserve your self a breakdancer, impress your party guests and make your party stand out. We service 4 counties, Bergen, Westchester, Fairfield and New a haven counties. Find out more visit
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Have a wedding party? Or perhaps a boat party? Or any other corporate even on the boat party in Fairfield county? Or in Westchester county NY or in New Haven CT or in Bergen Nj county

Tutoring Services, LLC bridges the field of education with breakdancing, by providing reliable and trusted breakdancers for Fairfield county parents for their sons or daughters, for birthday parties, bath mitzvahs or even boat parties.

Our company also can help parents get matched with academic tutors in math science, English and other subjects. We match make students with tutors, regardless if it's for academic subjects, non academic subjects such as breakdancing. This post however is tailored towards any parent in Fairfield county who may know of any boat parties and wanted to make recommendation for our service to corporate event organizers or for example any company in Fairfield county who wants to spice up the livelihood of their party on the boat.

Our breakdancers are trusted independent contractors by our company,

Tutoring Services, LLC we can arrange for breakdancer to go directly to your home in Fairfield county ct and teach your son or daughter how to breakdance. Give your son or daughter freedom of fun by learning cool breakdancing moves that you see on tv, because having your son or daughter excel beyond academics, can help not only for your children get in shape, but can also increase self confidence of not just being some nerd kid in school, but also become more outgoing and healthy.

There is a direct correlation between academics and exercise. Brain gets faster when you excel in both physical strength and academics. Hence if interested in our services of getting matched for a breakdancing lesson for your son or daughter with high quality breakdancer, then do not hesitate to check out our site You can also leverage our services to help you get matched with an academic tutor. Or if you happen to work in a company and your corporate company throwing a party, then we can arrange breakdancer to show up at your party, whether it's on the boat or outside of the boat, for wedding, bat mitzvah or any other public event.

Our breakdancers are well training instructors, some were even featured on American Ninja show. We provide high quality match making service and charge commission. However for parents who can not afford our commission, we have created another site also.... where there is no middle man..... but where there is no middle man.... there is lack of quality in many cases for both tutor and tutoring match service.

However we provide both options for getting your tutor. Option 1. yes middle man but agency commission fee applies and Option 2. No middle man.... option 1 is more expensive.... but higher quality..... option 2. Less expensive but not always..... since if you go with option 1 our tutors also offer discount packages while in option 2 they do not....

Plus going through agency as part of option 1 simply makes more sense for Fairfield county tutors or Westchester county or New Haven or Bergen County, find out why it makes sense going through agency by visiting

Plus our agency fees are way smaller then many any other companies you find in Fairfield county. Plus we are unique no one really offers what we offer.

Note we also offer marketing tutoring services for Fairfield county parents who have their own businesses. Check out our marketing tutors section when you visit helping you learn how to market your business and get client leads, regardless if your business is local or international. Same level of service we offer for Westchester, New Haven and Bergen counties in all 3 states.

Also we do have open enrollment for parents who happen to be certified teacher who want to work with us and teach others. So if you are a parent who let's say can teach math.... or let's say you are an accountant.... or a nurse.... or in information security field or a lawyer.... then you are in luck, because we provide opportunity for variety types of parents to earn income on part time basis helping other students learn.

Obviously we do not expect you to know breakdancing, but we realize that there is a lot of folks out there who are ordinary people with ordinary skill sets, and what we focus on is match making these people with other people who need these ordinary skill sets.

Find out more visit note we do not pick up the phone unless you leave a voice mail. This is how filter out serious requests from less serious. So be sure if you call us to leave a voice message. Or you can initiate a chat session directly from the site.

Also one more thing if you have a son or daughter who wants to excel in cyber security field.... the actual future..... of where careers are going towards... and happen to have a son or daughter and want him or her get tutored in cyber security then visit our cyber security field section of the site.

Also, if you do have a boat party and need a breakdancer to provide entertainment for your party and make your party stand out, then definitely do not hesitate to contact Tutoring Services, LLC to reserve your breakdancer.

Have a party? Need a break dancer who can go to your boat party and provide entertainment? Making your party alive? If so then visit and arrange a break dancer to show up at your corporate event in CT Fairfield, New Haven or Westchester county NY or NJ in Bergen County. Whether your event is in closed building or on the boat, we can help you get matched with the high quality break dancer who can go to your boat party, with the light shoes with the light shirt and with the kewl moves!

Doing inter-combination of break dancing, smiling and entertaining the crowd with the level of energy that would make your party stand out!

Our trusted break dancers are professionally matched by our company Tutoring Services, LLC and trusted independent contractors who can get the job done, and make your boat party stand out.

We obviously can do that only for bigger boats that have enough space on board. Now, whether your board is traveling around NYC or if it's traveling around the east coast, or if it's traveling outside of the country,doesn't matter where your boat travels, we can arrange break dancer to show up at your boat party, whether it's the wedding or birthday party or any other public event.

Our break dancers are not only good in break dancing, but also good in entertainment showing people how to dance, and motivating the crowd and cheering the crown and making your party alive.

Our company acts as an intermediate agent, who brokers break dancer entertainers with corporate event organizers or companies who are throwing corporate parties. Whether you have a fashion show on the boat, or if you have a corporate party with DJs food and drinks or whatever the situation maybe, we can help you get arranged with 1 or multiple break dancers for your event.

Having memorable party with break dancers who can do amazing moves like you see in TV with great music and great light effects on the shoes, and the t-shirts with amazing level of energy spiraling out of control and making your party memorable is exactly the type of experience our company can help you arrange! Our focus is in Academics, but we also carried over our match making business strategies in the world of entertainment, and apparently managed to catch attention of many local businesses in Fairfield, New Haven Counties of CT as well as Westchester counties in NY and Bergen County NJ.

We received attention for our level of uniqueness in service that we provide. This level of uniqueness is express in high quality match making and level of trust between us and our agency managed tutors, whether it's break dancing tutors, information technology tutors, math tutors or any other type of professional exam tutors.

So what are you waiting for visit our website to reserve your self a solid break dancing entertainer that is beyond just the level of break dancing skill, but at the level. Reason why beyond the skill level of break dancer is simply because what we provide you with is high quality type of individuals who were either featured in American Ninja Warrior or have been captured by our attention in American Clubs or have been captured by our attention in competitions.

Why break dancers are ok with our agency fee?

Break dancers do not like to spend time marketing themselves, it's really difficult. They prefer to simply be ok with our agency grabbing small portion of the pie in exchange for helping them get marketed. Considering the fact that we are the number 1 educational marketing company in the world, it's kind of difficult to refuse this offer. In fact we don't even enroll many break dancers into our network and have strict guidelines to get onto our network.

Our break dancers stay with us and enjoy our agency services, they do not work for us, our agency works for them, by advertising them in proper locations and match making them. So when you are hiring break dancer you using our service to help you get brokered with the break dancer. Tutoring Services, LLC does not hire a break dancer.... it enrolls break dancer into our network and helps break dancers get clients.

It's in our interest to help talented break dancers who have multiple layers of skill set to go beyond just providing break dancing lessons at home for4 mentioned counties and bridge themselves in the world of providing public events. Our break dancers are proud to have their agency do the work of marketing and connecting and providing opportunity for our break dancers in closely positioned geographical region of tri-state area.

Our break dancers get paid more then working in entire day in any other retail store or making more money from public events then doing anything else, it's simply no brainier for them to work with us on part time basis, while doing their own thing on the side whatever that thing is. In fact our break dancers often open up their own very motivated businesses and do in parallel many other things, such as promoting healthy style of living and revealing the truth, and using our very own marketing methods to help them succeed in their future.

Our break dancers, are not just someone who can come up and say give me the money and i will dance.... no.... we only work with break dancers who are well trusted by us and have reached enlightenment in one way or another of being very spiritual and being truthful and honest.

Many break dancers who work with us end up going through either through our training or extremely high level of meditation, meditation that helps them discover themselves and helps them understand the biggest secrets in planet earth about humanity and about what they can do to improve life on earth. The break dancers that we enroll, have managed to open up the informational highway in their life style and managed to reach the level of heights that can only be achievable with persistence and passion for doing something that you love doing and helping others.

The type of break dancers we enroll in our network are the type of break dancers who can inter-combine multiple concepts together, to provide great quality service. These concepts that they know how to inter-combine they manage to obtain throughout their daily lives,practicing and being truthful to themselves. We do not work with greed, we work with passion. Our break dancers managed to unlock that passion and discover the biggest secrets on planet earth. In case if you are wondering what these secrets are, we share some of these secrets to other companies who are extremely interested in these secrets, because these secrets is what can help you stay successful. These secrets only small portion of population knows about.

These secrets is something that you may have possibly heard of on TV or in multiple blogs, but the way we show you what these secrets are that allow you to open up 3rd eye into the informational highway that can lead you into helping humanity and reaching the day of enlightenment is what we educate people about. Visit our Blog here to see how we help businesses specializing in education discover marketing secrets that are led by something completely out of this world read about it, see we are talking about here.

These secrets that we share, not only our break dancers know about and follow by, and guided upon by, and that is what make our service extremely unique. We are not a cult, we are professional company specializing in brokering talented people together as well as not talented but skillful. Reading how we marketing companies together by creating incredible networks that are derived from the creation of universe itself, is what we teach others and we can teach you to, in case if you want to learn how to market.

However, we are here not to talk about marketing, we are here to talk about services that we offer. Services that we offer is match making. Break dancers who we enroll are trusted, and went through the process of meditation and know the secrets of the universe that helps them get so popular. Using these secrets they managed to tap into incredible power, of being more then just a break dancer with power moves, but being a network ninja, being able to inter-combine multiple useful concepts together to make break dancing entertainment service high quality.

Our break dancers, strive to providing that high quality service and want to actually provide higher quality and train harder and smarter. This is what makes our company being extremely powerful, because we managed to deliver the message to people who work with us and who chose to work with us, and these very same people help us carry over our mission into this world by helping humanity, whether it's through the service of educating humanity about organic and in-organic food and it's effect on your body, or whether it's by breaking into your brain by offering something shiny and something catch such as boat party break dancing services, to get you to first of all realize that such service exists, and to get you to realize our main message, the message of truth, the message of you being able to understand what the truth is and help other people.

Whether you are break dancer your self, or an event organizer who is reading this, or perhaps company in Fairfield County or New Haven County CT, or Westchester County NY or Bergen County NJ or if you are a parent of a son or daughter who is reading this. Or perhaps you are a DJ in the club and reading this and wondering how you can leverage us to help you get ahead in your business.

Well the message is clear, we can help companies not only reserve a break dancer for their party, but help businesses get marketed or learn how to market in such a way that helps humanity in a truthful way, to help you reach the day of enlightenment and help you get access to the information highway that we are referring to as discussed in this very same blog where we show that to other edu companies, but you can learn from what we show there as well and discover the biggest secrets of planet earth for how to succeed in not just financial sense, but in the sense of yourself, because the day when you succeed in convincing yourself that you are doing the right thing and helping others is going to be the day when you start improving in your spiritual life form and be able to feel good about your self and be able to carry over that energy into whatever other things you do in life, whether it's doing your business and carrying that energy over into your business or doing something else that helps other people do better in life.

Another reason why break dancers enjoy working with us because of the power that we provide, that power is the local geographical network that we created located across 4 counties in tri-state of CT NY and NJ, the network that is powering our break dancers, the network that is feeding them information, the network that is feeding clients to them, the network that makes our break dancers consider meditating and discovering the truth about themselves and how to improve themselves further in life.

We base our network on the principals of universe, where we build it using similar principals as when the universe was built, where one concept is logically inter-connect to another for the purpose of driving synergy and for the purpose of anyone who connects to that network being able to tap into the informational highway, providing that they meditate, and learn the truth and even go through our training. We provide training in the context of marketing, but that training is powerful that it can literally convert you into a better person.

Your original intent after taking our training maybe only for the purpose of money, but we teach you how to put your greed aside and how to tailor the service in the direction of being helpful to people and when you end up doing that, you end up reaching your goals of getting new clients leads, new students etc...

In fact if you are reading this and wondering how we created such network and wondering how you can do the same.... we also offer that service you can find out more by visiting

Our break dancer are great around kids and can also provide tutoring lessons in break dancing directly at your home in Fairfield County, New Haven CT or Westchester county NY or Bergen County NJ. Therefore do not hesitate and simply visit our site and let us help you get matched with the right type of break dancer for your son or daughter or for your boat party.

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Tutoring Services, LLC specializes in Break-dance Weddings match making. If you have a wedding coming up and want your wedding to be unforgettable experience! Visit our experts can arrive to your wedding in coordinated fashion, we specialize in match making Breakdancers who can do performances at Weddings, Birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs and other public corporate or non corporate events.

Don't miss out your opportunity to have amazing experience at your wedding, we can provide custom based show experience, with light shoes, and crazy moves that you can only see in the movies or on TV.

On the side note: Also our company provides academic, and test prep services in state of CT NY and NJ and this is our site also get your tutor for $15 then work direct no middle man sweet!

We also help America fight Cyber Crime find out how, and take the pledge

Residing in Westchester ? No problem we got you, find out how...
Residing in New Haven? We got you find out how visit
Residing in Bergen County NJ? We got you. Find out visit

Best part about our company is that we specialize not only in breakdancing but in simply helping CT NY and NJ selected 4 counties stay educated, by helping you get matched tutors and experts in your area, ranging from, nursing test prep experts, medical doctors, cyber security experts, accountants, certified teachers, you name it.

Our model is built on trust, we simply do not let anyone into our network unless they are trusted tutor.

To learn more about our algorithms for trusted tutors you are more then welcome to visit this link
Entire network is created by Rome Wells, educational advocate, and someone who many students refer to as Mark Twain of modern era in the world of education and educational advocacy. Find out more about Rome Wells here

But wait that is not all, we not only just help find reliable break dancers for wedding parties, but we go beyond that, we actually help students prepare for their college exams and here is how check out whether you are preparing for your college placement exam such as ACCUPLACER or whether you trying to get into law school, or if you are trying to get into business school we got you covered.

Prepare with confidence for your academic or non academic exam Tutoring Services, LLC inter combines, break dancing tutoring at student's homes , math, cyber security, break dancing weddings , law, nursing, medical field, k-12 education, teachers, doctors, accountants all together in such a way that brings people value... Value of becoming more educated and value of staying ahead, because if you can stay educated you can stay ahead.
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Reserve your break dancer today with amazing light effects in shoes and shirt. Making your event look like a movie.
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