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Welcome to my Developing with Google Collection

My name is Linda Lawton, I have been developing with Google development and Google APIs since 2012. Welcome to Google Development, my goal with this collection is to bring into the light new and little known features hidden with in Google Development. In 2013 I launched my own website where I post tutorials and write articles on Google Development most in C#. You can find it here:

I offer a consulting service if you need any assistance with your project please feel free to contact me

In 2014 I became one of the first Google Developer experts for Google Analytics. I spend a lot of my spare time helping to beta tests new features in the Google Analytics API. My goal is to find the bugs before you do! (The first issue i reported was June 2013

I have been helping to support the Google APIs .Net client library since 2012. Google APIs .Net Client library home:

If you have a question about any of the Google APIs I follow a number of Tags on mainly google-api (

Interesting Links:

My Interview with the Developer on fire podcast:
Google Development for beginners tutorial series:
Linda Lawton Google developers page:

Where to find me

LindaLawtonDK Twitter:

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Google Api:
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Google Oauth:

Personal Info:

I work as a business intelligence developer in Northern Denmark.


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Google cloud auto ack

Interesting question i wonder if all of the client libraries are setup to auto ack.

#googlecloud #pubsub

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Google cloud pubsub

I am impressed with how easy it was too get up and running.

#googlecloud #googledeveloper #pubsub

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GDG Bronx DevFest time!
I'll be speaking about Engaging with the Google Assistant in a bit.

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Drive sharing quota

This is one i havent seen before. I may have to test it to find the hard limit.

"Rate limit exceeded. User message: "These item(s) could not be shared because a rate limit was exceeded: sharingRateLimitExceeded"

#googledrive #googledriveapi

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How Greg Wilson, Head of Google Cloud Developer Relations, uses Gmail shortcuts ↓

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