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We're so happy about Georgetown going 100% renewable!
Texas ditches politics for clean energy (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability and home solar energy movement in Denton, Texas?

Texas tends to be a conservative state so convincing people to go green just for the environmental impact of it can be difficult.

However, going green can be about the green cash, too.

Georgetown is a city near Austin, and it's one of the first cities in the nation to go 100% renewable. The Republican mayor of the city, Ross, did struggle with his "Tea Party friends," but he was still reelected with 72 percent of the vote.

Renewables are significantly cheaper than fossil fuel in Texas, so the city signed a contract with renewable energy providers in 2015. Georgetown is specifically reliant on wind energy, as it's produced hundreds of miles away in west Texas. Luckily, the former governor authorized transmission lines to the state's population centers.

There are 50 to 100 other cities that are great candidates for similar clean energy markets, including Denton, Texas. However, not all mayors are insistent on making it work.

Georgetown is still making new changes, by adding composting as well as a bus line.

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Were your solar panels affected by the hurricanes?
Can solar panels withstand hurricanes and hail? (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability and home solar energy movement in Denton, Texas?

Solar panels are outdoors. It's reasonable to question whether they can withstand inclement weather. Your panels may experience heavy rain and high winds if you're located in Texas.

Solar panels are durable and hold up well in inclement weather. There have been 50,000 solar energy systems installed between 2009 and 2013, and only 0.1% of them have been affected by the damage. Most solar panels can withstand hail that is up to one inch falling at 50 miles per hour.

Most solar panels can withstand 140 mile-per-hour winds, which is more than most hurricanes reach. Solar panels are rarely damaged by high volumes of water, but they can be dislodged from their spot, so you'll have to get a quality solar installation specialist to repair it.

Solar panels are some of the most durable and reliable options for energy in the world. They're becoming more resistant to weather every day, and they withstand the grid outages that have happened in recent hurricanes. You can install a home solar energy system to ensure that your home is able to produce power in all conditions.

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Isn't this super cool? We love integrating solar into everything.
Check out this solar-powered, glow-in-the-dark cement (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

Solar-powered cement that glows in the dark and can last for 100 years is something that could revolutionize the solar road industry.

For the past several years, the concept of a solar power road has grown popular because it is a different way of lighting up a road. However, regular glow-in-the-dark materials do not last long because they degrade after only several years of exposure to the sun.

Then José Carlos Rubio from Michoacan's University of San Nicolas Hidalgo (UMSNH) created a cement that can last for a hundred years.

He modified the cement's micro-structure to remove crystals that caused problems in original glow-in-the-dark materials. With this, he came up with a translucent gel that absorbs solar energy and lights up when it is dark.

Rubio's technique is also applicable for use in plaster, which creates a beautiful effect against a dark background. The material can light up for 12 hours and is environmentally safe.

Are You Ready To Go #Solar? We are the largest supplier and installer of Professional Grade Solar Power in the State of #Texas and #Oklahoma. Click here to sign up for your free solar site evaluation!

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We're so glad people think positive about us!
We have new reviews (

Here in Denton, Texas, we strive to provide the highest solar system performance at the best available price to homeowners. We do this by carefully selecting our manufacturers to acquire utility-grade solar panels for our commercial and residential customers. We also work hard to educate our customers about processes, construction, and expectations.

Here are what our customers have to say on Google:

"These are some very good people to do business with. They will sit down with you and explain everything you need to know. I'm very happy with my system. It does exactly what they said it would do." - Bill Leach

"I highly recommend Aztec!. I have been in the customer service industry for 25 years and know how people should be treated. I received excellent customer service from the initial scheduling of my solar design to the date of the install. Paul McGrath had walked me through the entire process of how solar works and gave me an estimate for a system that is actually producing 10 % more electricity then we had hoped for. We couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. Thank you Paul!" - Terry Patterson

"I recently had solar panel installation completed at my residential home. The provider I used was Aztec Renewable Energy and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything from the initial evaluation, interactions with the installation technician, to the continued customer support was top notch. And the best part is the price - I feel that I'm getting the best return on my investment on the market with Aztec. Very highly recommended!

I would recommend Aztec Renewable Energy to anyone looking to seriously cut down their energy costs. Aztec are knowledgeable and trustworthy. They'll provide a free consultation, performance guarantee, financing plan etc. Basically they really work with you no matter your financial situation to ensure you get near instant savings on your bill. I'm quite happy that I chose Aztec and would highly recommend them!
Took a day to make a monitoring to work. Had to update firmware and configure firewall. Now it works fine with everyday report coming via e-mail." - Yakov Schwarz

"I went with Aztec because they were willing to think outside the box and come up with a solution that met all of my needs. I looked into Solar companies for about a year but my house has a chimney on the south side and the other companies would only come up with small Solar solutions that would only make a few hundred watts per month. Aztec came up with a carport solution for my 10.8kwh system which gives us shade to park our cars and is producing 1300kwh per month. The install and Oncor rebate process were quicker than expected and I'd proudly recommend Aztec for anyone looking into Solar power." - Cris Wagner

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Are any of these technologies really interesting to you?
What's the newest technology in solar panels? (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

Every year, we have new advances in the solar industry. These can lead to individual advances in technologies, including:

Solar skin design

Solar panels aren't pretty. Luckily, there are now skins that can decorate the solar panels so that they're prettier.

Solar powered roads

The sidewalks along Route 66 have solar-powered pavement tech, and hopefully, they'll light roads at night as well as provide thermal heating to melt snow in the winter. The next step will be the road itself.

Wearable solar

Solar powered watches are already on the market, but we're now seeing tiny solar panels in clothing.

Solar batteries

Rechargeable lithium ion battery products have made solar much more affordable.

Solar tracking mounts

We posted about these mounts, which will track whether the solar panels are operating efficiently.

Solar thermal fuel (STF)

STF can harness sunlight energy, store it as a charge, then release it. These are being incorporated in many different things.

Solar water purifiers

This solar technology can make the water drinkable in minutes.

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#TBT Don't you wish these glass treehouses existed?
Sustainable living: glass tree houses (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

These glass treehouses are pretty neat, although they seem impractical for day-to-day activities.

These houses have been in the conceptual stages for quite a while, but it does have investors, so it will likely become a reality. This "Tree in the House" is designed A Masow Architects as an inverted treehouse, intended to provide an escape from the concrete boxes of city life.

The "Tree in the House" features a completely glazed and cylindrical structure to give a complete view of a forest setting.

An investor was initially secured, and the news cycle was abuzz, when the project was first designed in 2013, but they pulled out, and it seemed the project would never be completed.

We're so happy to say that a solar panel manufacturer is now interested, according to Almassov, so construction could be imminent.

Are You Ready To Go #Solar? We are the largest supplier and installer of Professional Grade Solar Power in the State of #Texas and #Oklahoma. Click here to sign up for your free solar site evaluation! (

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What are your thoughts on Columbus Day?
Columbus Day: not a day of hope for the environment (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

Columbus Day is a federal holiday, and we celebrated it yesterday, many with parades, barbecues and football games, although many recognize it as a somber day of genocide.

When Christopher Columbus came to the "New World," he became obsessed with taking advantage of the people here. He wanted to colonize and seek glory. The Europeans brought diseases that were a catastrophe to the local populations. Some historians say it's a sad and inevitable consequence of human progress. However, the Europeans didn't have to remorselessly colonize the New World...they could have spared the people and minerals rather than exploit every single piece for their own needs.

While it may seem inevitable, the European mindset of colonization was unique to Europeans. When the Chinese sought to colonize, they did not treat their colonies anywhere near the same.

The way we approach the environment and the world now is similar to that mindset. We ravage the environment for its resources (fossil fuels), without regard to the long-term consequences. If we can convert to solar, then that won't be the case.

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Solar can be accessible to everyone.
Solar advocates focusing on low-income communities (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

Solar power has been criticized by some for not being accessible to poorer communities. The groups that push this narrative are utilities and advocacy groups funded by fossil fuel interests. But it turns out that low-income communities are the next big front in the transition away from fossil-fuel advocates.

Distributed solar changes the way we get our electricity. That in itself creates resistance, and it's worth looking at a parallel example.

When PCs were introduced decades ago, the first to buy them were from affluent households, large companies, and schools, just like solar. Ultimately, they ushered in the Internet Era ad the prices went down. The change devastated the Postal Service and impacted the way millions do business.

Still, no one argued that society should stifle computer usage because low-income households couldn't afford them. However, it is easier for some people to make the change to solar than others.

Before we can reduce fossil fuel usage, more people need to go solar, including those that are low-income, advocates say.

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Do you ever watch Ted Talks? These are amazing.
Ted Talk: "How I harnessed the wind" (

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

William Kamkwambe has shown us how a dream and passion can help change the world. The work he has done providing power in Malawi through windmills he made starting with scrap metal and spare parts helped to change the way we look at energy production in developing countries. His determination and wisdom can be applied to some topics and is well worth sharing here. The quotes are taken from his Ted Talk.

"Don't insult me today just because I'm poor, you don't know what my future holds!"

Every fortune started somewhere. Every advancement started with someone. Don't look at who and where you are now and think 'This is it'.

"If you want to make it, all you have to do is try."

You have to try in order to do. Even if you don't succeed at first, trying shows you can make changes. Try. Try again. Try again. You will eventually get there.

"The pictures in the library book had provided the idea, hunger and darkness had given me the inspiration, and I'd set out myself on this long, amazing journey."

Adversity gives a reason to want change, not reasons you cannot change. Let it inspire you to make change instead of letting it stop you.

"So many things around you are reusable. Where other see garbage, I see opportunity."

Look at things with an open mind. See resources where others see waste, and upcycle, create, do magic.

"Think of your dreams and ideas as tiny miracle machines inside you that no one can touch. The more faith you put into them, the bigger they get, until one day they'll rise up and taken you with them."

Your dreams are your fuel. Don't ignore or abandon them. Let them take you to new places.

Are you dreaming of a new solar home? Because we certainly are!

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Isn't this the coolest map?
Here's What Earth Would Look Like If Fossil Fuel Energy, Nuclear And Renewable Power Sources Were All Turned Off One By One(

Are you interested in joining the sustainability movement in Denton, Texas?

The world is trying to move away from coal, oil, and gas toward renewable energy sources. However, that doesn't mean that it's easy to visualize the progress or the potential impact of these advances.

As a result, Go Compare, an online British financial comparison service created a series of maps that reveal which energy sources power the world, including fossil fuels, renewable energy, and nuclear power, all which you can turn off one by one.

For example, you can see that the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and Jordan are dependent on fossil fuels. Brazil and Norway, on the other hand, use a high percentage of energy from renewables. France and South Korea have 74 percent and 72 percent, respectively, of their energy being sourced from nuclear power.

If you want to see the map yourself, you can see an interactive version on the Go Compare website, complete with information on each country's power sources.

#SolarEnergy #Texas #RenewableEnergy
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