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Summer goal: Sew some dresses!

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Y'all know how I love my simple Purl Soho knits! Bonus: free!

This is a rework of an older pattern (Silken Straw Summer Sweater), in their new heavy-fingering-weight Cattail Silk, but also simplifying and adding more sizes. Simple and light, it looks like good beach knitting to me. Here's hoping I have some time to put that hypothesis to the test this summer.

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Meanwhile, I still have trouble sewing an even seam... and it takes me a full day to make a simple bag. Heh.

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Today has mostly been a day of quiet introspection and simple, meditative knitting.

If the yarn looks vaguely familiar, it should - 2 months ago, it was a 5-Hour Crocheted Throw ( I just wasn't happy with how floppy that blanket was, so I unraveled it, and I'm trying to knit the yarn instead. So far, so good.

Pattern: Garter Squish

Knit Picks Brava is a little on the thin side, so although the yarn is tripled (pattern calls for doubled), I'm still using 15's. It's dense, and will probably be kinda small, but I like it.

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26 nifty LEGO ideas

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I typically toss my TP rolls in the recycling bin, but now I think I'll save some for seed starters. Don't know why I never thought of that!

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#FOanyday - Clincher!


Yarn (main): Chroma in "Dear Diary"

Yarn (edging): Hawthorne in "Graffiti Speckle"

I'm pleased with it over all, although I definitely should not have blocked it. Even light blocking made it ENORMOUS. For some, this is fine. Keeping in mind that I am a wee thing, 5' 2" on a good day... well, I have to wrap it around my neck twice to get it to look as the designer intended.

It is soft and warm, and boy, does that hot pink POP! Love it!

The edging only used about 50 yards of the Hawthorne. I will use the rest of the skein to make a pair of fingerless mitts to "match".
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Chicken sweaters!

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For those of us with (ahem) a steady supply of corks...

Also, FYI: If you do find yourself with a bunch of corks, but are not inclined to do crafty things with them, many wine/liquor stores will recycle the natural cork variety. They may or may not publicize this fact, so ask, if you don't see a bin for them. Whole Foods sometimes has a bin for them as well.
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