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Get trained, get experience skip the crowd, get placed, become part time tutor.

Are you a Student, graduated from college? Residing near Manhattan NY? Looking to break into IT field? Perhaps you majored in something that is not too relevant to IT but would like to break into IT field?

Or perhaps you just got out of college and have not experience, no money and no way to get your self on proper career track?

According to our research that Tutoring Services, LLC has conducted and published in our book in Software Defined Networking (which you can find here, we realized that Cyber Security field is one of the most demanded fields that will be needed in the future.

We realized that it will become inevitable for this security to simply sky rocket in numbers of students needed.

This is most partially due to rise of innovative technologies, Cloud, IoT and beyond, creating multiple ways for Software as a service business and platform as a service providers to introduce risks, that are going to be very difficult to eradicate. These cyber security risks is what companies will will need to shrink and reduce.... The question is how?

The answer is by hiring a lot of IT Generalists and cyber security professionals helping companies steer their ships in the right direction and helping them survive.

It will be impossible to maintain company's business without cyber security work force. Take any business, in fact take a look at our own company's Tutoring Services, LLC cloud solution that we offer to other local tutoring and test prep companies as an example, and see what type of cloud solutions, what you will quickly realize is that... we offer cyber security solution as part of this bigger cloud solution where if you visit this link you will see typical example of the cloud solution, which is basically a combination of the IT security + marketing + app development + business.

What you will see is the typical example of what other companies in the future will be gearing towards, what you see is an example of how other companies will survive by providing full 360 degrees solution, by inter-combining multiple functions of the business together. In this example what you see is cloud offering that makes it easier for local tutoring companies, get ahead in their business ventures. What you see is inter-combination of different type of service put together, what you see is cyber security service in the mix of this service....

Why? Reason is simple.... because other businesses simply can not have cyber security and be marketers, and be app developers and be absolutely every single thing, therefore businesses will prefer to pay to cloud solution providers such as providers like Tutoring Services, LLC to help such companies address their business needs.

Notice that what we offer as part of cloud solution is inter-combination of different services, notice how business solutions are in the dead center of cloud solution, notice how marketing is in the dead center of it, notice how cyber security is in the dead center of it. Of course some students may say... well how can everything be in the dead center of things... wouldn't it make things overlap? The answer yes.

Think of future as multiple parallel dish plates stacked up on top of one another, one dish responsible for cyber security, another for marketing, another for business, and another for project management another one for education and another one for app/web development etc.

This is exactly what the future will hold for us the full 360 degrees solution for businesses, in the form of stacked up plate based parallel based approach methods.

So what does that mean for you? Future cyber security professional, future business analyst, future project manager and future IT generalist?

Let us help you realize what that means for you.... That means that students must learn how to wear multiple hats on, to stay competitive, but also have central knowledge of skill set that they are good at.

Which is exactly what our company DBA Binary Fusion (sister company under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC provides) offers in the form of Information Technology Training with emphasis in Cyber Security.

By providing Inter-combination of training with emphasis in business, project management app support, professional skills development, Linux and Windows operating systems, database administration, IT networking in software defined networking, with core emphasis in cyber security.

The skills that employers are looking for in combinations that are non-separate from each other, the skills that can help students understand values of who they are improve their chances of success in their career.

The skills that can help students open up their minds, the skills that can help students learn from the roots of business concepts, rather than from the roots of simply technical concepts, from the roots that will allow students use their brain to the maximum capacity (instead of being like a robot), helping students improve their chances of landing full time job by gaining experience, by obtaining 30k worth of Training FREE of charge.

And in addition to that even qualify to teach other students in academic subjects on part time basis or even technical subjects as an Alumni of DBA Binary Fusion, giving you even more reasons to study smart and not only study for your self, but study for the passion, study for the chance in opportunity to teach other students as and Alumni of DBA Binary Fusion graduate by becoming trusted Tutoring Services, LLC tutor and providing lessons to other students in Manhattan NY area on part time basis and surrounding counties of our network.

Our company gives reason to students to train with us, these reasons are

1. Opportunities such as being placed into full time job in information technology entry level or Cyber Security relevant job or something close that can help you break into IT Cyber Security Industry.

2. Opportunities such as being able to make part time income tutoring other students in Academics or IT by becoming our trusted tutor on part time basis.

Trusted concept that we have created and simply leverage as part of our business model, concept where we do not allow anyone on our network unless they are trusted by our company Tutoring Services, LLC just like the firewall, doesn't allow packets through unless firewall ports are allowed.

For more info about what trusted tutors are check out this collection,

3. Opportunities such as being able to get placed into internship either provided by our own company DBA Binary Fusion which also specializes in information technology consulting or by placing students into other companies for internship.

In either case having experience under student's belt that can help students shine is exactly what internship opportunity does, making it possible for students to break chicken and the egg conundrum of no job and no experience.

Are you one of the students who asks the following questions?

Often many students asked us what does the cloud solution look like. What on earth is the cloud, how do I know which field to attend after college?

What if I am wrong....? What i go into wrong field? What if my degree is not relevant? What if i am not sure if i get the job because i have no experience? What if i don't have money for training?

What if I am also good in math and science or other subjects and would like to receive opportunity to make money on part time basis to help me pay off for my college expenses?

How can i increase my marketability? Should I get certifications? Should i not get certifications? Where can i get help?

If you are asking all of these questions you are on the right track, if you are not asking these questions then perhaps you simply was not aware of these factors or perhaps, never had anyone guide you, or perhaps you took classes in college that are simply from the last generation, and irrelevant to the existing work force, or perhaps you simply didn't have an informational data scientist like Rome Wells, founder of Tutoring Services, LLC and founder of DBA Binary Fusion as well as math teacher for the state of CT (cert expiration date 2018), Math Tutor, IT consultant, cyber security professional, project management enthusiast, 21st century educational advocate, and most commonly referred to by students Mark Twain of educational advocacy every explain things to you in the way like they are being explained to you now.

So what should your next step be as the student?

You have 2 choices, you can attempt to find a job on your own.... and get 1 on 1 training from a qualified tutor provided by us directly at your home... option that we also provide, but is very expensive, since it's 1 on 1 and high quality as oppose to class based which is not 1 on 1.

However, 1 on 1 can be good for some students, who already have some experience, confident enough they can get a job on their own, have relevant training experience but lacking some training help and want to simply learn cyber security, project management, marketing or business that can help them get an upper edge.

However, what we have discovered is that factor of greed is very common for many students, not wanting to pay for 1 on 1 training and not wanting high quality, but instead wanting more affordable option. In either case we provide both affordable 1 on 1 options and affordable class based options.

For affordable 1 on 1 option visit www.TutoringServices. com and get your first lesson for $15, then work direct. For higher quality 1 on training get a tutor provided by us, trusted tutor and get higher quality training on flexible basis. Get the job on your own, hope someone will hire you with your experience.

Or Alternatively... let us help you get the job, let us help you provide 30k worth of IT Training FREE of charge in Manhattan NY, provide you with an internship for extra experience either paid or non paid, depending where you get placed and help you land entry level job, while also hook you up to become our trusted tutor so you can make some part time income helping you pay off college expenses after your full time job on flexible basis.

We help our trusted tutors get marketed and that is what we also specialize in addition to providing Cyber Security Training as part of the parent company Tutoring Services, LLC, you can view example for how we market our tutors in neighboring sites near Manhattan NY, such as,,,, by forming a closely bridged network we managed to create competitive advantage, that is beyond other companies capacity to break unless of course they build similar network, which is something that we help other companies do also by selling them cloud service that was mentioned earlier that inter-combines concepts of cyber security, business, app support.

Being on our trusted tutoring network can increase DBA Binary Fusion Alumni chances of getting student leads, of course that can also means student can become a tutor some where else, to gain additional opportunities, we don't restrict students from gaining additional opportunities in comparison to many other companies, who do.

No other company offers anything remotely near like that, now days it's about flexibility, experience and power to break into the field. Without the network it's hard to do, with the help of the network and the company like DBA Binary Fusion, it's easier for students to break into the field of Cyber Security with the help of FREE 30k worth of 3 to 6 months of Training provided to students, after which we place students into IT Security or entry level IT jobs.

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DBA Binary Fusion and Tutoring Services, LLC combined offers combination of training possibilities for students who are interested in getting trained and end up landing jobs in information technology field.

We train students in IT and prepare them for the real world, helping them land entry level jobs in information technology field with core emphasis on cyber security, ranging from App Support, QA and Testing to Cyber Security related information technology positions.

We do that by providing 2 types of training. Type 1 training which is 1 on 1 type of training and is provided by Tutoring Services, LLC matched by our company IT tutor who goes directly to students home on flexible scheduling and teaches student concepts in information technology that helps student prepare for the real world job in information technology cyber security field, business, app support, QA and testing.

This training is flexible and can be done in two ways, way 1 where we just match make student with the tutor and send student a tutor to their home and IT tutor trains student informally, in subjects of expertise relevant to IT track student chooses.

What is 1 on 1 training and how is it different from class based training?

1 on 1training provided by Tutoring Services, LLC matched by us tutor is high quality one on one and best effort, after student finishes tutoring sessions relevant to chosen by the student IT track with the tutor on flexible schedule, student has to make a choice whether they want to go and search for IT job on their own or get help from us Tutoring Services, LLC to help students get placed into an IT job.

If students search on their own for IT job and land one themselves without Tutoring Services, LLC further help, then the benefit of that is that students can get paid more, money right away from full time job. Meaning there is no middle man involved other then any other independent recruiter who student goes through on open free market. What that means is instead of let's say getting paid 50 to 60k per year during the first 2 years, student would get paid 80k to 90k per year, in the first 2 years.

That means student does not have to work for 2 years for lower pay in comparison to, if student was to get further help from our company Tutoring Services, LLC job placement assistance service helping student get placed into a full time job after 1 on 1 lessons were completed.

That means student can get flexible 1 on 1 lessons without having to worry about working for 2 years at lower pay after completion of the training and student gets to keep all money for themselves as oppose to giving that money to middle man for being placed into a full time job.

However probability and likelihood of landing full time job will be smaller in comparison to student who did more than just 1 on 1 training and also received job placement assistance service by Tutoring Services, LLC.

Note if student after the training decided to proceed and get further help from Tutoring Services, LLC IT job placement assistance service provided by DBA Binary Fusion company the same company that provides IT consulting for companies in Manhattan NY and tri state area nationally and even internationally, which means after doing 1 on 1 training in chosen by the student IT track our company Tutoring Services, LLC would help by either training student a bit further either locally or online by match making student with additional tutor only in the case if we discover that 1 on 1 training was not sufficient, and then placing student into paid internship or non paid internship, depending on availability of the internship, if we can't find student paid internship we will place student into internship provided by our own company DBA Binary Fusion (company under Tutoring Services, LLC umbrella) helping student gain additional IT experience, and maximize their chances of landing entry level job in information technology field of cyber security, app support, business in financial companies or other types of companies.

In summary for 1 on 1 type of services, Tutoring Services, LLC does match making between student and tutor helping students to prepare for the real world by getting tutor on flexible basis. DBA Binary Fusion does IT job placement service for the students and provides experience to students. Combining 1 on 1 training and experience = high probability of landing IT job.

So here is students options when it comes to 1 on 1 training

1 on 1 training = flexibility


DBA Binary Fusion job placement assistance service = student may either get placed into paid internship from another company but have less flexibility and DBA Binary Fusion will be the middle man and that means lower take home pay for first 2 years for the student, but help with landing an entry level IT job and help with breaking chicken and the egg conundrum of no job <==> no experience


1 on 1 training


Your own journey to search for a IT job, but with a lot more knowledge than before and without having to go through any middle man, that means that after going through your IT track informal training with the tutor, you can start searching for jobs on your own and leverage knowledge you learned from the tutoring lessons to make your resume better. This means if you went through one on one tutoring and already perhaps have some partial experience in IT then you will have higher chances of finding a job on your own with the knowledge you learned from these high quality individualized attention based local or online or combination of both tutoring lessons and your already existing partial experience that you may already have behind your belt.

Based on our research we found that there is a lot of companies who want to just train students and place students and be middle man and get big cuts focusing on mostly type of students who have no experience. Well what about very good percentage of students who do have some IT experience already and want flexibility of not having to travel to class location and want flexibility of either getting trained locally or online or combination of both, and simply needs supplementary training to get them on the right track without having to suffer for 2 years at way lower take home pay then they should have got paid in the first place if they simply searched for job on their own.... and combined their already partial gained experience in IT with flexible schedule type of high quality 1 on 1 type of training...? Well....based on our research... we found that such companies simply do not exist in Manhattan NY.

So what does it all mean?

That means if student is smart enough and get help with flexible 1 on 1 tutor local or online, online would be cheaper... and combines their own experience that they perhaps earned during college then students would not have to get paid way lower wage... for 2 years.., and IT would mean higher pay for such student right away.

This is the main difference between 1 on 1 training with the help of job placement assistance service and without help of job placement assistance service. However students should keep something in mind, that job placement assistance service yes.... it helps students get placed, by doing more then just attempting to finding employer who is willing to hire such student.... but by going beyond and providing internship experience, something that is truly what makes the difference in overall possibility of landing a job, this is why leveraging such service would make it more expensive for the student, which is why student would have to get paid less during first 2 years, but this service provides greater value, from the perspective of student landing a job.

However if student happen to be savvy enough and with some experience already then there is no reason why such student should even bother going through such job placement assistance service and instead stroke on their own and search for a job on their own.

However, not every student has enough experience and prefers to simply get help in getting placed into a job and is ok with taking home less pay during first 2 years and is ok with having less flexibility by having to attend internship in less flexible hours, and is ok with doing internship for free in case if our company can not find paid internship.

What about class based training?

Class based training is provided by DBA Binary Fusion and has similar IT tracks as for 1 on 1 training, except with class based training students will have less flexibility as in the case of 1 on 1 type of training and must show up in class, and must attend strict schedule based class for the period of 15 weeks for training and 7 weeks internship followed after the training either paid or non paid internship.

Training will be done from 9 am to 1pm EST and from 2pm to 6pm. The only thing flexible in this type of training is 2 shifts, students can chose which shift they would like to attend when they first sign up. 20k to 30k worth of training is delivered to students for FREE. Training is designed students to prepare for entry level IT jobs, and covers cyber security as core emphasis of the training. After training is complete our company DBA Binary Fusion job placement service will attempt to place students into full time job and prepare for that even before training begins, getting full time job may happen even before being placed into internship, where some students end up getting placed earlier then others.

After student gets placed into full time job they work and get paid lower then the usual salary for first 2 years in comparison to what they would be getting paid if they did not go through training and or internship and managed to find job on their own (providing that they were able to find such job without our help). Student must sign contract and be ready to get charged 20k to 30k penalty if they decide to leave in the middle of these 2 years violating our contract terms and switching jobs.

Getting free training and getting job placement assistance free in exchange for taking cut of student pay check is what we do as the middle man, helping students land jobs and improve cyber security in America. Note leaving earlier than 2 years also would disqualify you from being trusted tutor.

To some qualified students who finished our training we give opportunity to become trusted agency managed tutor, helping such students who become DBA Binary Fusion alumni make money on part time flexible basis helping students learn IT, math and other academic or even non academic subjects.

Hence quitting your job in the middle of 2 years, and getting free training will simply penalize you and reduce your chances of making money in the future from being our trusted tutors, not every one becomes our trusted tutors, but these who do benefit from not only full time job that they enjoy going to and making money on full time basis, but also would benefit from additional student lead opportunities that our Alumni students may receive and make part time income in Manhattan NY or nearby areas where we have our network of sites. Location of this training is in Manhattan NY.

This is unique service and attending such training can definitely be cheaper than 1 on 1 training that is more flexible, but class based training is not highly individualized... less flexible... and does not give u opportunity to train then strike on your own and search for a job without having to have any middle man taking cut of your pay check... however since class based training uses concept of scale... it's cheaper.... since multiple students attending classroom and essentially students are sharing coast of their training.... the outcome of that is student working at lower pay for 2 years.... however even with 1 on 1 training and realization that it was not good enough for student.... additional training maybe needed for 1 on 1 type of training either locally or online and or internship placement provided DBA Binary Fusion will also be needed for some students who decided to take flexible route but realized they couldn't find a job, in which case student would have to pay for job placement service by DBA Binary Fusion and tutor provided by Tutoring Services, LLC making 1 on 1 training more expensive, for obvious reasons that it's simply higher quality.

1 on 1 training is not for everyone, students must think carefully when deciding what's best for them. In either case our company gets paid agency fee for match making student with tutor, but at the end of the day students must think for themselves whether or this training is worth it for them based on their own financial circumstances. Typically if student has no money after graduating college, for a tutor... then class based option is for such student. If flexibility is needed and higher quality is needed then 1 on 1 is the best option.

Having flexibility and cheap tutor and high quality is not realistic expectation. Affordable option is class based, but even with class based option students will struggle, simply because to survive in Manhattan students need money and must earn them somehow to get to class. Which is why having 2 schedules one from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm makes it more flexible for students to still have some sort of part time job after college then attending training during one of these shifts.

In addition to that students who are very good in academic subjects math and sciences or other exams or subjects, may qualify for opportunity directly with Tutoring Services,LLC teaching other students locally in Manhattan NY or even nearby counties where we specialize in tri state area of CT NY and NJ, making part time income after their shift of training either directly in our local office or by traveling to students homes in Manhattan NY and teaching them academic or IT subjects if you happen to be for example let's say already certified in CCNA or CISSP or network + exam or if let's say student happens to be good in app development and can tutor others the same, or even if student is good in non academic subject for example breakdancing.

Reasoning behind our flexible shift schedule and reasoning behind our tutoring services company and behind DBA Binary Fusion company is to help students and help America stay secure, while promoting affordable education. Oh if you are a college grad student and reading this, check out our site and become independent tutor and teach others, make part time income...and help your self make money while you are going through your life journey especially if you just finished college and low on cash and looking for anything to fill up your pockets. This can help students make some part time income and get on our radar.... helping us notice you the student..... these who we notice we attract... these who we do not notice are filtered out like a firewall filtering out untrusted pockets.

Also one more thing if you are a student and preparing for some exams check our our site StudyGuide.NET this is the site hat has multiple exams and reviews.... see if there is any exam that you are preparing for and see what you can do to prepare for such exams. We do not just accept everyone into our class based training. We look for things like certificates that students earned preferably throughout their college journey.

We know how to attract students and know how to create jobs, and use similar concepts of finding jobs. Also if you are attending college or training center or university visit our sister site and rate your school or view other ratings. We will also be placing other training centers into our site, helping students decide which training center is best for them,and also showing our training center.

Also if you are studying for college or let's say interested in getting more than just study guides and courses check our site and get dirt cheap books, either by buying them directly from other college students on campus and saving trees and environment or buying them form cheapest book stores online or even selling your own books.

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Are you a college student... who is about to graduate or just graduated in the last 2 to 5 years? Residing in Manhattan area of NY or near by area? About to graduate college? Have no IT job? Or not sure if you can get one in information technology field? Have no experience?

To get the job employers look for experience, if you have no experience forget about the job.

So how do you break chicken and the egg conundrum if no experience, then no job and no job then no experience?

The answer is....

Get trained and get experience.

What if there was a way to get trained in information technology field and not only get trained, but also get real world experience, and not only get real world experience that can help you land a full time job in information technology field such as Cyber Security, Project Management, Web and app development, QA and automation testing, but also increase your chances of getting paid on part time basis, doing something that perhaps you are already good in, such as teaching other students academic subjects or IT related subjects?

Congratulations there is a way, you have found us.

Tutoring Services, LLC provides precisely a way out, by helping college grad students break the chains of chicken and the egg conundrum, by helping students get trained and get experience and even help students increase their chances of making money on part time basis teaching other students in Manhattan NY or surrounding areas of CT, NY and NJ.

If you had good grades in college, have good GPA and, passionate about information technology and happen to be good in mathematics, or other academic subjects, then....

Find out how to make part time income tutoring other students in Manhattan NY or surrounding counties in tri state area, by joining our local tutoring network and becoming our trusted by Tutoring Services, LLC tutor thereby helping your self increase chances of making money by landing student referral leads, and teaching other students math or Information Technology subjects or other academic exams on part time basis, helping college grad students make money, while simultaneously helping college grads get trained and get experience in one of the IT tracks that our company offers to college grad students, thereby preparing college grad students in getting real world full time job in information technology.

How does Tutoring Services, LLC help students land real world jobs on full time basis in information technology?

It does so by helping college grad students.

Prepare for the job interview and get job placement assistance.

How does Tutoring Service, LLC helps students get job placement assistance?

It does so by first training college grad student either by match making such student with an instructor or multiple instructors who can tutor graduate college student on part time flexible basis by visiting student directly in student's home or by providing class based training where student must got to the classroom. During this training is when students are prepared for the job interview.

After training is complete Tutoring Services, LLC places college grad student into internship program thereby helping college grad students gain real world experience, thereby helping students break chicken and the egg conundrum, thereby increasing college grad student's chances of landing entry level job in information technology.

After completion of internship college grad students graduate and become our Tutoring Services, LLC Alumni, and get certificate of internship completion and certificate for IT training Track completion by Tutoring Services, LLC and get help with their resume, then get placed into full time IT job role for the period of 2 years.

Additionally depending on how well students performed during training and internship, Tutoring Services, LLC Alumni students get to qualify to become part time income agency managed trusted tutors.

Therefore, increasing Alumni's chances of making part time income teaching academic or Information Technology subjects in addition to maximizing chances for Alumni students landing full time entry level IT Job in information technology field.

What kind of jobs students get placed into?

Full time IT entry level jobs in QA testing, project management, web and app development, cyber security, IT networking, IT business analyst and other types of positions.

Do we guarantee placement?

No one will ever guarantee 100 percent placement into full time job role, if we made that guarantee then we would not be in business. However what we do, promise you is placement on our network of sites as a trusted tutor helping you make money teaching other students depending on your performance during the training and internship, and what we also promise is affordable education.

If college grad students want 100 percent guarantee then they must be ready to pay up for 1 on 1 high quality training, this will get close to 100 percent, it may still not be 100 percent but it would be closer in comparison to class based training.

Class based training offers less quality type of training then 1 on 1 due to the fact that 1 on 1 training is more effective and more likely to produce better results than class based training due to the individualized attention and therefore 1 on 1 training would provide higher chances for Tutoring Services, LLC Alumni being able to pass job interview and would give Alumni students higher chances for landing jobs in information technology field.

Class based training is also good, and cheaper than 1 on 1 training, however it is more strict from their perspective of flexibility, offers less chances to Alumni students in being able to get placed by Tutoring Services, LLC into IT entry level job, and offers less chances to Alumni students in becoming trusted agency managed tutor (meaning less chances of making part time income teaching students)

With class based training students don't get flexible schedule and must come to class as oppose to instructor visiting student directly in their homes. Quality of training is lower since it's not 1 on 1, chances of getting placed into full time job are lower in comparison to 1 on 1 based training, and student must pay for commute to Manhattan class and lose time doing so.

What kind of internships Tutoring Services, LLC help students get placed into?

We have 2 types paid and non paid.

We describe both types in previous collection.

How much is 1 on 1 training?

20k to 30k with scholarship opportunities for reduced fees.

How much is class based training?


Why should students pay 20k to 30k for training if they can get it free?

In real world there is no such thing as free, at some point someone, somewhere, somehow makes money.

So what's the catch?

Catch is you sign contract and if you do end up getting placed, we get a cut of your pay check from employer who we match make you with, and you work for 2 years, after your contract expires you are free to switch jobs.

Switching jobs before 2 years would violate your contract, will disqualify you from being our trusted tutor which means you would not get opportunity to have higher chances of making part time income after your full time work.

Your background check would also have a record on file which others companies can verify and find out, all thanks to our site. Plus it simply would not be ethical to get trained for free, get internship experience for free and then quit your contract.

Plus it's simply too risky to do so, because quitting the job before 2 years is often looked not so kindly upon by other employers, since what they are looking for is stability and not someone who worked barely 2 years and left.

Hence in summary it's simply not worth doing so. Getting help from us is worth it, in exchange for you helping us. Plus students who are really good in Information Technology even get to qualify to work on part time or IT projects hosted by our own company DBA Binary Fusion.

Meaning to some of our Alumni depending on their training and internship performance we give opportunities to work on real world projects.

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Tutoring Services, LLC parent company of DBA Binary Fusion combines forces together with DBA Binary Fusion, offering flexible training to students residing in Manhattan NY either locally in Manhattan NY or online, helping college graduate or military Veteran students improve their chances of getting entry level job in information technology in the field of cyber security, project management, qa and testing, IT networking and coding.

How? By match making students with reliable trusted tutors in Manhattan NY that can come down to your home in Manhattan NY and tutor you in information technology field helping you improve your chance of landing IT entry job and preparing you for the skills you need.

Training is based on flexible schedule and is different from any other training since it uses informal traditional approach type of tutoring rather then class based training, thereby providing better individualized attention and higher quality interactive tutoring.

The best part about this training is that it's flexible based on your hours of availability and tutors hours of availability and it's high quality 1 on 1 type of training, which means you can interact with tutor and ask questions as oppose to just receiving instructions as it is the case mostly with class based training settings, where minimum individualized attention is provided,

Another benefit for this type of training is that you do not have to actually go to training center location, tutor comes to your location, that means you save more time from having to travel.

Our company can help you get matched with multiple tutors across different subject areas of expertise based on the type of IT career track you chose.

Tutors will go directly to your home in Manhattan NY and prepare you for job interview associated with the subject of expertise relevant to your IT track.

For any tutors whom we can not find locally for you, we will help by finding you an online IT tutor, relevant to your IT Track.

Knowledge that you receive collectively from multiple local and or online tutors on flexible basis will help you land an entry job in information technology field.

What happens after students complete their IT track training?

You will receive a certificate showing proof of successful completion in your IT Track. Certified by Tutoring Services, LLC

This can help you improve your chances of landing a job in information technology field.

Will Tutoring Services, LLC help with job placement assistance after training is complete?

As part of different service outside of Tutoring Services,LLC tutor and student match making, we can help students find an entry level job in information technology field in Manhattan NY or surrounding areas after you complete your IT Track training.

To increase student chances of landing a job, student must complete an internship, helping student become more marketable in the eyes of employers. Not doing so will make it more difficult for Tutoring Services, LLC help student find a job in information technology relevant IT Track.

The internship placement assistance service is done in 2 ways.

Way 1. We place student first into internship, hosted by another company, this way in addition to receiving training certificate of completion certified by Tutoring Services, LLC student will also get another certificate for completion of an internship relevant to student's completed IT track training. Certificate will also be issued by Tutoring Services, LLC, that shows company's name where student did their internship, and date of completion in relevant IT Track.

Hosting fee is paid by the company where we place student in for their internship. Portion of the internship fee paid by the company goes to the student helping student make some money while attending their internship, small portion of that amount goes to Tutoring Services, LLC helping us stay operated.

Way 2. We place student into internship for our own company DBA Binary Fusion, company that specializes in IT consulting and information technology. In which case student would receive certificate of internship completion, relevant to their IT track, certified by DBA Binary Fusion. However, internship provided by DBA Binary Fusion is non paid type of internship, meaning since DBA Binary Fusion is under our umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC we do not charge DBA Binary Fusion internship hosting fee, however that also means that student does not get paid for their internship.

Since we are not charging DBA Binary Fusion fee, it makes if more difficult for us to operate and provide this service to students, however because DBA Binary Fusion gets to have free internship labor, it also means that it makes it easier for DBA Binary Fusion to complete IT projects in Manhattan NY, or tri state area. The very same projects which students can benefit from by getting real world hands on internship experience.

Depending on the type of experience it may be anything from going to customer's site, replacing UPS, upgrading firewall, creating project plan, providing quotes, using tools to detect abnormal security behaviors, adding new router or switch on the network, configuring wireless access points, doing wireless site survey, or assisting company with move of PCs, printers, desktops or even participating on design of some cloud solution where actual work is getting done and student is in the middle of that work, or even creating an app or doing site testing, web debugging, spinning up new sites, brain storming, coding or inter combination of things that may overlap with other IT tracks, but provide you with relevant experience.

Internship Experience that you do not get paid for, but well worth having on your resume, helping you land your entry job, and also shows your willingness and effort to learn.

Additionally by getting internship experience with DBA Binary Fusion students may also qualify to become Tutoring Services, LLC trusted tutors/consultants on our network of sites helping other students learn, while helping tutors/consultants/coaches make money on part time basis teaching other students locally in CT, NY and NJ specific counties, also teaching students in IT Track relevant, exams or subjects, or even teaching in academic subjects, if let's say student who completed DBA Binary Fusion happen to also be good in math or science or English or passed IT Certification exams, such as CCNA or CISSP, PMP, ITIL or other academic related exams or even if it's non academic subjects such as breakdancing if let's say you happen to be good in it and have some passion for it.

Making it easier for DBA Binary Fusion Internship complied Alumni survive in the real world, by doing something they love on part time basis outside of their full time daily job schedules or on weekends and earning some extra income. How? By Tutoring/teaching/coaching others either in Manhattan or nearby counties where we have our local tutoring sites or online.

Example NY,,, allowing DBA Binary Fusion Alumni who qualified to become trusted Tutoring Services, LLC tutors increase their student leads and increase their chances of making money on part time basis in Manhattan NY or surrounding counties.

Additionally our DBA Binary Fusion Alumni, may also qualify for part time project consulting gigs directly with DBA Binary Fusion, which means you can work with us on IT consulting projects. Not everyone qualifies, it depends on our project load and our need for IT consultants, however by getting internship with DBA Binary Fusion and not getting paid for it, can open up for students good opportunities.

What type of opportunities can this DBA Binary Fusion non-paid internship open up for Manhattan NY students?

1. Make it easier for Tutoring Services, LLC to help DBA Binary Fusion Alumni get placed into entry level IT Job.
2. Make it easier for Tutoring Services, LLC to trust student, increasing chances for DBA Binary Fusion Alumni becoming trusted Tutoring Services, LLC local or even online tutor and increasing chances for DBA Binary Fusion Alumni making part time income teaching other students in Manhattan NY or nearby counties, in IT/Academic or non-academic subjects.
3. Make it easier for DBA Binary Fusion to decide whether it should hire DBA Binary Fusion Alumni based on part time gig projects or even full time doing IT consulting related services in Manhattan NY or nearby counties in tri state area of CT, NY and NJ.

These 3 things help Tutoring Services, LLC gain your trust. Additionally, these 3 things can help students open up new opportunities in not only making full time income, but also making full time + part time income, from entry level full time job money making where students would get placed into such entry level position by our company Tutoring Services, LLC, and also would be qualified to be on our local tutoring network and increasing their chances from making money tutoring other students locally or online, and also potentially making money from IT consulting gigs provided by DBA Binary Fusion.

This explains the reason why this internship with DBA Binary Fusion is non paid to student. Note we can not say that you will get all these opportunities, but what we can say is you will have higher chance of getting them if you are our DBA Binary Fusion Alumni.

Note not every DBA Binary Fusion internship completion Alumni gets these opportunities, and is solely determined by supply and demand in the market and also depends on students IT track training performance, during tutoring hours with the tutors who are assigned to student for their 1 on 1 IT training track and also depends on performance feedback provided by your mentor, and supply and demand factor in today's economy.

Which way (way 1 or way 2) Tutoring Services, LLC ends up placing students into internship depends on how well students have completed their IT track and also depends on internship availability provided by companies.

Both ways are valid ways to get experience in your IT track.

What happens when student lands an internship with DBA Binary Fusion?

In the case of internship provided by DBA Binary Fusion, its based on project. Meaning when our company lands a project in information technology field, you can for shadow your assigned mentor, throughout duration of this project for the maximum period of 3 months.

Your mentor will either be programmer or IT engineer or hold combination of many other skills, throughout duration of this project for the maximum period of 3 months.

You will also be asked to execute tasks just like in real job. Your performance would be evaluated and signed by your mentor at the end of the internship letting us know feedback of your performance which will determine whether you passed or failed an internship.

If you fail an internship, depending on the nature and severity of your failure, we either help you get retrained by Tutoring Services, LLC by match making you with the local or online tutor and then requesting you to complete an internship again or by giving you another chance to complete an internship, either reassigned to another company with a different mentor or by extending existing internship with existing DBA Binary Fusion mentor in the event that your mentor decides that your performance was not satisfactory at the end of your internship.

What happens when student is placed into a job?

If student gets placed into a job we take percentage from the income that helps us continue operating for the period of the first 2 years. Which means if you were making $12 per hour before you met us, you can be making $50k to $60k in your first year then $60 to $70 in 2nd year, then after that you are free to switch jobs and get higher paying job. This is approximate numbers.

Do I have to pay for 1 on 1 training?

Yes you can buy a package from tutor who we will match make you with, number of you would need to purchase depends on the IT Track you chose. We would match make you with 1 or multiple tutors to help you prepare for your track.

How many hours would I need?

You would need minimum of 200 hours. Which can translate into $20k to $30k . Which you can pay off within your first year of working that is if you land the job. However with high quality 1 on 1 tutoring there is higher chance of landing the job than with class based tutoring, plus its based on flexible to student schedule, meaning it can be done while you are still working.

Can I qualify for scholarship and not pay $20 to $30k

Yes scholarships are awarded on limited basis where our company invests in you and pays percentage of your training fees, not everyone qualifies.

What if student doesn't do 1 on 1 training with matched tutors and still wants to get placed into one of the paid or non paid internships?

In such case, you must at least do class based training. Class based training is cheaper, then 1 on 1, but not as high quality and not based on flexible schedule, which means you actually be in classroom being taught concepts on strict non flexible to you accelerated schedule, where tutor does not show up in your place and you do not get individualized attention and do not qualify for DBA Binary Fusion internship additional part time income opportunities in the form of tutoring other students for IT exam prep, academic or non academic subjects or in Manhattan NY doing any consulting gigs as mentioned before, and will not qualify to become trusted Tutoring Services, LLC tutor.

Tutors who are trusted by our company are the ones who get help the most, helping them increase students leads, as oppose to tutors who are not trusted by us.

You will not have an opportunity to qualify for a scholarship that can help you partially pay off your 1 on 1 training. You will have to spend money on commute to attend class based training in Manhattan NY, and hope that this class based training will help you get placed into IT entry level job.

1 on 1 training is higher quality and has higher chance of helping students land jobs then class based training, while also providing DBA Binary Fusion Internship completion Alumni students have higher chance of making money not only on full time basis, but also on part time basis, then students who did not go through our DBA Binary Fusion internship.

Tutoring Services, LLC internship completion Alumni students are any students who have completed training by Tutoring Services, LLC and have completed paid internship hosted by another company that Tutoring Services, LLC helped students get placed into.

Regardless if you are DBA Binary Fusion internship completion student Alumni or Tutoring Services, LLC internship completion Alumni student in both cases, students have higher chance of qualifying to become Tutoring Services, LLC trusted tutor. Why? Reason is simple, because students went through the training, our company received feedback from tutors who were teaching such students and we understand who students are.

Is becoming DBA Binary Fusion internship completion Alumni going to make Tutoring Services, LLC trust such Alumni students more than students who did not go with DBA Binary Fusion Internship placement and preferred to get paid instead for an internship with another company? The answer is Yes.

In the case of DBA Binary Fusion internship completion Alumni, that level of trust increases even more since DBA Binary Fusion is our own company and under umbrella of Tutoring Services, LLC and mentor who is providing feedback for student who is taking the internship is giving us valuable information, letting us know every single detail, how student behaves, how knowledgeable student is in his/her IT Track at the beginning of internship and the end. This is what brings us trust, to have our DBA Binary Fusion internship completion Alumni become more trusted and have higher chance to qualify for opportunities mentioned before.

Our company is like a firewall with double factor authentication, that looks at individual students from multiple angles and takes them through each of these factors of authentications. First factor 1 on 1 tutoring with the tutor at flexible to student schedule and 2nd factor, internship either provided by our own company DBA Binary Fusion non paid one, or paid one provided by another company.

What if student prefers to not pay $20k-$30k for high quality individual training and just prefers to take a class?

Then training is FREE in Manhattan location, but not as high quality as 1 on 1 with less chances of students getting placed into entry level job, than in the case of 1 on 1, and no opportunities for part time income after full time job that can possible help students make more money than they would pay for the training in the long term.

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Many local tutoring and test prep companies asked Rome Wells, how do I tap into informational highway and increase my student leads?

The answer is simple. Learn how to become relevant to your audience, but also learn how to think like a machine.

You may say wow, what does that mean?

Being relevant means identify your subjects, exams or other unique attributes about specific field that student wants to learn about.

What does it mean to think like a machine? It simply means being able to interconnect logical things together, but at very fast speed and become insanely smart in digital information age.

How do i become super smart and think like a machine?

Learn how to pick an industry and decipher it, and understand its challenges, then learn how to create solutions for it, whether it’s education related or marketing or business development or beyond, learn how to discover the ties within the local markets that are closely relevant to local population that can give you an upper edge, of being local educational/business or IT hero and help others while helping yourself.

In our book we teach you how to do marketing and you’re yourself up to the digital informational highway helping you learn how to think like a machine

Consider the following case scenario, you are an educator who teaches students but also running a local tutoring business of match making students, you are trying to attract students for math subject in your local area so you can match make your tutor with the student.

You are trying your best to attract local students, you are trying your best to get their attention, but nothing is working.

However, nothing is working…. Why? Well the reason why is because you have not tapped into informational highway or came close to tapping into it.

There is other reasons too which you can find out here…. In this marketing book for local tutoring companies and online test prep companies trying to advertise their products or services, it shows you do’s and don’ts when it comes to marketing, helping you discover what you can do to change your marketing tactics and get more student leads and get people to contact you.

So how do I think like a machine?

Understand networked elements of the object

To learn how to think like a machine, you must stop thinking about what object does, and start thinking about why object exists and surrounding elements for it's existence. Just like the atoms and molecules are put together, just like earth and the sun and other planets, put together.

Wait what is an object? Object is anything and everything. Object can be subject of math that you are trying to market, or exam you are trying to market that connects to students locally or online. Connecting this object to other highly relevant objects is the key, in learning to think like a machine.

Learn how to put greed aside.

Still put your needs first, but learn how to do so in such a way that brings value to others. We as humans were placed on this earth for a reason, and that reason is to help others. Treat others with respect, treat your self with equal respect. Understand the need from student perspective, parent perspective, object perspective.

Putting greed aside and thinking from multiple angles will place you on the path towards informational highway and open up amazing feeling of spirituality and something that you have never experienced before.

Go back historically and view major person, who you know, this person can be Jesus, this person can be someone else what do you see in common with leaders, have you asked this questions?

They all have... inner love for everyone around them and see things from multiple angles, and are not no mad if someone else does something bad to them, not mad due to realization of circumstances that caused someone else to do something harmful another.

What is being said here, is that all of these major leaders and figures that you know or heard of.... managed to tap into inner depths of informational highway, and saw perspectives that others see, and put themselves into multiple personalities, into multiple angles, and understood the value of helping others. Understood perspectives of one another.

This is what helps you think like a machine, have that absolute respect and understanding and networked view on elements and objects of life.

View that you can enhance and improve by tapping into multiple industries, without being to general or at least being general, but learning how to vertical your mind set in the direction of provider greater good for your self in the area of markets where there is a true unsaturated need for the service that you are trying to offer.

This is what it takes to think like a machine, this is what it takes to make the initial step towards informational highway. This is what you will find in other books of smart philosophers, and mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, scientists and other highly influential human beings.

I Rome Wells, didn't read many books... <--- I only created books.... but the skill i teach you.... is the skill that i derived from my inner being, my inner self, my hunt for philosophical questions. However, I wish I did read other books, I wish I did understand what I am writing about earlier, and I wish had the knowledge I had that I am sharing with you now, knowledge that is absolutely incredible, and beyond any level of passion that you can describe, knowledge of how to tap into informational highway that exists all around us, if you look deep enough into the perspective of objects from multiple angles and learn how to connect them.

To learn how to connect these objects together consider checking out Rome Wells marketing book, book that is not just general type of book but book that gives actual examples of marketing towards students, and driving my philosophical values and understanding of this earth directly towards you, enlightening you about concepts that are absolutely incredible to know when you do your marketing, and teaching you how to think like a machine, by revealing the truth and helping you form your own truth based on your real life journey circumstances and surrounding elements of life in your local area or online, helping you hack into informational highway just like your phone tapping into the wifi network (speaking of which i describe concepts of WIFI and compare WIFI radio waves to informational highway, here feel free to check it out in case if you are interested)

As of now the amount of time you spend creating new information, new content in this day and age… is precious… why?

Simply because it depends on how fast you can type, and typical human being creates 10 bits per second of content on average. Now you may say what on earth does it mean?

That means we as humans are not evolved yet to think like a machine. With introduction of newer and newer technology and AI, it will be even more difficult for you to compete, because not only will you be competing with other competitors but you will also be competing with machines, which is why you need to start learning how to become a machine.

Read this article from Elon Musk, about his predictions. Elon Musk has opened access to informational highway that exists around us, the founder of Tesla and what he is saying makes sense. Read this below.

After you read it come back to this blog and read other blog articles, and when you ready to take your business seriously, and discover #1 one way to market your local tutoring business come back to this link and discover the secrets of inner brain power based on logical examples, based on actual examples, and no just some general marketing book that you can find everywhere.

Also after you study... from the study guide... you may very well discover that you want to sign up for our cloud business solution service for local tutoring companies or online. Learn more about our cloud service... the next step beyond study guide...

and learn how to get help from our company helping you create your own network, good luck :)

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Project management training directly in your home from specialized tutors. Increase your qualifications prepare for CAPM and for your PMP project management exam with our Manhattan tutors and PMP study guides, classes also available contact us for more info.
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Academic test prep, private lessons and homework help for students in Manhattan NY. Tutoring Services, LLC offered elementary, middle school, high school and college private lessons in Manhattan NY.
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Commuting to Manhattan NY? Live in any of the following nearby counties such as Bergen NJ, Westchester NY or Fairfield county CT? Why not earn some money right after your full time job in Manhattan NY.... during week days on flexible to you schedule.... while on weekend or also during weekdays teach in your home county..... or even traveling within your country or across neighboring counties to tutor nearby students and earn even more money?

Our company specializes in local network marketing and makes it possible for tutors to have such flexibility, providing opportunity for tutors to teach other students math and science, and social science, or help students prepare for college or teach information technology, project management, cyber security or business or marketing, or other test prep subjects such as GMAT, LSAT, CPA, MCAT or college placement exams such as CLEP or ACCUPLACER and many other exams.

Or even teach students project management in classroom settings , or provide IT consulting services for other companies in Manhattan if you happen to be an information technology guru or an engineer or a project manager.

Thereby, creating opportunity for your self to earn more money and who knows with that type of opportunity you can even once or twice a week, have enough money to actually stay over night in Manhattan by subletting small space, making it less stressful for you to commute, while still staying in control of your own schedule.

For example let's say you finish your full time work at 4 pm in Manhattan and we connected you with the student who needs help let's just say subject of Math. Student arrived from school around 3pm and ready to be tutored in their home let's say any time between 4 and 4 30 pm.

You arrive to student's home at 4:15 or 4:30 depending on subway situation and how far you are from the student in Manhattan area, and simply teach student math. Student may either end up near your or farther away from you. You decide if you want to take opportunity or not. Then you simply teach this student on regular basis and negotiate your own scheduling.

Let's say you tutored student for 1.5 hours and it's 6 pm. At that point you can go to Grand Central and take Metro North home to Westchester or Fairfield county, or take ferry back to Bergen county Nj or the bus.

In either case.... doing this, hooks you up with extra income....sure you will arrive home a bit late, but then again.... it's money in your pocket. Money that can help you pay for your train, money that can help you get nice dinner, money that can help you even stay over night.... in Manhattan once or twice a week by subletting a room, and taking less stress from commute.

The best part about this is that you can actually also teach in your own home county let's say on weekends or week days, since our company covers multiple counties using intelligent network of sites designed by Network Consultant Rome Wells himself.... the founder of Tutoring Services, LLC

Which means you get to stay in control of your schedule, and which also means you in fact get less stress doing something that you love to do, helping others. Which means you get flexibility, and that is what matters the most in 21st century.... it's no longer about having a job.... it's about having flexibility....

This supplementary income can help you pay off other expenses and make it easier for you to earn money. Why do the same thing every day and commute to Manhattan, when you can after work teach, even if you have to take a half day at work, to do that especially if it's paid time off... then you can use that as flexibility blanket.

Why constantly commute 5 days.... when you can earn money and be able to stay in a room in Manhattan sublet room for 1 or 2 days during the week of your choice. This way you technically only commute 3 times per week.... making it less stressful.

Of course you may say well teaching after full time job is also stressful.... if that's the case then it's not an opportunity for you... typically tutors who we work with are so passionate about their teaching that it brings them very low stress.. since they are specialized in specific subjects.

Sure you may say what's the point of renting room over night if I get to spend money that I earn on it.... money that you earn can very well more then you would pay for the room, especially if you tutor 2 students for 3 hours...

You declare your own rate in your profile how much you want to get paid.... let's say you earned 200 dollars in 3 hours.... sublet room is let's say 40 dollars... that's $160 in your pocket without you having to commute back home..... for that day..... meaning.... if your commute is 1.5 hour back to your home and 1.5 hour back the next day..... and let's say you managed to rent a room which is in Queens Astoria 15 mins away..... from your job in Manhattan..... then guess what you only have to spend 30 mins.... vs 3 hours....(1.5 back to your home county and 1.5 hrs next day back to work)

What does it mean? It means you earned $160 by really only spending 1.5 hours extra after work.... note how I didn't say 3 hours.... why? Simple.... because 1.5 hours you would have waisted on commute anyway not to mention money that you would spend on commute.... so you do the math.... does that sound flexible enough for you?

Of course you could say....I'd rather come back to my home county and not spend any money on renting room... ever.... but.... this will take a toll on you,,, and make you more stressed... unless of course you are used to it.... and ok in not renting a room once or twice per week... and instead spend time in the commute..... the time which you could have used for teaching student... feel less stressed, earn money and get to chill the next day without having to worry about long commute....

Our company specializes in match making tutors with students... we do not match make with rooms, but finding a room to crash in is relatively simple process especially if you got money. Tutoring Services, LLC realizes these challenges for tutors and offers flexibility of helping tutors make money.

Now days it's not just about delivering service.... it's about recommending what makes sense. What is described here makes sense.

Tutoring Services, LLC dominates 5 tri-state counties covering ct, ny nj in bergen, Westchester and Fairfield counties.
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Learn how to create apps, and improve your business process, directly from tutors who can visit your directly in your home or office in Manhattan NY?

Innovative tutoring service designed to help small and medium mom and pop shops type of businesses or even large size businesses improve their marketing capabilities and improve their business operational efficiency.

Whether you are looking for a way to figure out how to convert your business operations into usable app, or if you are simply looking for a tutor to come down and explain to you how to use accounting software or any other software that can help you better improve your business, we got you covered.

With the local tutor who visits you at your home or office, you can get help in strategizing your business to driver better sales, improve your marketing potentials and increase your business operational efficiency.

Check out similar service we offer in Fairfield county by visiting

Note business tutors are hard to find, we rigorously review who we enroll in our service, before match making you.
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Tutoring Services, LLC breaks the boundaries of education and goes beyond the typical limits of what educational company can offer.

Get local tutor to prepare for state board exam, whether it is in accounting, nursing, or teaching. Our company can help you get matched with the right tutor.

Using our innovative approach of match making students with academic and non academic tutors locally in Manhattan NY and inter combining the power of DBA Binary Fusion, we are able to offer great selections of subjects, fields and concepts, that our tutors can cover, or help student prepare for, and in addition to that provide IT consulting to small and medium businesses or even large size businesses.

Whether you are interested in consulting services in information technology, or tutoring services in marketing and business development or inter combination of both, we got you covered.

We also provide marketing tutoring services helping your company dominate your local area while helping you maximize client leads. Our marketing tutoring services is designed to provide small and medium businesses business development tactics that can help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Having tutor that can show up at your small company and explain you these marketing concepts that can help you increase client leads, is something unique and has never been done before by any company in Manhattan NY.

For IT consulting services in Manhattan visit our site for marketing services visit our Manhattan Tutoring Services site. We offer Fortinet and Cisco consulting and other vendors, we are vendor independent shop, providing solutions for variety types of vendors.

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