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So much love still being shared here! I'm glad this info still proves useful and interesting to everyone. I've decided to still share the usual recipes, styles and ingredient info but I want to expand into talking about small business as that's what my life has been for the last six months. I am now the super proud owner of a brick & mortar shop and I'll occasionally share behind the scene adventures and mis-adventures. Until then, enjoy this amazing and refreshing pre-poo with FRESH aloe vera leaves from +Naptural85. The leaves are big and are about $2/per leaf. I used two slice (4 halves) for my shoulder length hair (I did scalp and hair) and for my oil mix I used sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. You can find these items at a Whole Foods or the like. Happy pre-pooing!! #naturalhair #prepoo #aloevera #aloeveragel #aloeverajuice #naptural85

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Hey Ohio Fam! First Friday (Nov 4) is going to be an amazing time to come out and visit! Lots to see and do as stores stay open late, have specials and Puff Apothecary is doing the same. I'll be at BRIM from 6-9 pm premiering a new brand, Soultanicals and having a #WrapParty with head wrap tutorials and handprinted, head wraps from an amazing artist. Spread the word and see you soon!

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This pic is giving me summer vibes but I'm feeling afro puffs for fall!! What do you think?

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You know I like to get the extra mile with all my natural products from my hair to my feet! Just because you won't be showing off your feet that much as we approach winter does not mean they don't need #TLC. So this weekend give this amazing foot soak and moisturizer routine a try:

1) Use container deep enough to cover entire feet.
2) Start to fill with hot water till half way full.
3) Add 1 TB of epsom salt, 1/2 TB of Apple Cider Vinegar, 10 drops of Dr. Bronner Liquid Castile Soap Tea Tree.
4) Soak for 15 minutes then use wash cloth to rub and exfoliate skin
5) Pat dry then rub feet with avocado oil and finish with your favorite lotion

Done! Now you'll have soft, moisturized feet ready for hibernation in all your stylish boot wear! *Add flowers for fun visual effect :P

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LOVE this style! Confession: I can't do a flat twist to save my life but I'm determined to figure it out :P

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Kurlee Belle GET THE LOOK: Flat Twist Out with Perm Rods
Photo Credit: @Curldaze This style was not created using our products.  GET THE LOOK with Kurlee Belle:  Recreate this look using J elle Coconut Styling Gel .  1) On damp hair, add coconut oil all over.  2) Separate the hair in about 5 twists (2 twists cros...

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A loc beehive? Yes, please!

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If there is anything to be learned from JLo it is to always glow! Here's how to achieve glowy, dewy skin with natural products:

1) Use Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Pure-Castile Liquid Soap to wash face. This will help your face produce more natural oil
2) Pat dry and apply a thin layer of avocado oil all over face
3) Finish with rubbing sensitive skin/baby lotion all over face
4) If you wear a coverup, use a tinted moisturizer

Your skin will be all a glow using these steps each day. This is especially great during fall because skin needs the extra protection from crisp and cool tempretaures.

#skincare #beautycare #glow #moisturize #avocadooil #drbronner #naturalproducts #naturalskincare #puffapothecary #puffday #ohio

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Fall is my favorite time of year. From fashion to festivals, fall has got it all! But it also means cold weather is creeping in and winter is coming! Below are my three simple tips to keep your hair moisturized

1) Scale back on products that use a lot of vegetable glycerin. Glycerin can draw moisture away from your hair when it gets cold.
2) Use a mist bottle to get full coverage on moistening your hair
3) Seal dampened hair with coconut oil (or avocado oil) AND leave-in AND butter (shea, mango or cocoa)

Doing these three things will keep your hair happy and moisturized...and safe from ice walkers ;-P

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Poo bars...I'm talking shampoo bars! When I ordered a small amount for Puff Apothecary I never imagined how much interest I get for them. Then a friend explained why they are so intriguing..."It's so simple, no instructions needed. You read 'shampoo bar' and you know to rub on your head and you're done!". And it's true! Shampoo bars are easy to use and can be very moisturizing if you look for the right ingredients. Look for:

• Saponified Oils
• Essential oils good for hair like tea tree, neem, lemongrass

And shout out to my shop...if you are in the Dayton area visit Puff Apothecary every Wednesday at Brim for #hairhappyhour 5-8 pm #naturalhair #happyfriday #tgif #shampoobar #blackhair #afrohair #Ohionaturals #gemcity #dayton #puffday #puffapothecary #ohio

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Hey y'all! It has been a minute since I last posted but I plan to get back on it. I've been hard at work opening a natural hair "nook" in Ohio! Puff Apothecary is nestled in BRIM, a premiere hat store, every Wednesday for Hair Happy Hour 5-8 pm. We exclusively sell quality natural hair care products from Black owned businesses. If you have any midwest fam or friends please spread the word, thank you!! #naturalhair #blackout #naturalhairproducts #naturalhairstyles #blackhair #afrohair #puffday #puffapothecary #ohio
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