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New! our Android app now supports Google and SSO log in!

While the app is Android-only, it can also be used from your mobile web browser or as a Trello power-up, see more:

Useful to enter and view S/E from mobile. Also supports "pinning" a card to your phone notification bar (as a way to remember for later).

The app is also much lighter than the official Trello app and works in less powerful phones making it a good choice if all you need is view card titles and descriptions or S/E.

Background: Some weeks ago Google made a change that prevented the app from logging-in with Google. We just re-enabled it.

Add the app from


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New in Plus version 4.7.4!

Mini-me card popups & new preference to control them. More:

★ Rename the card front menu to "S/E & More" (where mini-me lives)

★ New "Preferences" link at the top of the help pane

★ Fix: burndown filters now open correctly


Mostly small fixes for version 4.7.2:

★ "Hide tour" preference, so it wont show in the Plus header.

★ Shorten the week selector in the Plus header. Now it wont display the year if its the same as the current year (as in "W36" instead of "2017-W36")

★ "Reset Sync" no longer looses some Preferences and the active timer if any.

★ Fix Trello "My cards" page, which sometimes had Plus keywords inserted.

★ Fix some users getting an "Upgrade Plus" dialog that wouldn't go away.


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New! many charts improvements in version 4.7.1.

★ New in our help board: "Metrics" list with sample charts to try:

★ New! stack by date. Used together with a "Since" filter you can now make charts similar to those we insert in Trello home.

★ New! Chart "bar height" slider. Great for viewing charts with many rows or to make them just like you want. Both for viewing and saving as image.

★ New burndown chart option to "hide bottom zoom area" for viewing and saving as an image.

★ New "Pro" version report option to "remove all [bracket text] from notes". Such text is information that Plus adds for traceability.

★ Improved chart bar default size. In the past some situations could cause bars that were too short or too tall.

★ When removing a stack-by we now ask if you also want to remove it from the group-by. This helps you explore various stack-by without accumulating them in the group-by.

★ When saving charts as an image: now it saves the chart with the same size as on the screen. Control the chart width by resizing the Chrome window and the chart height with the new "bar height" slider.

★ Better burndown options: changing options no longer rebuilds the entire burndown making it much faster to tweak. Also it no longer loses the "zoom" selection after changing options.

★ Better layout in the "Spent" and "Remain" Chrome Plus menu inline reports reduces query setup space and increases space for the resulting report and chart.

★ Report "labels" column now uses white text when the label color is dark.

★ Labels on small bars no longer overlap row totals. Instead labels are not shown if there is no space for it. To force-show labels use the new "bar height" slider to make space for the labels.

★ Chart bar mouse-over tooltips for all chart types and stackings. Great when using the new "bar height" slider to shrink bars and still see values by hovering bars.

★ Improved render speed and image export for very big charts.

Many of these improvements come from upgrading to the latest and greatest charting library which was a big effort on our side. Worth it as it opens the way to new future charting features and fixed a few small issues we had before.

Star us at the Chrome store!

New in version 4.7! big performance improvements in Plus when having many Trello boards open in Chrome.

Also, a new preference to default to the last selected user in the card transfer and s/e bar.


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New! in Plus version 4.5.2

★ "modify" S/E now lets you specify a past date. This was the highest-voted feature in our help board.

★ Improved help for "modify" and "transfer" S/E.

★ We no longer move the Trello icon at the top of Trello pages.

Visit our help board to vote for the next feature:


New! purchase your "Pro" group or single license with Stripe payments. We still also support the Chrome Web Store.

Activate your license from the Plus help pane.

Advantages of Stripe over the Chrome webstore:
- One payment for a group license.
- Licenses based on Trello usernames. Use it in multiple machines with the same Trello account.
- Does not need you to be signed-in to Chrome or a Google account.
- Supports more credit and debit cards in more countries.
- Supports later changing license quantities.

In both Stripe and Webstore you are charged after seven days of activation.

With Stripe we give you a license address "url" to activate other team computers. Do make sure those computers have Plus version 4.5.0 or after (verify from their Plus help pane) otherwise the old Plus will not load the license.

More about "Pro" and payments:

Thanks for your support!
The Plus for Trello team

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★ Reports & charts option to exclude cards with partial or no estimates in the filtered date range.
Useful if you add card estimates always at the beginning of a time period or "sprint". Set the start date (with Since : advanced : date start / week start) and optionally the end date.

★ "Pro" preference to pick which S, E, R boxes show in the board header, lists and card backs.

★ Improved extension updates. Now there is an "Install now" button at the top of the Plus help pane when there is a Plus update that hasn't been installed yet. Chrome sometimes delays the install so force it this way.

★ Some "Pro" users will see our "activate your yearly Pro license" screen.
The entire checkout is handled by Chrome in their Chrome Store popup. Google (not Plus) receives and processes your payment information. Chrome only tells us if the licence was activated and the start date.
One payment covers all computers signed-in with the same Google account. You pay on one computer and the others will automatically re-use the same licence.

Plus extension version: 4.4.4
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