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Glen Travis Campbell (1936-2017)

Recorded this interview with him 20 years ago .
Nice friendly man and very approachable, and had some interesting stories to tell.

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Lord Lichfield

Another 20+ year old (ancient) interview seems like eons ago we interviewed him.
A really nice chap and later on he was made a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers, & a member of the Royal Photographic Society.

Time flies, fading but good memories.


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I need to spend some time sorting out some of the audio interviews I have not edited yet.
Trouble is the time to sort and edit given I have archived them from the original DAT tapes and they need a bit of TLC (Tender Loving Care)

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Been a lot in the news recently about Motor racing.
With that very brave youngster Billy Monger who lost his legs in that horrendous Formula 4 race.
Tremendously dangerous sport and one where the risks are high and the rewards are great with Lewis Hamilton being the highest paid UK sports person.
Good interview and nearly 20 years!!

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Barry Manilow

Barry has been attracting a lot of press recently.
Someone told me he was interviewed recently on a BBC Show called
"The ONE show" an early evening show on week days.
He is 75 years old and maybe a tad too much plastic surgery, but after his illness and other issues wish him the best of luck.


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Time just goes rolling by

Ouch!! Another interview we did with Linda back in 1995.
Met her a few times and she was genuinely a nice, warm person to talk to.
Extremely vociferous about her love of animals and of course she setup the very successful range of vegetarian products, and I quite like some of that stuff.
What I do like is her photography work which is very real and quite magical.
Remember Jimi Hendrix stating that apart from being friends she was a great photographer, and you can see her photographing Jimi at the Miami Pop festival where I believe she took one of the best ever shots of him.
Do not think Paul McCartney ever fully recovered from her death, as they were both inseparable as a couple.

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Sir John Gielgud - Blue plaque
Got my English Heritage newsletter in too late otherwise I would have popped down to see Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen unveil the plaque yesterday.

I was lucky enough to record this interview with Sir John when I think he would have been in his early 90's.
Not name dropping but I also did an interview with the Great Gandalf himself, yes that is Sir Ian McKellen, so if I had of seen him yesterday it would have been nice to have a brief chat.

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I guess a lot of people remember Christopher Lee being a great actor in many roles from the Hammer films up to Saruman in Lord of the Rings
When we interviewed him, and fortunately I met him several times he had big ambitions to become a singer. He was such a nice chap and I am not quite sure what I thought when he played us this tune and his impersonation of a cowboy or was that singer? I guess a lot of us have this alter ego thing going on but than goodness Sir Christopher Lee (RIP) dedicated his life to acting.
And yes I have another unreleased track from him somewhere lurking around.

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I did meet Adam quite a few times and helped record this interview with him, whoa!! 23 years ago!!
He will be remembered as one of the early popular music artists and then on to his TV acting success.
His later career as a business adviser unfortunately did not work out so well, but he always seemed a happy chap and think he would like to be remembered that way.


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Quite easy to forget just how talented Jose Feliciano actually is.
Through adversity he learned to play the acoustic guitar really well and start composing songs.
Interesting to hear his little "bursts of activity" on the acoustic guitar and I have other out takes of him playing which are really good.
Nice chap too...20 years ago...Wow time just goes so fast

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