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This probably being the last movie of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, it makes total sense that the story is based on 'Old Man Logan'. Though, it is difficult to imagine any other actor as Wolverine, it is best to leave at the top, and leave the audience wanting for more.

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Befikre is a movie that starts out with promise. Then, it is like watching a train wreck, in slow-motion. By the third act, even Aditya Chopra is so fed up that he just gives up on writing a decent ending.

All the stereotypes of French and Indians aside, this movie has such flawed and one-dimensional characters that you wonder how can someone watch this crap with a straight face.

Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) sums it much more eloquently than me:
"It’s all there, and yet, Befikre never quite rises above its shiny surface, and the absence of a story. In its best moments, it has sparkle, but those few and far between; in the rest, it stays bland and familiar."

I almost feel sorry for Vaani Kapoor. She waited 3 years for this.

IMDb rating: 3.6/10. Yikes.

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Shameless is back, twice this year! 😀

#season7 #shameless #showtime #emmyrossum #gallaghers

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Ash vs Evil Dead is back for a second season.

"That is horrible, and also, awesome!" 😂

With this show, American Gods, Outlander, Black Sails, and Power, Starz's slate of original content is stronger than ever!

#starz #americangods #power #ashvsevildead

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Todd Phillips is back!

#wardogs #jonahhill #bradleycooper

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Westworld teaser trailer

This could be the show that HBO's looking for. Can't wait! 😀

#westworld #hbo #nolan #teaser #trailer

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AMC's 'Preacher' vs Cinemax's 'Outcast'.

As much as I love the 'Preacher' graphic novels, after 3 episodes, I have to say that Cinemax's 'Outcast' is a much more confident series than AMC's 'Preacher'.

Though AMC's adaptation has been approved by Garth Ennis himself, the series feels like it isn't sure what it wants to be. Too many scenes are put in, just for the shock value. I know all of those scenes are going to pay off eventually because I have read the comics. But, to a person whose first point of entry to the Preacher universe is the AMC show, it does seem a bit incoherent. They have the production quality nailed down, now just the scripts need be more coherent.

On the other hand, even though Robert Kirkman's Outcast comic isn't anything new, the Cinemax adaptation knows what it's doing and is appealing to both the comic book fans and newcomers alike.

I just hope that Preacher finds its voice soon, because I seen an imminent cancellation if it continues like this.

#preacher #outcast #amc #cinemax

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I've never been so happy about a show getting cancelled. There was never going to be a show without Stana Katic.

I stopped watching after season 6, because Stana Katic clearly wanted out of the show.

If they were renewed for a ninth season, the show would've not been the same without Beckett's character.

This may be the best renewal decision taken by ABC. While the show should've ended a couple of seasons ago, better late than never. RIP Castle, you'll be missed.

#castle #cancellation

Banshee S04E06 - Only One Way a Dogfight Ends

With only 2 episodes left for the series to finish, I am almost certain that this isn't going to end well. When I had heard about the 4th season of Banshee being the last, and then the reduced episode order, I thought, maybe they'll keep the story focused, and give us an ending that the show of Banshee's calibre deserved.

Instead, we are given some generic serial killer bullshit storyline, that is totally out of place for this show. If we wanted to watch banal police procedurals, we'd be watching CBS.

Other than badass episode names, this season of Banshee doesn't seem to have much to show for itself. Such a travesty, considering that the first three seasons had some of the best action packed TV ever.

Looking forward to Cinemax's Outcast now.

#banshee #cinemax #season4
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