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How to Make Candles Out of Your Kid's Broken Crayons

Have small pieces of wax crayons that your kids can’t use anymore? Don’t throw them and create small colorful candles instead.

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A TedTalks style oration.

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Here's some fascinating "food for thought".

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This color palette generator is the best I've seen!
The interactive free website gives you complete control from broad color palettes to very specific individual adjustments. Need to create a color palette for color blindness? Just click the button and choose the option you need! Wishing to extract a color palette from a photo? Yep, it can do that too!

Image 1:
monochromatic mode

image 2:
monochromatic mode in "color blindness" mode.

image 3:
ability to adjust all colors manually.

image 4:
manually adjust the color characteristics of a single color. click on the headers of this pop-up window (shown) for further options that even include Pantones, Prisma, and more.

image 5:
you can also re-arrange the hues in the palette and even lock them individually. try this: lock a color and then press the space bar (on desktop browser) and you will notice the other colors change, but not the color you locked. the generator also provides you the English color names for the hues.

This color palette generator also is available on iOS, Adobe add-on, and as a Chrome browser extention. The site is completely functional without signing up as a member.
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Wastelands was such a great documentary!

If you scroll to one of the original posts in this collection, you will find a list of art flicks for your enjoyment.
This film is wild, full of surprises and a treat for those interested in how the art world functions.

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Food for thought. 
Practical Article on how to photograph your artwork. Good guidlines. Thank You @chrischalkart

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Don't lose your first love.

Comments disabled, because it's only important what the video means to you. :)
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