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the great death that plagues this world is more often than not a cause of human thoughtlessness.
And today we deep dive through the blue oceans with the leatherback turtle that suffocated until it died beneath the surface because it was trapped and entangled in human waste, we swim with birds that had been anchored to the sea by thrash that was discarded by humans, and we encounter humpback whales trapped in fishing gear that slowly drains the life away amongst the litter that floats as far as your eyes can see.

And from turtles to albatrosses and whales, ever increasing numbers of dead animals show up with plastic litter inside their tummies, ingested instead of real food.

"dead birds with their legs entangled in plastic bags".

"a dead leatherback turtle that died from entanglement in fishing rope."

On another occasion, the 'blue planet 2' film crew rescued an entangled humpback whale off British Colombia, caught in what was almost a kilometer of ropes from commercial fishing gear.

"The crew stayed with the whale for nine hours, until all the rope was removed by the rescue team and the whale was free once more,"

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Auto da fé by Noctem

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Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continued to increase at record-breaking speed in 2016, and is now at the highest level it has been at in the last 800 000 years.

As a raw number that means that the global average concentrations of CO2 have now reached 403.3 parts per million in 2016.

If you are wondering how quickly this is now escalating instead of trying to compare with the way things used to be almost one million years ago. Well, let me tell you that since 1990, there has already been a 40% increase in the warming effect on our climate by all long-lived greenhouse gases, and a further 2.5% increase just from 2015 to 2016.

And if you are now wondering how Earth used to look the last time we had something similar at our hands. Wonder no more, because 3-5 million years ago or so, when co2 looked similar the temperature on Earth was 2-3°C warmer and the sea level was actually 10-20 meters higher than it currently is. So yes, D Trump can soon swim or row in a boat on his precious Scotland golf course, or perhaps he will prefer to deep dive in a West Virginia coal mine to celebrate his personal part in creating the worlds biggest swimming pool :).

You can find the study behind the numbers right here.

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Blood Eagle Wings by Anthrax


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the people of the world, vs fossil fuel in the Arctic
Episode 1 and 2 is out now
Unburnable is a podcast by Greenpeace taking you straight into the court case against oil drilling in the precarious Arctic.

Be it Russia, trump or Norway or any other oil scoundrel, what the entire world need is to shut down all forms of oil exploration in the Arctic region.

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a view from inside the mountain old
This is from deeper down an 8000-year-old entrance that lures you deep into the mountainous caves and tunnels that hides inside the mountain.

In this View I was looking straight up at a big rock that had been caught between the divided Mountains two sides that towered us both, and I just could not resist the view of the sunshine findings its way inside the split up mountain that was now showering both me and the rock above me in this gorgeous softness of outside light and water that slowly traversed It's rugged grey surface as the two of us in that moment found ourselves caught inside a mountain that pressed itself against both man and rock,.

And at the end of the day, the only difference between us that mattered would turn out to be that I would re-enter the outside world while my rock hard mate had to continue enduring his imprisonment inside this Scandinavian mountain beast and its 8000-year-old path that would continue to lure unknowing beings inside the mountains growling tummy haha :).

The real life stuff behind this View and moment is that this narrow entrance that leads deeper down inside the mountain was formed by the ice age 8000 - 9000 years ago, as the thick ice covered this entire area, slicing up and crushing the ancient mountain until the two had created ancient layers and giant cracks that lead you into an underground world complete with caves and all, and yes, it really is as tight as it looks :).

This magnificent part of the world is still rising rapidly out of the ocean and that is why this part of Scandinavia is called 'The high coast'.

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The lonely deceased by The Black Dahlia Murder

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This is the Helmeted Hornbill
Like the Elephant, this gorgeous and rare bird is also being hunted and poached all the way to extinction.
For all the same reasons and by the same kind of actors.

The previously mentioned "helmet" is the one amazing thing with this bird and also why it is being hunted to extinction. It makes up roughly 11% of the bird's total body weight and is actually used as a weapon in its fight with rivals and foes. And it is made up of hornbill ivory.

Which seems quite suitable since the way it fights is that it charges like a rhino head on into its foes in flight.

And some even claim that this is the bird that guards the river between life and death.

But that would obviously not work, the Norse wolves that live in that same domain would just tear it to pieces :).

However, we homo sapiens should absolutely stop the poaching and the "ivory" trade of this bird, the illegal forest logging, and land claims and the ravaging palm oil industry before it has vanished completely from Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Brunei.

It is listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN

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Deceiver in the shadows by Temple of void

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The sad and unhealthy face of the fur industry.
Blue foxes living their entire life cramped up in cages, over fed, immobile, sick, unhappy and looking and living nothing like a fox at all. One more animal turned into nothing but a profit producing toy, abused and discarded living and dying in tiny steel cages, just to provide some selfish fucks with a brand new fur.

Well, yes, that thing in the photo in this post, that is supposed to be a blue fox.

But deprived of everything that actually makes for a healthy, fun and thriving life, it now resembles the physical representation of the depraved situation the fur producers call a decent life suitable for a living, breathing, intelligent animal species.

The photo is from an article about Finnish fur farmers and the poor and sickly, unhappy life of the blue fox used on those fur farms.

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Wretched banquet by temple of void

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real life science trajectories behind the heat wave "Lucifer IV" and its many devastating issues and siblings you will find in my sci-fi book "wings of a raven, 2028AD".

Annual heat wave related deaths are, due to man-made climate change and the reckless pollution and unsustainable daily life driving the influential man-made aspect of climate change, projected to increase as much as 50 times further from the level it has remained at between 1981 and 2010.

A predicted change that would result in up to 150,000+ dead people per year @ 2071 unless we properly mitigate the man-made issues behind this on going change between now and then.

The projected trajectory can be found in a scientific study published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health.

And in my 2028AD sci-fi universe, we obviously take those real life trajectories and the issues behind them up a notch or two. Resulting in amongst many other things, the heat wave I briefly described as Lucifer IV in 'wings of a raven, 2028AD'.

They had departed, drifting through the high seas.

Ragnarok 5 was their designation, but the wolfpack of ships was scattered and silence was all that remained from the outside world.


"Customer number 47 for the day" she thought to herself unless, of course, she had lost the count, which was a very real possibility and with a chuckle her mind took a detour as she thought of the never ending line of coffee being handed out as a string of pearls and swine's romping around the globe, never ending, and always growing her imaginary metal loving pigs kept on head banging to Scandinavian death metal. The line of pearls and anonymous swine's danced through life in her mind, waiting their turn to worship at the altar of coffee and metal.

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In comes the flood by Machine Head

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Can you see something peculiar when you take a look at the 11 fastest official 100m Women fly times ever recorded?.
Gym diaries, day 8 945 and the importance of gifting yourself with the gift of making healthy, progressive choices on a daily basis.

55,48 - Sarah Sjöström, Sweden - Rio de Janeiro 2016 ( Olympic final and world record )

55,53 Budapest 2017 - Sarah Sjöström, Sweden ( World championship gold )

55,64 - Sarah Sjöström - Kazan 2015 ( World championship )

55,68 - Sarah Sjöström - Stockholm 2016

55,74 - Sarah Sjöström - Kazan 2015

55,76 - Sarah Sjöström - Canet 2017

55,77 - Sarah Sjöström - Budapest 2017

55,84 - Sarah Sjöström - Rio de Janeiro 2016

55,89 - Sarah Sjöström - London 2016

55,95 - Sarah Sjöström - Norrköping 2016

55,96 - Sarah Sjöström - Budapest 2017


12. 55,98 - Dana Vollmer - London ( Olympic final )

No, you are not seeing things wrong and the list is not the victim of a typo.
It really is completely dominated by one single Swedish girl called Sarah Sjöström.

On top of dominating the entire world fastest top 11 100m fly list, she is also the first women in the world to have 3 straight world championship golds on the distance. In total Sarah now have 4 world championship golds on the 100m fly distance after winning her first World championship gold in 2009.

4 WC golds in one distance is another thing that makes her unique amongst female swimmers.

But having laid claim to 4 gold on the same discipline is not just unique amongst female swimmers, it is also pretty unheard of amongst male swimmers too, and outside of Sarah it is something that only four male swimmers can boost with ever having achieved

Grant Hackett, Australien, 1 500 meter
Aaron Peirsol, USA, 200 meters back
Ryan Lochte, USA, 200 meters medley

All have 4 golds.

But still towering them all is, of course, Michael Phelps, USA who is the only person holding 5 world championship golds, which is a unique feat that he managed to achieve competing in 200 meter fly.

However, considering that Sarah Sjöström is only 23 years of age and still improving at a clear pace, and by her own words feeling way more fit and healthy today compared to the way things felt when she silenced the world back in 2009 when she claimed her first gold I will not be surprised at all to see Sarah Sjöström join, or even surpass Michael Phelps on the top of that exclusive list before she hangs up the towel on 100m fly.

And to top it off, as of August 3, 2017 Sarah now holds the world record in both 100 and 50 m fly, as well as another 100 and 50 m discipline making her the only swimmer in history to have claimed 8 individual world records.

Talk about girl power and breaking the mental box of what is possible to achieve.
And while I do not know about you guys, I find that tremendously inspirational.

Chase your dreams and goals every single day by making it another day of healthy, progressive choices.

Gym diaries, day 8 945
Thursday, the day of thor.
Morning walk
Low impact cardio in the evening. And in-between it all a solid chest and abs workout + 5 minutes of HIIT MMA.

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Liar liar by Kamelot

yes that is generation 2 of my home made veggie burger dish, super tasty with yoghurt on top and garden grown veggies and greens.

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Happy birthday dear Nikon, 100 years of cake and photons is nothing to sneeze at
Yes, Nikon was founded back in 1917, July 25. And so today Nikon is celebrating its 100th birthday

And while it is teasing the world with the next high-end DSLR, the D850 today's birthday is focusing more on the marketing speak of past achievements and the proud legacy of this centenarian and the rebirth of a new Nikon which will maintain its focus on light but re-emerge like a creative phoenix.

Or in the words of Nikon. ( slightly paraphrased by me).

"Nikon will be reborn as a solution company providing superior technologies and ideas, holding “light” as our core competency while bettering humanity and the human experience".

Some history

Nippon Kogaku K.K was formed when three of Japan´s leading optical manufacturers merged together to create a fully integrated optical company. And the first lens was released in 1933 ( for aerial photography )

And in 1948 the first consumer camera was released, the iconic Nikon, Model 1.

Nikon D850 specs, updated

45.7 MP full frame
High-speed shooting @ 9 fps ( with grip ), 7 fps body only.
Native Iso: 64 - 25 600, extended to 32 and 108 400.

No built-in GPS
Tiltable LCD screen with touch, twice the resolution of the D810 and LiveView split-screen display. Improved touch operations.

0.75x viewfinder magnification ( Highest Nikon ever had ).
Memory card slots: one SD with support for UHS-II and one XQD
D5 AF with 153 points with 130% frame coverage compared to the D810

No built-in flash
Back illuminated buttons
Joystick selector
Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and improved SnapBridge
8K time-lapse video capabilities
4k UHD video in FX format ( without crop )
slo-mo full 1080p @ 120fps video
51 14bit raw buffer

Focus stacking ( 300? images ) for infinite macro and landscape.
improved silent shooting mode
improved battery life
light body
no low-pass filter
extra-fine AF point for focus on tiny objects
center AF point sensitive to -4 EV
new 1:1 mode
and natural light awb.


Super silent and vibration free electronic shutter mode with zero mechanical movement in live view, 6 fps in this full resolution mode.

And apparently? in that super silent live view mode, the D850 can shoot super high-speed 30fps photos if shooting at 8MP resolution.

Read more:

Back to my offline vacation :).

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Whispers of the ancient gods by Noctem

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Athlete profile. ESPN the body issue 2017
A.J. Andrews, she became the first female gold glove recipient ever in 2016.
And who know´s, perhaps, beyond rocking good looks, and a fit and healthy and capable body.
A.J Andrews is your own fit chick inspiration.

"If I don't get dirty
during a game, I
don't feel like I've
done my job.

But I also really like
looking fabulous; I wear makeup
during games.

But I'm going to go all out for a ball,
whether it makes me look silly or whether I get my face stuck
in the mud and come out looking crazy.
I think there are some plays
I've done where it looked like I probably broke my neck.
I'll get up,
put my bow back on, fix my hair
and I'm ready to go again."

Photography by Peter Hapak

Read the complete interview

Gym diaries, day 8 919
biceps & triceps, abs cardio

Morning run started my day, a gym session doing my abs and arms, and evening cardio made for another wonderful Saturday in between those moments when I am not occupied watching UFC´s international fight week :).

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Titan by Septicflesh
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