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Quote: “I'm in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them..."
what an amazing year it’s been, nearly 12  months since I left my job, 7 months in on my new project and 1 extra digit added to how far back I can time-travel (when invented) 

All credit goes to +Kreata - phenomenal designer who injected life into my avatar. Check the links out below, he's good. One day I might just pop out of your device and say “hello” - it all depends on the kind of talent I bump in to ;-) #holography


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Shades Off.... #MindsNebula

Credit to +Irfan Ahmad  for the edit :-)
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Everyone Turned Themselves Into Rainbows - Maybe I Should Too...
even if it's only for a day or few :-D
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Google Certified Partner: Search, Display, Video, Shopping & Analytics
Interesting Fact: I was asked to test one of these exams before it was launched... > (also supposed to link the blue Google Partner badge but my site is not ready)
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Seeing Things Since Way Back > Hacking Life & Potential
13/03/2015 - Last Day
It's the second 'Friday 13th' of the year, so you can take the total and multiply by two...

1+3+0+3+2+0+1+5 x 2 = the third decade of my life.

I turned thirty two weeks ago and will soon be self employed > dreaming with my eyes open.

Vision: seeing, feeling, smelling, sensing and experiencing something in your mind, exactly as you would in real life...

It's not a business,

- it's a passion to do what I love.

- it's a need to impress myself.

- it's a vision, my dream.

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After Working For +Google UK at Capita [] For Some Years... I Have Finally Decided To Leave
It's a BIG decision for me, I loved my job (training UK, Israel & South Africa Google Support Teams) and I have so much respect for the few people who had faith in me, Richard, Shai, Sharaz, Luigi, David Brenan. I agreed to stay for as long as I can (March 2015ish), to ensure no one is negatively impacted by my decision - but the end starts today.

Before this role I remember working for another data giant, I spoke to people from worldwide secret service agencies, banks and finance institutes. That was a good job too - but in this:

- worked with thousands of AdWords campaigns.
- worked with hundreds of digital agencies.
- the first person to earn all my certifications in the history of the office.
- the first person to plan and implement a training strategy.
- the first person to invent a development tracker, a concept borrowed/adopted/used by other offices.

Most of what I know came from my Psychology degree and diploma in Media Studies, understanding how systems work. Integrity, passion, drive and 'extra mile' attitude to everything from client to managers.

Today is one of the biggest checkpoints in my life, should i be a consultancy, should I be a developer, a producer, a trainer - will I end up working for an agency, will I end up employing lots of people - one thing is for sure, I'd rather try and fail then be the guy who did not try at all.

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My Avatar: "It looks like 'eric the elephant' has been busy re-inventing my avatar... +Quentin smith did say they had been renovating and his friend eric has the tendency to let the paint drip all over the place..."

#appreciated thanks Quentin, I like it.
Eric the elephant was been naughty, while we was painting yesterday he painted a picture of one of his Google + friends without me seeing, it is of +Imran Sq​ he showed me the picture earlier and asked me to post it. Eric is now rolling around on the floor laughing and pointing at my mobile phone, enjoy your day and see you around Google🐘
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How +Denis Labelle Knows What I Actually Do For a Living is Beyond Me...
If he is this good at summarising me, maybe I should ask him to write my CV ha!!!
100% Appreciated - Thank You
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What The #FAQ ? I Followed +Imran Sq & Travelled Over 40,075 km, But Still Don't Even Know Him!
Okay, no problem my follower friends. The next instalment of my index is to answer some of your top questions:

1. What Do You Do For a Living? Top question. Reason I don't answer is because it's rather irrelevant. In short, I spend my time around accomplished colleagues. Training guy for a marketing support team.

2. Are You Single? Another common question, again irrelevant.

3. How Did You Rapidly Get So Many Followers? Followed 0 guides, infographics, blogs and posts. Asked +Irfan Ahmad for help, he talked me out of excessive self promotion and gave me the baby steps. But let's be fair, if I wasn't me, I'd follow me too.

Everything Else:

4. Do You Manipulate Me? Not at all, but you and the world around you will struggle to mess with my mind. Manipulators instantly walk backwards when they understand the power of my cards.

5. Why Post Weird Topics? I don't, I actually follow interests triggered by the Qu'ran. Life, creation, history, geometry, philosophy, morals, humans, the world - everything. Google let's me cross-check my beliefs and I share what I find.

6. Why Post About The 'All Seeing Eye'? It's a key obsession, 'Orions Nebula', 'Pineal Gland', if I could find the centre of the 'Golden Ratio' inside myself, I would be a very happy man.

7. What Is The Minds Eye? Mental imagery. The voice in your head (or something else) can retrieve events from the past and future, real things that have once happened or not yet happen. Triggering images with metaphors in both yours and the others mind.

8. What Do You Look Like? See link below for the only pic that I will ever upload to the public domain. iBeacon, Hybris, Nametag, GoogleGlass all equate to a future of face recognition. Control their sight.



So there you have it, I still prefer digital stealth but will update this post as soon as I see common questions arrise.


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New CV Formula & Viewing Link
See CV Viewing for most recent version. I didn't want a standard resume so I designed a new one - please let me know what you think.
CV Viewing Link:
Full Index:
This Post:
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