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The longest distance...


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5 Uncommon Uses Of VLC Media Player
You can watch YouTube videos, Add subtitles in your language, listen to online radio, rotate screen orientation and more.
VLC is not only of playing media files..
It much powerful tool.

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Password Protect Your USB Drive Without Any Software
Old but useful feature of Windows. Try it out now.

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Add extra fun to watching foreign language movie with Subtitles on VLC media player
A very small sized, subtitles file can be downloaded from open library that VLC auto detect and play.

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Fix Problems Of Windows 10 Update
2 easy way to fix the problems of Windows 10 update. If you stuck between the update of Windows 10, these 2 very easy ways may help you to fix it.

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Backup And Restore Windows Drivers Without Any Software
You don't need any third party software to backup all the installed system drivers of your Windows installation.
This is the easiest way to backup and restore.

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Recent Files In Windows 10
You may be missing the good old 'Recent Files' feature of older versions of Windows.
You can still create shortcut or other ways to access Recent files.
Just enter C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent
or just execute shell:recent run command.

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Universal Windows File Explorer
All new, long awaited file explorer or windows explorers may greet soon.
This is the most awaited feature for Windows 10.
Here is the screenshot of windows explorer.
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Full Featured Evernote For Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
The full featured Evernote application is now available in Windows Store.
You can download the most used note taking app directly from Windows Store. Here is a link:

Read the release note here:

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