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about time I updated this

Name: Jaggedstar
Age: 45 Moons
Gender: Male
Clan: BreezeClan/WindClan
Rank: Leader
Previous Names: Furzekit, Furzepaw, Jaggedpaw, Jaggedstep
Nicknames: (Not in RP): Jaggedmom

Straightforward, precise, impatient, and absentminded, Jaggedstar is usually frank towards others, and sometimes can be rude. He does not tolerate cats that betray his Clan, and may exile them without thinking over it.
Jaggedstar dislikes waiting for a long time, for he has a narrow patience span. He also can be distracted by thoughts and over think.
He is quite teacherly since he will do different strategies while training an apprentice. He may do short "quizzes" on his apprentice. Also, Jaggedstar can be stubborn, but only if he is defending something that he considers important.
Other than that, Jaggedstar typically is warm towards his Clanmates and treat them with respect.
Jaggedstar is determined to keep his Clan stable, and is willing to stray far to do so.


Mother: Softwillow (Pale, creamy speckled she-cat with pale green eyes. Status: Alive.)
Father: Sharpfang (Muscular silver tabby tom with fangs sticking out of his mouth. Status: Deceased, died from heart attack.)
Whitehawk (Lean, sleek white tom with a long coat and amber eyes. Status: Alive. He is mute.)

Quailkit (Small, pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Status: Deceased, died at birth. [Please note that she was the only kit that Softwillow had at her first birth, Jagged and White were from her second.])

Best Friends: Flashbolt, Lionflame, Breezesong
Crush: None
Previous crush(es): Tawnyheart (he had a very small one)
Mate: Breezesong
Previous mate(s): None
Sunpaw (Light brown tom with dark brown markings on face and blue eyes. Has white feet. Status: Alive.)
Rosepaw (Dark gray tabby she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Status: Alive.)
Swiftpaw (White she-cat with black spots all over her body. Has blue eyes. Status: Alive.)

Apprentice: None
Previous apprentice(s):
Lionflame, Hailfoot, Dewwhisker
Mentor: None
Previous mentor(s):
Nettlemask, Swiftpool

Furzekit and Whitekit were born to Sharpfang and Softwillow and were typically close to their mother. Furzekit usually stuck to his brother's side after they'd open their eyes, but Furzekit never knew why Whitekit didn't speak. Sometimes he'd blame himself for it, for he thought he somehow angered his brother.
Nonetheless, the two were close siblings along with their older denmate, Tawnykit.
It was soon time for the two to become apprentices. Furzekit was assigned as Nettlemask's apprentice. He was a tad annoyed by the tom's strict demeanour, but nonetheless obeyed the tom.
During a hunt on the moorland, Furzepaw ran ahead of the patrol to try and catch a rabbit he'd spotted before the others. His efforts were fruitless, however. He ended up getting his paw caught in a hole in the ground and rolled down the rest of the jagged hill.
Furzepaw was carried back to camp and was confined there for nearly two moons. It was stated that he'd need a ton of time to recover, but he would be able to resume to training.
During the time of his recovery, Furzepaw was furious. He resented the way how cats felt sorry for him and gave him sympathetic glances. It wasn't like he had three legs; he could still walk and do things for himself! He wanted others to feel guilty for making him stuck in the miserable place. Most of his Clanmates tried avoiding Furzepaw, angering him more.
Tawnypaw, however, didn't feel sorry for him but still tried talking to him. He appreciated her behaviour and tried opening up to her. Soon he resumed back to training.
This didn't change the tom's curt behaviour though. He had nasty arguments with Nettlemask. During one particular argument including Sharpfang, Furzepaw attempted to attack Nettlemask. He was marched to the leader's den, and Nettlemask demanded that Furzepaw was punished. Furzepaw was renamed Jaggedpaw as punishment for his ill temper. It didn't help much, as the young apprentice still had a bad temper.
There was an increased tension between BreezeClan and a group of rogues that lived just outside of the territories. The unstable border that they shared was constantly changed, aggravating both sides.
Once Jaggedpaw heard of this, he wanted to go see for himself. He traveled to the border one night, only to stumble across two scrappy cats dragging a fat rabbit across the border. He attempted to take back the prey, but the cats didn't put up without a fight. Jaggedpaw found himself losing, but two more cats joined the fight and defended him. They drove away the opponents. Afterwards, they told Jaggedpaw that they were Milky and Brittle, and claimed that most of BreezeClan knew them and trusted them. Jaggedpaw didn't believe them, but thanked them anyway and returned to camp.
Nettlemask was furious with Jaggedpaw for doing such a thing when he found out. The two grew tense with each other once more.
After accusing a StormClan cat of stealing prey at a gathering, Jaggedpaw was reassigned as Swiftpool's apprentice. Jaggedpaw appreciated the she-cat's patience with him, which Nettlemask lacked.
A pair of loners, Milky and Brittle, had came into the BreezeClan camp. Few cats seemed familiar with them, but Jaggedpaw wasn't. He tried avoiding the two loners as much as he could.
The loners warned the Clan of the rogues outside of the territory. They warned that the cats would try to take more territory.
The rogues later on attacked the BreezeClan camp, but it was only their first wave. The BreezeClan cats barely won, but nonetheless drove the rogues away.
The second wave attacked a few days later. A few important figures in Jaggedpaw's life had been slain during the battle. However, the group of rogues and their leader had been defeated.

During a border skirmish with a StormClan patrol, Swiftpool had been killed. Jaggedpaw instantly blamed himself for his death and adopted his peevish ways. Nettlemask was once more his mentor and calmed his peevish ways.
Jaggedpaw finally earned his warrior title after the last moons of training. Beside his brother, he became Jaggedstep and they became Whitehawk. Jaggedstep sworn to protect his Clan and family with his life.

A couple of moons later, Jaggedstep and Whitehawk had found their father, Sharpening, lying motionless near the camp entrance. They had been guarding the camp and there was no evidence that he had been killed by another creature.
Jaggedstep and the rest of his family were devastated, but they also took this as a sign to stay strong.
Not too long after Sharpfang's mysterious death, Jaggedstep was given an apprentice. Dewpaw was a hard-working and cheerful apprentice that Jaggedstep appreciated. He hadn't been all confident when training them, but finally was proud as he watched them become Dewwhisker.
Soon after he was given another apprentice, Hailpaw. Hailpaw was a loud and boastful she-cat that was always prepared to fight. Jaggedstep at times grew annoyed with the little tom and sometimes they even argued, but he nonetheless watched as they became Hailfoot.
After the deputy had died, Jaggedstep was chosen by Froststar to be deputy. He was shocked, along by a few others. But, he vowed he would do his absolute best at being deputy and wouldn't let the leader down.
However, not even a full season had passed that Froststar had died. The inexperienced deputy was afraid for the future and panicked.
On his way to Moonpool with Leopardfoot, Jaggedstar questioned whether or not he was really meant to be leader. Would a crippled cat be able to lead a whole entire Clan? Leopardfoot reassured him, telling him that he would be fine.
Jaggedstep was able to see familiar faces at his leader ceremony. Froststar, Sharpfang, Hailspot, Rainsong... Swiftpool.

Jaggedstep emerged as Jaggedstar, vowing to his clan that he would never let them become weak. Seasons later, the tom appointed a small tom that looked up to him as his apprentice. Jaggedstep enjoyed training the young tom that looked up to him as a father figure. He'd lost his second life to defending Lionpaw against a fox after they'd wandered out of camp. (He lost the first to greencough)
Jaggedstar let a rogue she-cat join the Clan to Dominoclaw's and Rosepetal's request. The cat's name was Breezesong, and the leader had to admit, they were quite pretty. He usually hung around the she-cat and she did the same with him.
After saving her from nearly falling into the gorge, the two confessed their feelings to each other and became mates. A few moons later, Jaggedstar watched proudly as his kits were born. The two named the litter of three Rosekit, Sunkit, and Swiftkit.
Jaggedstar noticed a change in Lionpaw's behaviour after the kits were born. They weren't as social as they usually were and so Jaggedstar took them training. After the apprentice attempted to injure himself, Jaggedstar, outraged by the foolish action, asked them why. Lionpaw stated that he was afraid that Jaggedstar would forget him now that he had his own family.
Jaggedstar reassured the tom, stating that they would always be his first son.

(I'll still work on this; he has a pretty long bio lmao.)


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wip of a new boyo
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Tagged by: +Famma
Original by: Melanie The Kitten (Kitteh)

Your human characters are suddenly put into an alternate universe, one where mythological/fictional creatures can exist! What would a few of your character be in this universe?

Grayson (human au Gray) probably would probably be half human half deer?? Idk, it would seem to fit his personality

Alexis (human au Gold) probably would be an elf or something like that lmao

Elliot would definitely be a demon of some sort ngl

Ferrol (Human au Fennelclaw) would be a centaur

Samuel (he's not a human au of anyone lmao) would either still be a human or an elf like Alexis

Tag up to 6 people to do this meme with their human (au?) characters!~

Do this if ya want to my dudes

Clean copy in the comments below! <33

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new OC for +infinny​'s cannibal group! hope I did the bio correctly! :O

Name: Real name is Van, prefers being called Harper

Age: 15 Months

Gender: Male

Group: Cannibals

Rank: Lower Class (Inexperienced Hunter)

Sexuality: Asexual

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic


A little reserved; prefers to keep distance from others and as a result lacks close relationships with others. Doesn't listen to others unless if it's from a higher ranking cat than him.
He appears older than he actually is and can use this to an advantage.
Prefers killing things swiftly, most of the time. When catching a cat he usually strikes up a conversation with a stranger and slowly lead them to a secluded area, where he finally slaughters them.
He has a bad habit of chewing on his lips when he's nervous.


Mental Illnesses:


Enclosed spaces - He hates how it feels as though the walls are closing in when he's in a tight space.

Fog - Since his vision is already bad, Harper dislikes fog and is afraid of it since he cannot see his own front paws in it.

1. He has a strong build and it's easy for him to pin down opponents
2. He has a strong sense of hearing
3. Pretty accurate fighter; knows the weak points of an opponent and takes the opportunity to strike it.

1. He cannot run for a long time due to his asthma condition.
2. He sometimes has a hard time breathing.
3. In the summertime his thick pelt his more of a hinder to him.


Alex - Longed haired cream and brown she-cat with blue eyes. Deceased.

Sleet - Gray and white tom with amber eyes. Alive.


Theo - White and brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Deceased, killed during trial.

Wallace - Rusty brown tabby tom with green eyes. Deceased, killed for failing the trial.


Crush: None
Previous Crush(es): None
Mate: None
Previous Mate(s): None
Kits: None

Harper was the second to smallest kit in the litter, with Keith being the smallest. Ever since he and his siblings were born, their parents were strict and toxic with their kittens. Their relationship was already venomous and Alex proved to be unhappy since she had to sit around and train inexperienced kittens.
Harper had a hard time keeping up with his siblings. He'd often lug behind them in training and his mother would snap at him.
Harper grew bitter, jealous that his siblings received more praise than he did. And so, he tried his very best to keep up with them always when training.
However, during one rough training session Harper found himself breathing so heavily to the point of hyperventilating. His mother paid no attention. Finally he found himself hardly able to take a single breath and grew disoriented. He collapsed after that and woke up beside his ill tempered mother.
From then on Harper tried his best not to run around a lot but this made his siblings annoyed. The training eventually drained him physically and emotionally, but he was grateful for it since it'd prepare him for The Trial.
During the trial, Theo was killed after attempting to kill an opponent nearly triple the size of him, leaving Harper and Wallace to compete.
Harper managed to strike conversation with a fairly plump tom. He led them on into an alley, where he tackled the tom. After a brutal fight, the tom was defeated by a slice to the throat.
Wallace had apparently been following Harper around and attempted to steal his catch. Harper, already weakened by his previous fight, nearly gave in. However, he overpowered his brother and managed to throw them against a dumpster. His brother's claws left a deep gash in his shoulder that would fade into a scar.
Harper dragged his prey home just as Wallace dragged his own catch, another fairly plump tom. Harper was confident that he'd lose, but his catch was just a teensy bit larger than Wallace's. He was tempted to tell that he was attacked by his brother, but kept his mouth shut and watched as his brother was slaughtered.
His parents–mostly his mother–were surprised at Wallace's loss and unhappy about it.
His mother died from a severely infected wound a few weeks later. His father didn't show much grief and settled down with a tom this time.
From then on Harper was on his own and became withdrawn from most cats in the group. He dared not to depend on anyone, fearing that he'd be a hindrance.


• He's horribly reactive to pollen
• His paws are webbed
• He inherited his fangs from his father's side of family
• He's paranoid that his brothers and mother will come back to haunt him
• Harper doesn't have much of an emotional reaction when seeing a dead cat since he's seen so many of them

(I'll add more later)
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here's some facts about three of my human au characters currently

Grayson -

• 5'11"
• 165 lbs
• Bisexual (leans closer to guys)
• Biromantic
• Introvert
• Works at his own bookstore
• He's pretty submissive towards others and doesn't really mind that
• He hates wearing shorts since he feels that they're too revealing
• He hates being tickled, especially on his feet, since he laughed so hard that he threw up on himself and the tickler (aka Mark).
• He's a big fan of golden retrievers and plans on getting one once he has a larger home.
• Sometimes he doodles on his arm out of boredom but doesn't show them to anyone
• He's allergic to strawberries and cats
• Prone to catching a cold
• His nose is always flushed for some reason
• He's easily flustered and always blushes when he is
• he's pretty indecisive
• If he develops a crush on someone, he may suddenly become very chatty and bubbly around them (and act goofy)
• He has an irrational fear of mirrors lmao

• 5'7"
• 145 lbs
• Heterosexual / Biromantic
• Ambivert?? More extroverted though
• Works as a waitress at restruaunt
• Currently lives in her own 'lil apartment
• Currently awaiting to see if she was accepted into college and plans on majoring in Biology
• addicted to her phone lmao
• Often plays with her hair and likes when others do
• Pretty fucking cuddly
• loves Skittles
• Used to be in track during her freshman year
• Was tempted to stay home from high school prom but her mother forced her to go
• Curses like a sailor
• Cannot cook for life so she resorts to Ramen Noodles

• 5'8
• 178 lbs
• Heterosexual
• Heteromatic
• Extrovert
• Works as a clerk at a shop
• He still lives with his parents, but he is moving out soon
• He has a temper, but it's hard to ignite it
• He has a bad habit of bottling up his emotions and this has led to him exploding and snapping at everyone around him
• He previously dated a girl from high school, but she had moved and they lost touch with each other.
• Usually touched his hair or arms when he's nervous
• L o v e s lions and other big cats
• He admires England
• Plans on majoring in Chemistry in college
• Sometimes does crazy science experiments with his friends
• Pretty fast runner
• Loves the rain
• Pretty sensitive to noticing change in someone's demeanor
• He often snacks throughout the day instead of eating three meals.
• He skips breakfast most of the time
• Sometimes rides his bike to work
• He knows a little oragami and often makes paper swans
• Name a video game and he's probably played it
• It's easy for him to engage in a fight

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doing this with Alexis (human au Gold)

OC Question Challenge

1. What is your OC's full name?

Alexis B. Makovic (Mah-ko-vich)

2. Age?


3. Sexual Orientation?

4. Introverted or Extroverted?
She's an ambivert and it depends

5. Realist or Idealist?


6. Some of your OC's Pet Peeves?
People who don't wipe their shoes after walking in rain
Her socks becoming soaked when she steps on water
Fucking slow people

7. What do they find attractive (doesn't have to just be physical)?
A charming and perhaps a little confident person (as long as they're not too much of an asshole). A person that's considerate and won't smother her in too much love.
Physically, maybe a taller person (she likes shorties tho) that is maybe strong

8. Has your OC ever been in a natural disaster?
She's been in a tornado

9. OC's biggest fear?

10. Does your OC have children/do they want children?
No / And maybe later on when she's older

11. Does your OC have siblings? If so, how many?
She has a brother

12. What does your OC do during their free time?
Mostly browse the Internet and stay up late lmao

13. Does your OC get flustered easily?
Not really

14. Does your OC use sarcasm?

15. What country does your OC live in?

16. What are some of your OC's fears?
Rejection, fire, deep water, raccoons, and being stabbed

17. Do these fears hold them back at some point in their life?
Sort of

18. Did your OC go to college? What did they major in if they did?
She's currently trying to enroll into one

19. Does your OC exercise?

20. What is one thing your OC regrets doing?
Leaving her home town

21. Is your OC in a relationship?
Not yet ;)))

22. Has your OC had any previous relationships?
when she was in sixth grade she "dated" this one kid for a day

23. Is your OC clingy?
Not really

24. What type of ice cream does your OC like (if they like ice cream)?

She's not a fan of it

25. Is your OC allergic to anything? If so, what?
Nope. She's allergy free c:

26. OC's favourite season?

27. How was your OC as a child? (If they are a child OC, how do you think they will be as an adult?)
She was pretty loud as a child and a bit bossy

28. Does your OC know how to handle a gun?

29. How does your OC handle arguing?
She will try her very best to gain the upper hand in an argument and knows how to strike a person's weak spot. She will argue until she wins

30. Does your OC swear?

31. Does your OC play an instrument?

32. OC's lucky number?

33. Does your OC have any addictions (or previous addictions)?

34. OC's favourite subject?

35. Is your OC religious?
Not really

36. OC's zodiac sign?

37. OC's birthday?
May 16th, 1998

38. How tall is your OC?

39. Weight?

170 lbs

40. Does your OC tend to argue a lot?

41. Does your OC have any mental disorders?

Not that I know of?

42. Has your OC self-harmed?
A few times

43. OC's favourite type of snack?
Cookies or strawberries

44. Is your OC creative?
Kind of

45. Does your OC like Nutella?
hell yeah

46. Does your OC tend to daydream a lot?

47. Does your OC get a ton of sleep or little sleep?
Little sleep

48. Does your OC eat sweets?

49. Does your OC double dip?
yes unfortunately

50. What is your OC's opinion on parties/social gatherings?

She's not a big fan of them but doesn't mind the occasional party or gathering

OC Question Challenge

Doing this with Grayson again lmao

1. What is your OC's full name?

Grayson M. Parker

2. Age?

He's twenty-four

3. Sexual Orientation?

Bisexual (leans closer to guys)

4. Introverted or Extroverted?

He's more introverted

5. Realist or Idealist?

Tbh I think he's an idealist?? Not sure

6. Some of your OC's Pet Peeves?

Mmm he hates it when people don't take off their shoes at the door
He also doesn't like it when somebody doesn't close the door behind them or when somebody doesn't push in the chair after they get up from one

7. What do they find attractive (doesn't have to just be physical)?

He's attracted to both outgoing and quiet people,, believe it or not. Someone that's confident and has a reassuring aura
for physical appearance he likes people that are either the same height or taller than him (sorry miyage lmao)

8. Has your OC ever been in a natural disaster?

He's been in a flood before

9. OC's biggest fear?

Grayson fears rejection badly and will go his own ways to prevent it.

10. Does your OC have children/do they want children?
He doesn't have any and he doesn't really want any

11. Does your OC have siblings? If so, how many?

Yes, he has one younger sister ;o;

12. What does your OC do during their free time?
He usually reads or just sleeps lmao

13. Does your OC get flustered easily?

14. Does your OC use sarcasm?

He usually uses it only when he's not in a good mood

15. What country does your OC live in?
United States

16. What are some of your OC's fears?

He fears being rejected by others and he's terrified of being alone
He also is afraid of seeing/handling guns and will only use one if his life is in danger

17. Do these fears hold them back at some point in their life?

18. Did your OC go to college? What did they major in if they did?
Yes, he did, and he majored in health until he dropped out during his second year

19. Does your OC exercise?
,,He walks everyday to work so I guess

20. What is one thing your OC regrets doing?
He regrets dropping out of college and joining Walter's group

21. Is your OC in a relationship?
Not yet ;)))

22. Has your OC had any previous relationships?
Yes, he's been in a relationship with Mark

23. Is your OC clingy?
Sort of??

24. What type of ice cream does your OC like (if they like ice cream)?
He likes vanilla c;

25. Is your OC allergic to anything? If so, what?
Yes, he is allergic to strawberries

26. OC's favourite season?
Autumn. He loves watching the leaves flutter by and the temperatures.

27. How was your OC as a child? (If they are a child OC, how do you think they will be as an adult?)
He was pretty outgoing for a child believe it or not and he was extremely close to his mother
He also liked to play a lot and often wrote his own little stories

28. Does your OC know how to handle a gun?
Yep. He knows how to use one by heart (and can hold one with only one hand)

29. How does your OC handle arguing?
He's not very good at arguing and is usually the first one to back off. He probably would start crying and yelling while arguing

30. Does your OC swear?
Only when he's pissed off

31. Does your OC play an instrument?
He plays the flute and a little bit of the piano c:

32. OC's lucky number?

33. Does your OC have any addictions (or previous addictions)?
Not currently, and no, he hasn't been addicted to anything in the past

34. OC's favourite subject?
English / Language Arts

35. Is your OC religious?

36. OC's zodiac sign?

37. OC's birthday?
March 10th, 1993

38. How tall is your OC?
He's 5'10"

39. Weight?
165 lbs

40. Does your OC tend to argue a lot?

41. Does your OC have any mental disorders?
Ahaa not that i know of?? I can't say since I haven't done much research

42. Has your OC self-harmed?

43. OC's favourite type of snack?
Pretzel sticks or slices of apples smh

44. Is your OC creative?
I guess sort of??? Not sure

45. Does your OC like Nutella?

46. Does your OC tend to daydream a lot?
Sometimes he drifts off into his own little alternate worlds

47. Does your OC get a ton of sleep or little sleep?
Little sleep as of now

48. Does your OC eat sweets?
Sometimes, but he usually doesn't since they hurt his teeth

49. Does your OC double dip?
sadly yes

50. What is your OC's opinion on parties/social gatherings?
He never was a fan of them, but he wouldn't diss people who liked them. He thinks it's cool that people still interact with each other instead of their phones.


Doing this with Grayson lmao

1: What’s your OCs favorite color?
He really likes the color lavender and light pink anything pastel really

2: Where does your OC work?
He works at his own bookstore

3: What’s your OCs favorite food?
Either pasta or grilled cheese sandwiches

4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?

5: How old is your OC?

He's twenty-four

6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?

7: Is your OC in a relationship?

Not yet ;)))

8: What are some of your OCs strengths?

He's finds it pretty easy to put himself into somebody else's shoes and know how they feel through a particular situation
He's also good at staying organized (after all he has to keep all of those books in order lmao)
He's a swift runner, though sometimes he has a hard time running since his legs are long

9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?

He cannot handle touching or even seeing a gun
He lacks having strength and therefore is easily pinned in a fight
He cannot handle any pressure or he'll just blow up

10: What is your OCs favorite outfit?

It's common to see him in his "Book Nerd" tee lmao

11: What animal does your OC relate to?

Idk?? A deer or a leopard???

12: Is your OC sexually active?

Not yet ;))))

13: What is your OCs earliest memory?

When he was in fourth grade he had broke his arm when climbing and falling from a tree smh

14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
Yeah, he does, and probably some Android phone smh

15: What makes your OC angry?

Grayson hates unreasonable arguments and people. He also hates being called a coward and weak.
oh and fUCKING VALOR pisses him off

16: When is your OCs favorite time of year?
Sometime in the autumn

17: How long can your OC hold their breath?
Oh boy, probably just fifteen seconds lmao

18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear?

19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
Plaid ftw

20: What’s your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
Just plain 'ol cheese

21: Who is your OCs best friend?
Mm either Raphael or Miyage ;)

22: Has your OC ever killed someone?

23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?
He used to work for this dude named Walter and took many lives

24: What does your OC smell like?
Idk honestly??

25: What time of year does your OC prefer?
Sometime around fall

26: Is your OC a human or an animal? (or something else idk)
Using his human au lmao

27: What languages does your OC speak?
He's fluent in English, but knows the basic French

28: Does your OC like anime?
He never really understood anime and wasn't interested in it

29: Can your OC swim?

30: skipped

31: Does your OC believe in fairies?
Sort of

32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
He went to college and majored in medicine but he dropped out shortly afterwards

33: Are your OCs parents dead?
Nope. He doesn't talk to them much though.

34: Is your OC religious?

35: How flexible is your OC?
He's sort of flexible

36: What turns your OC on?
;))) kisses to the neck and shoulder massages, and long kisses

37: What was your OCs first word?

38: Does your OC have any pets?
Nope, but he wants a golden retriever badly

39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
fucking Mark

40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
during the time when he worked for Walter he was dared to jump from a building into a pool and he nearly broke his fucking neck ;^)

41: What is your OCs motto about life?

42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?

44: What color eyes does your OC have?
Lavender (they're contacts tho)

45: Does your OC like reading?
Hell Yeah

46: Is your OC loyal?
Extremely loyal

47: Does your OC tolerate violence?
No. He hates seeing others hurt themselves or others
(even though that's hypocritical since he hurts himself lmao)

48: What social class is your OC from?

49: What country was your OC born in?

50: Does your OC cry easily?

51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
oh boyyyy, y'see, that's a pretty,, tough question

52: How does your OC feel about insects?
He's fucking terrified of most of them, but he's cool with ladybugs and butterflies
(if he sees a spider he will flip out)

53: What is your OCs sexual orientation?
Bisexual (leans closer to men)

54: Does your OC smoke?

55: What gender is your OC?

56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
Casual clothes. He doesn't go out much.

57: Would you call your OC adventurous?
Nah, not really

58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
He's an ambivert, but is mostly introverted

59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
His eyes probably

60: Does your OC enjoy nature?
Yes!! :O in fact he often goes to this one spot in the woods to relax after work

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Knowing myself, i probably won't complete the bio and other stuff because I forget to all the time

Name: Esmeralda
Nickname(s): None
Age: 23 Moons
Gender: Female
Previous Name(s):

Flamboyant, daredevil, passionate, audacious, realistic, and clever. Esmeralda is extremely supportive towards the ones she cares for, and is sort of like the mother to her friends. (haha, wip)


Mother: Theresia
Father: Jackson
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Other relatives:

Mate: None
Previous mate(s): N/A

Esmeralda was born and raised in a train station by her mother and most of her early life revolved around being near trains. She'd never experienced too many hardships in her younger life; she and her mother were fine with each other.
She grew up living in the train station with her mother and hadn't had too much of a challenging life.

Art is by infinny!

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Here's the profile for Gray c: The bio is still a WIP, but I'll get it done!

Name: Gray
Nickname(s): None
Age: 24 Moons
Gender: Male
Previous Name(s): None
Rank: Fugitive
Former Rank(s): Primary Assassin
Personality: Distant, cold, close minded, and paranoid. Gray prefers to keep close to himself and would rather stay that way. He hates exposing weakness, but wouldn't go great lengths to hide it. He's usually unreadable when it comes to showing emotions.
Gray sometimes dreams of his past victims coming back to haunt him and is terrified at the thought.
Even though he seems shy, Gray has quite the experience with combat. He's more powerful with his upper body and depends on wits and strength more than speed when fighting. When it comes to killing he prefers it to be quick since he dislikes hearing others in pain.


Pepper (Black she-cat with green eyes. Status: N/A)
Olive (Black and white tom with yellow eyes. Status: N/A)
Bumble (Gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Status: Alive.)

Other relatives:
Graham (Light, cinnamon tabby tom with amber eyes.)
Bio: WIP
Trivia: WIP

Assassin Victims:

Successful Assassinations:

King (Golden tom-cat, was a great enemy of Walter since he disagreed with him about forming groups to take out the "unhealthy" and "dirty" cats.) Killed by Gray.

Petra (Brown tabby she-cat, former assassin,tried rebelling against Walter. In the end Walter ordered Gray to kill her. Yes, the Petra that's Bruce's sister.)

Silver (Slick silver tom, rebelled against Walter with Petra. Killed by Gray.)

Betsy (Gray and white tom. Killed for violating a rule.)

John, Thyme, and Chervil (All gray tabbies. Ordered to be killed by Gray when they were caught trying to back down from their final assessments.)

Unsuccessful Assassinations:

Mark (The two got into a furious bicker that led to Gray leaping on top of the tom and attempting to kill them. Mark managed to get Gray pinned down and surprisingly released him at last thought.)

Web (Large white tom with black paws. Gray attempted to murder Web under Walter's command after they found out that he was organizing a group to rebel against Walter. In the end, however, Gray retreated from the powerful tom. Web hasn't been seen since then.)

Lewis (Dark ginger tom with green eyes. Was attempted to killed by Gray after he'd attempted to kill Walter's second in command. Gray was ambushed by a few of Lewis's friends during the fight and was forced to flee.)

Walter (After Gray slowly began to realize that what Walter was doing was wrong, he finally had it when Walter ordered him to kill a pregnant she-cat that he knew tried killing one of the members of the group. Gray refused and leapt on top of Walter, attempting to kill him. Walter had knew Gray's strategies and so Gray failed to kill him. He ran away afterwards, knowing that Walter would want him hunted down.)
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