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In my opinion this is the wrong approach to boosting morale. The employees at Yahoo know they are on a sinking ship, and have known it for a while. They are not unlike the position Apple was in, in the mid 90s, losing billions per quarter, with a dominant ascendant platform (Windows 95/NT) taking marketshare constantly.

I think the proper approach would to be frank and authentic with employees. Our business is dead, we have resources available to keep afloat, perhaps long enough to change direction. We will need to cut back significantly on expenditures, and pivot to finding a new winning product or service, much like the iMac and iPod kept Apple afloat until the iPhone. Steve Jobs killed the clones, the Newton, took money from Microsoft, and sold off Apple capital investments, in order to buffer the company while he executed a new product strategy.

I would keep whatever parts of Yahoo that are earning a profit, and dispense with those parts that are not R&D, not 'loss leaders' boosting the other profit making devisions, and sustaining heavy losses. Yahoo must then seriously focus on some new product direction.

Mayer's mistake was thinking Yahoo's existing "content destination" approach was the core valuable, and it just needed to be fixed, updated, and extended, but the deadline on that long passed before Mayer took over. (e.g. Yahoo could have been Instagram had they realized the mobile transition with Flickr. They could have transitioned Yahoo Messenger, still popular in Asia, to be a WhatsApp, etc. They had lots of opportunities for fast pivot earlier in the mobile evolution)

I feel bad for Yahoo because they were one of the early net pioneers, but the company got complacent, and did little to react to changing circumstances.

Consider what might have happened if Google had not bought Android, and iOS and Windows Phone were now the dominant platforms? Consider what may have happened if they hadn't bought AdMob, or if Facebook hadn't bought Instagram, WhatsApp, or pivoted to mobile quickly?

Yahoo needs something 'iPhone'-like disruptive. I don't mean hardware, I mean, if they're going to be an internet service, they need a new 'must have' that solves a great consumer need or want.

You have perhaps a year or two to find it. Good luck.

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