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Google’s In-Ear Headphones Can Translate Between 40 Languages In Real Time

I need to get on the wait list for a pair of these.

Google's new earphones offer hands-free operation with a smart assistant that follows commands and answers questions

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There’s A Revolution Happening In Tech For The Blind

Apps are linking visually impaired people to sighted volunteers as assistive technology enters a new era of connectivity

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'Boombox Bus' by Arts University Bournemouth

The Boombox bus has been designed to show how creativity can transform familiar surroundings and give people a fresh perspective.

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‘Car Ears’ Will Listen To The Engine And Diagnose Specific Problems

OtoSense is developing technology that uses sound to pinpoint mechanical issues in a car engine

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Home Run: Amazon and Apple’s Curvy Future-Forward Headquarters

What do you think of the plant-friendly 'Spheres' of Amazon?

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Crib Simulates A Moving Car To Help Babies Sleep

Oh the places you'll go.

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Growing panes: The rise of smart glass and how it could kill off your curtains

There has been a flurry of activity in the smart glass realm over the past few months, and two Californian companies in particular are knuckling down to bring self-tinting windows to companies and residencies en masse.

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How AR Is Helping Workers Be More Efficient

“Our ultimate goal here is to eliminate the need for a printed manual, which doesn’t accurately represent a real-life scenario” says Kupathil. “To that end, we’re designing software that can run on HMDs (head-mounted displays), phones, tablets and so forth. The technology will let you stream live machine data to a back office where you can get additional expertise through communication with other people feeding you more information, regardless of where the two of you are in the world.”

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Scientists Are Developing Graphene Solar Panels That Generate Energy When It Rains

All-weather solar panels could be coming soon.

Because raindrops are not made up of pure water and contain various salts that split up into positive and negative ions, a team from the Ocean University of China in Qingdao thinks we can harness power via a simple chemical reaction. Specifically, they want to use graphene sheets to separate the positively charged ions in rain (including sodium, calcium, and ammonium) and in turn generate electricity.

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New Boxing Brain Scanner to be Trialled in the Sport

It's good to see this tech being implemented to hopefully help keep fighters safer and end a match before too much damage is done. What do you think?
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