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The Avengers, the press, the world had turned their backs on him. Ever since the invasion of those shape shifters and the framing of Steve Rogers, he'd been in the shadows and not willingly. Rumours were spreading, lies were multiplying, but somehow he still held his head high and marched forward to get his job done.

Jameson himself had put his best, well, only reporter on the job to accompany Steve on a mission to transport members of the Serpent Society from point A to B. His job was to snap a few pictures, get a statement out of Rogers and collect his cash. Things wouldn't be that simple however, they never were for Peter Parker. A road block awaited them, and just as the news got to the drivers, chaos had brewed. The streets set on fire, an attack rampaging and the only way out was to dig down through the manholes. Steve managed to get the Society members down there along with a few pedestrians in the crossfire, Peter lost in the wreckage but a certain Web-Head made his entrance in the sewers only moments later.

//Closed to +Capt. Steven G. Rogers

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Today was meant to be the usual day at work for Peter, but to his great surprise, today he wouldn't be sent out onto the streets of Manhattan to get pictures of Spider-Man, but instead a new myth in town, the 'Ghost Rider.'

Night approached quickly, and plastic jack-o-lanterns lit up the houses in Queens. A purple tint sank into the clouds of the darkened sky, and an orange flare soon accompanied it. Camera on a brown, leather over his shoulder, Peter slipped on his mask and stared down into the deep abyss of the city.

Concealing a sneaky smirk under his red silk mask, Peter knelt down on the rooftop ledge, pearlescent eyes shining bright. “Let the hunt begin.”

/ Closed to +Robbie Reyes /

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Time was running out. General Ross had given Tony 36 hours to find and bring in Steve Rogers and James Barnes but they'd had no success yet, however the tables would soon turn, luckily in their favour. Steve and company had just received more allies in the form of Wanda, Clint and a new ally, Scott Lang.

It wasn't long until they were drawn out of hiding, and into the open where Tony and his companion, Sergeant James Rhodes dropped down to proceed with their mission, followed shortly by Natasha Romanoff and the king of Wakanda, T'Challa Udaku. The five bickered for moments, trying desperately to peacefully bring Steve back to Headquarters. But he wouldn't shift from his ground, and Tony's patience grew ever so thin by every passing second.

"Alright, I've run out of patience. Underoos!"

His beckoning call echoed through the airport grounds, his surprise soldier jumping out of the shadows. A thick solution of web sticking to Steve's shield and snatching it from his grip, the Amazing Spider-Man hopped overhead and landed on his own found pedestal, crouched down with the world's greatest defence gripped tightly in one hand. His mechanical eyes squinting as Peter scanned the horizon, he gesticulated with a nod at the dis-parted Avengers stood before him.

"Good job, kid."
"Thanks! 'Coulda stuck the landing better but it's a new suit. I mean, it's nothing! It's- It's perfect Mr Stark! Oh, Captain. Big fan."
"Okay, we don't need to start a conversation."
— "Hey everyone."


The scene:

[] This is a closed RP restricted ONLY to +Capt. Steven G. Rogers, +Anthony Edward Stark, +Natalia Alianovna Romanova +T'Challa Udaкυ +Clint 'Francιѕ' Barтon (Hλώκεчε) +James B. Barnes +Sam Wilson +Scott Lang • αηт-мαη +Cody T𝔥𝔢 RσƖєρƖαуєя And I'll fill in for Rhodes. []

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Swinging through the streets of Manhattan, Spidey was quickly joined by another newly arisen crime fighter in spandex, +Anya Corazon. Running a perimeter check with her, Peter took this as the opportunity to see what she was made of. Stopping at a dark alleyway, fingers gripping the edges of a rooftop ledge, his spider sense hammered against his cranium, eyes peering down into the deep abyss.

"See them?"

[] Closed to +Anya Corazon. []

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Slicing through the air of Queens' streets, Peter was pinned to the grill of an NYPD car, currently pursuing a huge breakout in the streets of Manhattan. Herman Shultz, 'The Shocker' was carrying a truck's load of plutonium.

The heavily reactive, extremely dangerous element was hurled around the town, every second an opportunity for it to go off. But suspense built, Peter himself praying he'd be quick enough to stop it. But that wasn't the worst of his fears. By the looks of it Herman was about to cross an intersection to the Forest Drive-Hills, where Mary Jane lived. Determined to stop it, but worried half to death for his lover, Peter multitasked and took out his phone, calling MJ.

[] +Maяy Jɑɳɛ ᗯαтѕση. []
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Peter crusaded the streets of Gotham one late night. 'Why?' you ask? He'd recently been given orders from Jonah to head down to Gotham to capture an urban myth, The Batman. Although reluctant at first due to the Dark Knight's high reputation in decreasing crime but also instilling fear into the hearts of dozens, Peter knew he'd be the only one with half a shot at getting a few solid pictures. And if anything went rogue, he'd have his friendly neighbourhood self to jump in on the action.

"Why is this place always dark and gloomy. Does the sun never shine around here? Weather forecasters must have it easy around here..." Peter sported his classic superhero threads and patrolled the streets, desperately in search of any criminal activity. Luckily his search came to a fortunate end when he discovered a small group of gang members delivering crates across the city. What they were delivering, no one knew but what Peter did know was that Gotham's Bat would show up soon.

Without a doubt, Peter's predictions were bang on the money as the Batman came into the alleyway like a bullet, doing his business. Whilst also analysing his moves, Peter took the opportunity to take a few pictures. Successfully getting some money shots, Peter slung his camera over his shoulder and was about to make his getaway until a thud echoed behind him, sending shivers down his spine.

His spider sense droning, Peter swiftly pivoted around on all fours and stared up at the titan of a figure. "Er.. Hi, I'm Spider-Man. And you're bigger in person.."

{Closed to +The Batman.}

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{Keep in mind this RP consists of a Marvel and DC character. Yes it's impossible but for the sake of the RP, just ignore it and leave it be.}

Late at night Peter was cruising the Gotham skyline. His newly found pal Batman had asked politely if he could do a quick patrol of the streets as he was busy with some special project. Although Peter didn't get a good glance, he could make out the words "Chloral Pes-". Although he'd been suspicious of Bruce's neglection to tell him, he still put his paranoid accusations to rest and did the task set out for him.

Whilst repelling from building to building Peter's spider sense droned at the sound of a mirror smashing open. Dropping down on a balcony ledge, he observed +Harleen Fяαηcєѕ Qυιηzєℓ stealing jewellery from the display set. Rolling his eyes, he jumped down to intervene.

"Usually villains have some toxin to turn all humans into apes or whatever, jewellery? You're definitely meeting my standards. But hey, I'm not complaining."

He shot a strand of web out at the necklace in her hand and pulled it back into his grip, waving it around.

"Looking for this?"

{Closed Roleplay for +Harleen Fяαηcєѕ Qυιηzєℓ.}

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While out web-swinging, Spider-Man saw a brilliant purple light from a distant warehouse, and investigated it to find Mysterio ranting about how he missed out on one chance to kill Spider-Man already. Although Spider-Man quickly defeated him and tied him up, in the midst of 'examining' Mysterio's equipment, he was shot by Mysterio, causing him to fall through the rift created by the equipment. When he regained consciousness, he discovered that it was daylight.

Bringing himself to his feet and grunting in agony from the abrupt transition, Peter scratched his head and saw a gathering of people downtown with Spider-Man flyers everywhere, even balloons and kids dressed as the recent icon. Tilting his head in confusion, Peter panted, still coping with the swift turn of events.

"What the hell-" He heard his voice echo, but not from where he was. From behind him. Quickly leaping up and turning around, Peter was found standing a mere few feet away from... Himself?

{ Closed to +Peter Benנαмιη Pαякєя™. No one else comment please. }
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As Christmas edged closer, Peter knew he'd have to spend yet another one without Uncle Ben. Filled with remorse and a lust for revenge during a season to be jolly, Peter isolated himself from friends and family, off of a personal side quest.

The next morning, Spider-Man went on his usual business patrolling the streets of Manhattan. However the crimes unravelled differently today in the sense that Peter was late to a crime scene. Arriving as the police did, Peter found the emasculated body of a young girl in her early twenties from a quick prediction. Bowing his head as guilt flowed through his veins, Peter sighed. However he lifted his head up to see the initials "CK" smeared in blood across the walls of the alley he'd been standing in. It was as soon as he saw this that his spider sense went berserk, ringing in his ears.

Peter held his head with his eyes closed, peering out the corner to see a silhouette sprint down the alleyway. With a shadow encasing half of his face, Spider-Man developed a menacing stare, an expression no kid would dream the Webhead could ever pull. With pace, Spidey sprinted across to the corresponding alley in hopes of chasing down the culprit.

{Closed to +Cletus Kasady.}

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In the 'New Avengers' Training Facility, Peter was training with holograms, improving his combat skills. He illustrated a good understanding of martial arts, gaining a new high score on their training simulator. Sharon Carter, more professionally known as 'Agent 37' entered the simulator unexpectedly. Peter didn't let her arrival shift his focus but he grew curious. He raised a furry brow, looking over at her as sparring bots fired left and right at the spandex sporting hero. Did Captain Rogers send you down? To 'train' me?

{Closed to Sharon Carter who I cannot tag so hopefully she just finds this post.}
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