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Inequity | Gender

India is not as bad as some other countries; we don't automatically get told that girls can't do science.

Yet, it's still good to have role models. Imagine someone as cool as Asima Chatterjee, yet we don't get told about her.

I'd have been happier to have known about her in my school days, rather than the distant and European Marie Curie, or the Indian but male CV Raman.

Chemistry. Totally cool subject.

Thank you, +Kam-Yung Soh!

#inequity #gender #chemistry
"When Dr. Asima Chatterjee was growing up in Calcutta in the 1920s and 1930s, it was almost unheard of for a woman to study chemistry. But that didn't stop Chatterjee: she not only completed her undergraduate degree in organic chemistry, but she also went on to receive a Doctorate of Science — the first woman to do so in India!
Today's Doodle pays homage to this trailblazer and her great accomplishments in the name of science."

+Jyoti Q Dahiya

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Inequity | Gender

When this senior citizen's family found out she had won a competition, they gave her 'a dressing down'.

The extent to which women are disempowered is staggering. 66 years after the Constitution guaranteed equality.

('Dadi', pronounced daa-thee [daa as in 'you da man', thee as in you-thou-thee] means grandmother)

#Inequity #Gender

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Inequity | Handling sexism, racism and colonialism in children's books

Not just why the old favourites make you cringe a bit when you read them to your own children, but what to do about it and how to do so.

Thanks to +Dom Ritter for sharing.

#Inequity #ChildrensBooks #HandlingRacism

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Inequity | Gender

No woman reading this will be surprised.
Many men reading it may be. Which is why they should.

This is part of the unending 'tax' women pay for having been born women, a crime society never quite forgives them for. I don't imagine it is significantly different in other countries.

#inequity #gender #WalkingAsAWoman #YesAllWomen

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Inequity | Gender

Women are told that they need to 'look pretty' from the time they are girls. Is it strange, then, that there are many who obsess about their looks, often unhealthily?

Stop telling girls they look pretty or they don't. Not unless you are comfortable saying the same thing to boys. No? Well, then.

Thanks to +Joyce Donahue for sharing the cartoon.

#inequity #gender #SocialNorm #Expectation

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Inequity | Adults and children

Everyone needs to read this, especially adults.

Even though it seems obvious, entry to medical school or admission into paediatric residency is not determined by the applicant’s ability to communicate with children. Yet some adults seem to magically connect with children, whom children trust and allow into their worlds.... I would like to share with parents, professionals and anyone who wants to communicate with children the skills I have learnt from observing these masters over the years.

Everyone has children in their lives, or ought to. We remember our favourite adults. Well, why can't we become someone else's favourite adult and pass it forward? Reduce the inequality in adult-child communication!

#Children #communication #TalkingWithChildren #Inequity

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Inequity | Poverty

Who's receiving the charity? Who's 'affording' the charity?

This excellent post, shared by +Rupert Neethling, makes us think.

#inequity #poverty #philanthropy #UnderpaidLabour

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Inequity | Gender

How women are portrayed as being irrational when they are actually being very logical, based on the data.

Via +Rupert Neethling

#inequity #gender #irrational

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Inequity | Gender

Did you know that women in India form only 22% of the workforce?

And that women form only 10% or less of investors?

So not only do women make less money, they grow it less. Why? Ignorance, insecurity, social roles, and the usual nonsense.

And this in a country where each married woman is supposed to embody Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth.

High time women changed this to Be Your Own Lakshmi.

Support Be.artsy to take financial literacy to thousands of women. Be.artsy has already successfully taken financial literacy to thousands of corporate employees.

#Inequity #Gender #FinancialLiteracy #Be.artsy
Be.artsy Campaign: Be your Own Lakshmi
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