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I might buy this original at some point. It spoke to me today, as I checked out all the Dickerson Road awesomeness in Reno, So much incredible art and so many cool studio spaces. I hadn't discovered this hidden part of downtown yet, so it was a revelation. This work reminded me of ethereal dreams, and maybe a little bit of the whimsy of Danny Elfman scores for some of those awesome Tim Burton films. But mostly, I was enamored with the bent trees and ghost figure.

The artist is Jessica Fry and I love all of her works I saw. Lovely work!

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The Golden Age of the American Sideshow - The Art of Killbuck

The old showman described the three things that brought the public into the Sideshow: morbid curiosity, fear and sex. Things haven't changed much!

I read about the work of local Reno artist Killbuck in the Reno News & Review and had to see this for myself. The artwork is scattered throughout a big salon on the edge of downtown, and the stylist I talked to was thrilled that someone was there to see the art. That's what I do, as the Constant Curator: I discover cool places to visit and things to see, and I absolutely maximize every weekend, seeking out the bold, surreal, crazy, and inspired places in Reno. This exhibit is at Jensen & Co, and anyone can come by and check out this funky sideshow art!

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Jensen & Co.
495 Morrill Ave #101, Reno, NV 89512
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Yesterday, I walked all over Downtown and Midtown Reno, and I kept running into cool mural artworks. Then, later I met up with a friend at a vintage clothing/antique store called JUNKEE. We stumbled onto the cool graffiti street art from an artist named Joe C. Rock, and his works were amazing. Gritty, raw, cool, inspiring, and very eclectic overall. Here are some of his works...

About Joe C. Rock
'Reno artist Joe C. Rock can’t tell you how many times he’s been mistaken for tagging buildings around the city.

With a spray can in hand and a ladder, the artist often goes to work on a wall at night. That’s when he hears from across the street, “Hey, what are you doing?”

At first glance, people think he’s tagging, but when they come closer, they see he’s an artist painting a mural.

“When they see it's done with a spray can, then they're even more mesmerized, like, ‘Oh I didn't know this was possible, it looks like an actual painting,’” Rock said. “And I'm like, ‘Yeah, that's what it is – a painting.’”

Importance of murals

Murals have played a hand in the gentrification of Reno’s Midtown District specifically, which is where Rock has lived for most his life and where most of his murals are located. The murals have changed the look of the once run-down area and made it what Rock calls walkable. And all it takes him, besides his time, is $500 to $600 for 20 gallons of paint and 20 cans of spray paint.

Rock has found that murals are a way to deter tagging.

“If it's a blank wall, people tag it,” Rock said. “It happens. It's in every city, it's something you can't really get rid of … (but) even the kid walking around doing graffiti still appreciates my artwork. It's rare that I get my own painting tagged, it's few and far between because there's a respect there.”

One of the first murals that Rock painted for commission was the Junkee Clothing Exchange building in 2011.

“He asked if he could paint that wall, he asked how much would it pay, what's your budget on paint, he treated it like a business,” said Jessica Schneider, the owner of Junkee.

Contemporary art

Rock wants to change the way people perceive “graffiti” or “street art,” which he classifies as contemporary art.

“The main thing I want people to take is that we're not all some hooligans or punks with spray cans painting,” Rock said.

Rock’s earlier work has a pop art and cartoony style. Over the years, he’s grown to produce more photorealistic work, especially portraiture. He said that in his canvas work, he’s able to express himself more than in the work he’s done on walls for businesses. However, during the last year, he’s become more selective with the projects he takes on because he’s striving to produce more murals that have a message behind them.

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Photography by Ed Freeman/USA

After traveling thousands of miles on the back roads of the Western USA, Ed sought out structures and signage that struck him as uniquely beautiful or whimsical. I saw this photo and was reminded of abandoned motels on the outskirts of Reno. In some places, only the cool old neon signs remain. I used the see the same thing traveling throughout Nevada, and the west.

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Ben Quilty, Australian Artist

His works are fascinating, and just doing an image search will expose you to a treasure trove of self-portraits, portraits, and amazing works on the state of war. I am enamored with his work...

Ben Quilty (born 1973 in Sydney) is an Australian artist and social commentator, who won the 2014 Prudential Eye Award, 2011 Archibald Prize and 2009 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

From 11 October until 3 November 2011, Quilty was attached to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) observing their activities in Kabul, Kandahar and Tarin Kowt. His task was to record and interpret the experiences of Australian service personnel who are deployed as part of Operation Slipper.

After his return, Quilty spent six months producing work for the Australian War Memorial's National Collection. Such work is in the tradition of war artists that began in World War I with artists Arthur Streeton, George Lambert and Frederick McCubbin. Quilty's experiences as a war artist and the work he produced as a result of it was explored in the ABC TV's Australian Story program "War Paint" screened on 3 September 2012.

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Always one of my favourite #Sherlock quotes and timeless. And this is nicely done, and available via Etsy.

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The Sequence by Arne Quinze

Quinze says, “The Sequence bridges the communication gap between people, and generates movement in the city. I want to reconnect people and let them interact with each other like they did in the past on squares. At least people talked to each other back then.”

Quinze is known for his trademark sculptures made out of wooden planks. His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in the daily life of passersby confronted with his sculptures. Quinze sees his installations as places where people meet each other again and start conversations.

In 2006, he gained a lot of attention by building Uchronia: A message from the future, a large wide wooden sculpture at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City,in the Nevada desert, United States. Cityscape (2007) and The Sequence (2008) are two of his giant wooden public art installations in the centre of Brussels, Belgium. It was the first time a sculpture gave the impression touching two buildings in the city center while traffic still passes by underneath it.

The installation for the Flemish Parliament became an unequivocal actor in the city. In Munich, Germany, he built Traveller (2008) for French luxury fashion and leather goods brand Louis Vuitton. Other public art installations by Arne Quinze have recently been revealed in the centre of Paris, France (Rebirth, 2008), Beirut, Lebanon (The Visitor, 2009) and Louisville, Kentucky (Big Four Bridge, ongoing).

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Buddha Amid Chaos

“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.” ~ Rumi Title: Buddha amid chaos

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Coffin Girls

A rare Art Deco cigarette box, French, ca.1920s. I mean, the symbolism alone makes this a winner, but it's also another spectacular Art Deco piece. And something special for collectors.

#artdeco   #cigarettes   #smoking   #vintage   #collectibles   #france   #sculpture   #coffin  


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Art Nouveau Bronze Lamp circa 1900

An Art Nouveau ~ gilded and patinated bronze lamp with mother-of-pearl shade, France circa 1900.

The thing about art nouveau is that the style can capture not only your heart, but your mind as well. With its flowing lines and billowy curves, it always reaches out for your attention, in understated ways. No hard lines like we see later in cubism and streamlining; just some angular contours and geometric forms alongside a natural flow and rhythm to all components. It's always gracious, and it is always striking and so reminiscent of the designs of Mother Earth.

#artnouveau   #art   #lamp   #motherofpearl   #turnofthecentury   #design   #lighting   #sculpture  

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