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// This is the Apple Watch you've all been looking for! #lego

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// Google Cardboard is awesome. A DIY Lego is even moar awesome! Got to build me one of these :)

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Winter Christmas is coming, and it's time to get the decorations in order. Here's how to build them in LEGO ...
Today I'm happy to unveil an all-new Holiday Build-It-Yourself Project series called Platecraft. These three ornaments – Poinsettia, Starburst and Snowflake – are just three plates thick, making them lightweight and easy to assemble. Guides are available at, and I'm offering multipacks at! #lego

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LEGO all the things - a Volkswagen Beetle 1967 complete with remote control, 4 gears automatic sequential gearbox, brakes, steering -- the lot.

An awesome #lego #moc to put it mildly :)

LEGO Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1) '67:

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Winter is coming - LEGO style. Too bad it's an unofficial customization, but as awesomeness goes, this just hits the spot!


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This needs to happen!

Because Lego matters.

Your gal pals, Penny and Bernadette went out shopping for some wedding nonsense without Amy, an action they took with no thought or regard as to how it would affect me, the future of string theory, or my lego fun time!

Laughing Squid: LEGO Set Based on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Proposed to Become an Official LEGO Product.

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Wow! So LEGO. Much Chrome.

Bricks of bliss from your browser. Impossible you say? Nope, with Chrome anything goes. More or less ;)
Trillions of colored bricks. An entire world of LEGO® building plots. Where will you build? What will you build? 

Build with Chrome is a Chrome Experiment that brings the endless possibilities of LEGO bricks to the web:

Can’t wait to see what creative things #Chromies will build! Tag your creations with #chromebuilt and we’ll feature some of them here over the next few weeks. 


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What to do with all those Lego bricks?
- Build a proper car of course!

New York Daily News: This LEGO CAR is completely powered by AIR!!

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