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Last night's writing on the Steemit social network and some 30-year-old tools that no one's seen fit to reproduce yet.

I remain legitimately confused as to why so much of the strong architecture that USENET pioneered back in the day hasn't been re-implemented in the context of modern social networking systems – particularly those which are looking to foster conversations an ongoing discussion around topics.

While I believe with all my heart that Google+ has the best current implementation of Communities available in social networking, a lot of these criticisms are applicable here as well.

Better methods for surfacing content, improving the content that I consume, putting more of that selective power into my personal hands rather than an algorithm that doesn't tell me how and why that things are done, a clean interface that gives a better sense of sequentiality…

A man needs dreams.

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I've ended up spending most of the day working on this illustrated article about how to create, share, and sell your 3D models online. Worse than that – this is actually part two. Those who have been paying attention have already seen part one, which is all about how to design a 3D model for this workflow.

Honestly, this ended up being a lot more work than I expected in order to put together a solid piece. There is no way that it will earn enough to make it worth the time that got put in.

Still, my loss is your gain! If you learn something from this, tell me about it. That's really what I'm in to get. If I'm useful, let me know.

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I just couldn't avoid it; I had to design a Christmas ornament for Steemit.

And then I had to write a long, step-by-step description of how I actually modeled it in Onshape, leading into a part two tomorrow (?) wherein I talk about making a 3D printed prototype and how to put things up on your choice of sources of manufactury or sale.

Absolutely no sanity promised.

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Once again I've dipped into the 3D printing world and written an extended article on designing and printing a physical representation of another cryptocurrency, STEEM.

If you happen to be into such things, feel free to stop by my Thingiverse or Shapeways storefronts, download one for yourself or order one made – I suggest the $1800 14 karat gold version, but your tastes may vary – and remember, Christmas is coming up. Cryptocurrency makes great stocking stuffers!

(Actually, they make terrible stocking stuffers, but the coins are nice.)

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I'm off on the cryptocurrency/social network analysis kick again, this time building webs of trust without webs.

I'm not sure why I keep writing about cryptocurrency and the like. It's not like these are new ideas in the space that I've traveled. It's not like the ideas that I am putting in front of people are concepts which aren't fairly obvious.

Maybe it's just a subconscious desire to want to do a bit of bandwagon jumping and get involved in something that people care about marginally. Very marginally.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and where it intersects with the folks behind Steemit, building a social media network based on the idea that the wisdom of the masses is a good way to allocate real money to creators and curators, you might want to read the stuff that I've been writing on Steemit. I encourage you to. Please, come read my stuff, talk about it there in comments, talk about it here in comments, share it with your friends, maybe more effectively share it with your enemies in order to cause them permanent narcolepsy – but interact with it in some way.

If you have a Steemit account, vote it up. I could use the fake money.

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Say what you will about the fact that the things that I've been writing lately are explorations of complex algorithmic approaches to building social media communities and the intersection with cryptocurrencies as backing models, but you know – I've missed it.

10 years ago I used to be heavily involved in this stuff all the time. I used to go on it ridiculous length about ways to build healthy, working, living communities which provide gratification to all of their inhabitants, regardless of what they want or even the fact that they want very vastly different things. That was important to me.

Turns out it wasn't very important to very many other people. My interest in taxonomic folksonomy was ahead of its time, sure, but it appeared I was barking up the wrong tree. As a result, every major social media system in the last decade has integrated some form of taxonomic folksonomy. You probably know it better as hashtags.

Now, as a result of stumbling into Steemit, I'm writing about this stuff again. I'm getting involved in a technical community leveraging the stuff again. But I'm also dealing with almost exactly the same problems as I was 10 years ago – except this time someone has slapped a veneer of "and you can make real money with this" over the top of all the broken bits and sharp edges.

Great. Just great.

So I don't know if anyone on Facebook cares that I'm digging my hole in front of a public audience again. I don't know if anyone on Twitter gives a flying anything that I'm rambling at great length in front of people who are probably 10 years my junior and entirely unstudied in the history of the development of social networks. It probably doesn't matter to anyone on Google+ that I use their platform as an example of one of the best implementations of Communities on the net.

I've honestly resigned myself to the fact that no one really cares about my work. It's cool. You don't have to. Odds are good you didn't even make it this far into this piece.

But if you did, if this sort of thing sounds like something you might be interested in, you might check out this reply that I wrote to someone who took the time to comment on one of my pieces from earlier today. You might like it. No promises.

I do promise it's different from anything else that you've read tonight. Or today, if you're reading this on Monday. And what do you have to lose by trying something different?

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I don't often get to mix anti-authoritarianism with an overt criticism of cryptocurrencies and their philosophical assumptions, but here I go ...

What? You're looking at me like I'm weird or something.

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Somehow I ended up writing a piece just short of full white paper length describing what web of trust social media network systems might look like, complete with complicated diagrams and a step-by-step discussion of what using one might be like.

I'm not exactly sure that anyone else would care – or even should care. But there it is.

#Steemit #WebOfTrust #longlonglonglongform

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Today saw the creation and prototype of the Steemit Challenge Coin, which you too can have for a reasonable price. Potentially a fat $0.00 if you have your own 3D printer.

I find myself wondering if there's a market for social media-branded merch, but then I look around and realize how generally unreasonable social media companies are and I figure I'll give it a pass.


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My first major blog post on Steemit is about how mesh networking might be useful to you at a convention.

What? Write what you know, right?
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