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Star Wars lightsaber battle in the woods - an outdoors adventure for kids with a difference. The Force was awakening in the woods where my kids pretended they were on a planet far, far, far away. With costumes on and using toy versions of Rey's and Kylo Ren's lightsabers they imagined they were fighting like a scene in the Star Wars recent sequel.

#starwars #forceawakens #outdoorskids 

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We converted a dollhouse into a bug hotel and hedgehog home
When my daughter outgrew her doll's house she decided it would be a perfect home for wildlife and small creatures in our garden. Under the base we built a safe home for hedgehogs to hibernate in during the winter. The dollhouse rooms each had a 'nature' decor to attract bugs and other critters to move in.

#bughotel #outdoorskids #natureactivities

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The London Wetland Centre - a perfect setting to learn why kids need to drink more water - There's an incredible wildlife oasis in the middle of London's suburbia where wetlands have been created for birds and other wildlife. A wonderful place for a wildlife adventure with kids. It was also an ideal setting to learn the importance of drinking more water for our health and well being.
We all need water to survive and flourish. Children need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.
We took part in the #EnjoyMoreWater campaign by Robinsons squash drinks, one of Britain's most popular family brands, at the London Wetland Centre.

Thank you +Robinsons Drinks

#enjoymorewater #wetlands 

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A Family Camping Trip - wonderful way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors is a camping trip by a lake or the coast. +Sara Murray went on a wonderful adventure in Cape Cod, USA, with camping tents and canoeing on a lake.

#camping #outdoorskids

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"We went on a rock pooling adventure* on the southeast England shoreline at Birling Gap. Finally I was able to teach and give my kids tips on how to be rock pool explorers.
It's also one of the 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 by enjoying an outdoors nature activity and having fun.
Britain's rocky shores are famous for rock pooling with kids.

#rockpooling #outdoorskids #birlinggap

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Enjoying a beach walk with kids during the off season - Sometimes the best and most peaceful time for a walk on the beach with kids is when there are no crowds. There are shells and driftwood to collect, dunes to roll and leap on, sand to dig and beautiful waves to watch.

This outdoors adventure took place in the Hamptons, USA when the beaches are quiet during the off season.

#outdoorplay #outdoorskids #beach #thehamptons

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Wild About Here shortlisted in BiBs awards for photography I'm so pleased that my blog has been included and would love some votes!

A main focus of WILD ABOUT HERE is ideas & adventures to encourage children to learn about nature and enjoy the great outdoors. I always use lots of photos to illustrate these outdoor adventures and nature activities.

Thank you +BritMums !!

#bibs2016 #bml16 

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Let's go fly a kite A favourite outdoors activity for kids on a sunny day with a light wind is flying a kite with a parent showing them how and where to do it safely.

#outdoorskids #kites #natureplay

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Flowers and cakes during an afternoon out with kids In spring or summer combine a visit with kids to a beautiful flower garden with a special treat of cakes for afternoon tea. In Britain most gardens including the National Trust will also have a cafe serving cakes and scones for an afternoon delicious break.

#outdoorskids #afternoontea #flowergardens 

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Why is it so important for children to have nature walks? It makes them healthier, happier, less stressed and even smarter. 

My guest post on +Amherst College blog.

#naturalplay  #nature #outdoorskids 
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