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Google Design

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Introducing icons 2.1, featuring 96 NEW icons & a complete sprite sheet overhaul

Which are your favorite?
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Google Design

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What makes an app intuitive or easy to use? What makes it hard or frustrating? Learning the foundations of good design and platform-specific design patterns will help you create better apps for your users. 
Google and +Udacity have teamed to create a new Android design course that will teach you how to apply the #materialdesign principles that define Android's visual language to your apps. They start by walking you through Android design fundamentals, then show you how to apply this knowledge to transform design elements of sample apps. By the end of the course, you'll understand how to create and use material design elements, surfaces, transitions, and graphics in your app, across multiple form factors.
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Google Design

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A little rusty on your color theory? This animated short explains how you can get palette perfect with #materialdesign
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Google Design

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Design had a strong showing last week at Google #io15 , and the overwhelming message was that material design is better an easier than ever to implement.

+Matias Duarte​ kicked things off with his Material Now session, where he discussed the many ways we’re working to make material more comprehensive and adaptable.

That theme was carried into the design sandbox, where attendees were able to hear talks about Expressing Brand in Material (, Adaptive UI (, as well experience product demos and on-site app reviews with designers and developers at Google. Overall, the team reviewed well over 100 apps, and we were thrilled to see all the exciting ways the community is bringing #materialdesign to life. Check out photos from the event for a glimpse of what went down.  
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is material design for UI/UX design 
and i dont know about it exactly
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Google Design

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Polymer 1.0 and the updated material design elements are ready for production use!
Google Developers originally shared to I/O 15:
We've launched Polymer 1.0, bringing high quality app-like experiences to the browser across desktop and mobile, and introduced new Polymer elements, allowing you to drop in common features like toolbars and menus, services like maps and charts, or build a complete mobile-first checkout flow in your web app.
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Google Design

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A behind-the-scenes look at some of ‪#‎AndroidMarshmallow‬'s latest wallpapers—plus two previously unreleased designs now available for download. ‪#‎materialdesign‬
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Google Design

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Form 1.3 is here! with added features like:

#materialdesign patches that let you prototype with the latest material design components, touch ripples, and more.

The ability to run designs natively on the device at 60 FPS—no more web views or streaming images.

Form Viewer can now open and share documents directly from the app. No laptop needed. Sharing and opening prototypes from the device.

Ability to build custom components, pull in live data, and prototype in new ways with an Objective-C SDK.
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Google Design

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More #materialdesign on the web for everyone!
Introducing Material Design Lite - Material Design components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML & JavaScript 

We've now live at
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Google Design

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#materialdesign is now even easier to implement on Android, across all versions of the platform. The new Android Design Library offers FABs, snackbars, app bar scrolling, navigation drawer, text fields with floating labels and more. Get the full details over at the Android Developers Blog.
Android Design Support Library: bringing material design to life
The Design library brings a number of important material design components to all Android 2.1 or higher devices ( You’ll find a navigation drawer view, a floating label TextInputLayout, a floating action button, snackbar, tabs, and a motion and scroll framework to tie them together.

You’ll be able to build your navigation drawer’s items using a menu resource file and connect a TabLayout with a ViewPager with just a single call to setupWithViewPager().

AppBarLayout lets you set scroll flags to control how views such as your Toolbar scroll on and off the screen or extend it farther with CollapsingToolbarLayout to resize title text size, pin views as the app bar collapses, and add parallax effects - again just a few lines of XML.

With components that match the material design spec out of the box and the tools you need to provide rich behavior between views via the new CoordinatorLayout, the Design library gives you the building blocks needed to build a modern, great looking Android app without building everything from scratch.

#io15   #materialdesign   #supportlibrary   #AndroidDev  
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Google Design

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We all wish there were parts of the design process we could automate and simplify. Our new icon library and device metrics tool aim to do just that.

The Icon Library ( lets you quickly browse and export icons from the material design icon library, containing over 750 icons. You can export into formats that work well for the web, Android, or iOS.

The new Device Metrics Tool ( lets you quickly look up screen specs like screen sizes in DP units, perfect for deciding on an artboard size for mockups. You can even sort by any metric, so you could see the full list in increasing physical screen size.

Check out our latest additions to our material design resources at, and let us know what other tools you’d like to see in the comments!
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