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The FDA and USDA have been under attack for their ongoing approval of genetically modified foods (GMOs). Much of the outrage is due to the fact that the government requires few to no studies about the impact of GMO food on human health and possible carcinogenic (cancer-causing) properties before allowing them into the US food supply.

The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), an advocacy group for local, state, and federal researchers, communities, and organic consumers, brought this issue to the forefront when they filed their recent legal petition. The document seeks to provide protection to government scientists and researchers who are having their work censored and restricted when in conflict with chemical and agribusiness interests.

PEER had received mounting complaints over the last year from USDA scientists claiming they have been ordered to retract studies, water down findings, and remove their names from authorship of any publications that conflict with those corporate interests. According to one USDA scientist who wanted to remain anonymous, “Your words are changed, your papers are censored or edited, or you are not allowed to submit them at all.”

“In the food industry, the only way to change it is for the consumer to change it. What I teach in my writings and my philosophy is that you will effect change by not buying those products. And simply going and supporting your local farmer, supporting your local economy, and building a relationship with those individuals. You have to change it from the grassroots level from your community up. If you try to attack the federal government or the big agencies, you’re just beating your head against a brick wall.”
- Gary Collins

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Colds and the flu are caused by viruses, which means antibiotics are not effective treatments and can actually lengthen the time you are sick.

There are many different ways you can shorten the amount of time you suffer with a virus and help prevent a recurrence.

Do not use over-the-counter remedies as they often contain substances now found to suppress your ability to fight the virus and will extend the time you suffer from a cold.

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Oats can have several benefits for people with type 2 diabetes, but they are not a good choice on a low-carb diet. Make sure to watch your portions and monitor your blood sugar levels.

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Commercial fabric softeners contain numerous toxic chemicals “readily absorbed” into your skin and lungs, causing numerous reproductive and developmental problem.

Most of our exposure to hazardous pollutants occurs indoors. Fabric softeners are one source of pollutants that can cause skin and respiratory problems.

If you're in the market for a super cheap fabric softener you can make yourself without all the noxious ingredients, very easy alternatives can be made at home using ingredients found in nearly any supermarket such ingredients as Epsom salts, vinegar and baking soda, or create dryer balls from 100 percent wool fabric scraps, yarn and essential oils

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The Mainstream Mass Media reported in early 2015 that a measles virus sceptic biologist, Stefan Lanka had lost his case in a German lower court where he was successfully sued by Doctor David Bardens who attempted to claim a €10,000 prize withheld by him after providing the biologist with a comprehensive study on the measles virus that had been published in a medical journal.


Daily Mail:

Measles virus sceptic nil, proper scientist one - case closed - another crackpot health conspiracy claim debunked - nothing to see here.

Alternative media sites are now reporting that the German Supreme Court has upheld an appeal by Stefan Lanka and that the Supreme Court has stated, publicly, on the record, that science has failed to prove the existence of a measles virus, anywhere, ever.


Most of the health articles I repost cite their sources and provide links to the studies their claims are based on along with their interpretation of the results, but these alternative media news blogs cite no source for the claimed successful Supreme Court appeal decision.

I am not a trained researcher, but I did my own search for a reference to the claimed Supreme Court appeal decision and quickly came up with the full text of the national legal data bank of the decisions of the courts and public prosecutors in Baden-Württemberg in this case, published in March 2016:

I have read every word of (a translation of) this case summary and note the following:

1. The Supreme Court affirmed that the many articles published in science journals about measles assumed the existence of a measles virus based on models and insufficient testing and did not constitute proof by any scientific standard of proof.

2. Stefan Lanka, the defendant, appealed the various moneys awarded to the plaintiff, David Bardens, on various points of procedure, law, and science.

3. The Supreme Court rejected all Stefan Lanka's arguments except his scientific argument that a measles virus had not been shown to exist.

All this raises a number of interesting points for me:

1. Why did the Mainstream Mass Media see fit to publish their original report that a measles virus really does exist? Surely, at that point, it was just some foreign crackpot losing a stupid bet and of no relevance to the British public.

2. Why did the Mainstream Mass Media not see fit to publish the successful appeal? Surely a Supreme Court agreeing that there is no scientific basis for claims for the existence of a measles virus is of great relevance to the British public, indeed the public everywhere.

3. What does this episode say about peer-reviewed science published in prestigious journals? Models and conjecture are valuable, but they do not constitute proof.

4. How can governments spend public money developing, and in some cases mandating, public health policy and promoting commercial products (vaccines) where no evidence for a virus even exists?

5. If a court can demonstrate that the published literature does not constitute proof, by science's own standards, why couldn't so-called government scientists?

6. Why didn't the alternative media prove their credibility by citing official sources rather than just each other?

7. If published science can be so misleading in this area, where else is it inadequate?

8. If courts are biased in favour of the state, who are, in turn, supposed to be in bed with the big pharmaceutical companies, how did this finding come about? Stefan Lanka's legal and procedural claims were deemed invalid so it would appear easy to reject his appeal and save the blushes of governments, science, and Big Pharma?

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In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that THE MEASLES VIRUS DOES NOT EXIST [Emphasis mine].

Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions over the past few decades.

Not a single scientist, immunologist, infectious disease specialist or medical doctor has ever been able to establish a scientific foundation, not only for the vaccination of measles but any vaccination for infants, pregnant women, the elderly and even many adult subgroups.

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While nuts generally receive top marks for being a healthy addition to your diet, there are a few factors to consider. Peanuts — which despite the name are not actually a nut but a legume — are among the most allergenic of foods.

In 1999, less than 0.5 percent of American children had a peanut allergy. A decade later, that number had risen to 2 percent. This despite the fact that during that time, parents were warned to avoid all peanut products before the age of 3.

Clearly, the advice was not having an impact. The avoidance recommendation has been further challenged by a number of recent studies.

Research actually suggests that exposing children to peanuts early on can help reduce their risk of developing an allergy, while strict avoidance actually heightens the risk.

Moreover, giving trace amounts of peanuts to children with peanut allergy has been shown to desensitise their immune systems and boost their tolerance over time.

Naturally, if your child has a known peanut allergy, you would embark on this kind of desensitisation program under the guidance of a knowledgeable doctor to avoid a potentially life-threatening situation. Also, to avoid choking, never give young children whole peanuts or ground peanut bits.

That said, the broader, more general recommendation that parents should avoid feeding their children peanut products during infancy has now radically changed. In fact, research suggests early exposure to peanuts may cut the risk of allergy by 80 percent or more.

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While scientific research is far from, well, an exact science, when industry funding is involved it may be virtually impossible for scientific truth to be heard. Whether the subject is sugar, pesticides or biotechnology is irrelevant. Although most researchers and sponsoring companies will insist the research is sound and unbiased, it's well-known that industry-funded research almost always favours industry.

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Few beverages on this planet are as biocompatible to the human body and its hydration needs as coconut water. Indeed, coconut water has been reported to have been used for intravenous hydration and resuscitation of critically ill patients in remote regions of the world for over half a century.

While some are concerned about the sugar content of this slightly sweet beverage, recent research shows it actually exhibits blood sugar lowering properties in an experimental model of diabetes. Additional animal research shows coconut water prevents and reverses high blood pressure associated with fructose feeding-induced hypertension, as well being able to reduce oxidative stress and insulin resistance.

Perhaps one of the most amazing properties of coconut water is its superior lipid modulating activity in the animal model vis-à-vis the cholesterol-lowering statin drug known as lovastatin.

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While no scientific studies or research that explains, supports, or disproves the soap theory currently exist, a basic online search reveals countless testimonials from people all around the globe who swear by it. They claim that after sleeping with a bar of soap their excruciating, painful leg cramps and other unbearable RLS symptoms quickly disappeared altogether, or at least enough to where they could sleep comfortably again. All they had to do was place a bar of soap in their bed sheets, sit back, relax, and let it do its magic.

If you have RLS or issues with leg cramps, then try this method tonight because there's nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain from it, like better sleep quality and more comfort. It's cheap, easy, and reportedly very effective. Even if this home remedy doesn't work for you at least you won't be out hundreds of dollars, which is what a new mattress or alternative treatments and medicines can easily end up costing. If anything all that you'll end up with is an extra bar of soap!

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