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Did you know that Galicia is a perfect spot for Birdwatching?

I know not everyone enjoys sitting for hours to spot birds when they travel, but this trip to Salvora island in Galicia - Ria de Arousa, proved it is an amazing way to learn about the area.

We went there to celebrate the World Tourism Day with different sustainable tourism activities, including stargazing and bird watching. But there was room for culture, traditions and magic too.

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Not what you would think of a Galicia island

When people talk about Galician Islands, they mostly think of small spots near the coast, the beaches of Cíes islands, the seafarers of Ons... Sálvora is a bit different. It was one of the few islands that remained private at the beginning of the XXI century, it has horses and a manor house... and stories of sirens and heroes.

We went there for the International Tourism Day with a plan for birdwatching and stargazing, but it was a quite different.

FInd out more from my trip there at

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That piece of land up front is Salvora Island

Galician Rías Baixas are all protected by Islands, but not all of them are high and full of cliffs like Cíes or Ons. Sálvora is an almost flat island, where doves, horses and rabbits live free.

Getting there is an amazing experience too. From the wine land of Cambados, small ships that used to fish these waters and stunning vessels cross the Arousa Ria through the bateas where mussels and scallops grow.

It is also a great opportunity for birdwatching and star gazing (at night.)

Have you already been there?
Here is my latest post on this amazing place

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Getting ready a new post on Salvora Island, at the Ría de Arousa stunning area. Have you ever been there?

Salvora is probably one of the lesser known islands at the National Park of Cies Islands, but has lots of unique features and is surely a must visit when in the area. Birds, history, sirens, drown ships and horses... can you imagine all the stories behind those yellow stones?

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I'm quite sure you've never heard of this place... Have you?

Hidden in the heart of Ourense is one of the most amazing Castro - Celtic villages of all Galicia: San Cibrao de Las. It was there before the Romans conquered Spain and, although only 12.5% has surfaced, it amazes everyone who visits.

Of course, as on most of our loved Galicia, you can't go there by public transport. It isn't far from Ourense, (it's only 80 km from Vigo) but you will probably need to rent a car or book a guided tour (don't really know if there is such a thing) from somewhere else.

Tip: Save some time to explore, it took us 1 hour to see that 12.5% on our own.

Extra Tip: There are guided tours to the excavation and the exhibit on weekends. Also on weekdays if you book it in advance, but winter schedule is terrible: not open on saturday evenings!!

Extra extra tip: the archaeological site is not far from a great wine region and one of the bread designations of origin of Galicia: Pan de Cea!

Anyways, you shouldn't miss it if you want to feel like Indiana Jones, without the crowds (nobody there on our visit this past weekend) and maybe discover a hidden idol under the trees.

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One year ago, Combarro, one of the most beautiful and iconic towns in Rias Baixas

Last year, I went with a couple of friends to explore the Pontevedra area. We set for a nice lunch in Combarro, one of the most iconic places in all Rias Baixas, with its hórreos and the looks over Marín and Bueu, accross the Ria.

The weather today is just as good so I'm here sitting at the office and dreaming of doing what I was doing only a year ago.

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It's that time of the year again: when tourists go home and we get to enjoyed the hotsprings without massified places

August and September can mean a world apart in terms of people (and heat) so right now it's time for us to enjoy the hotsprings by the Miño river like they were an amazing secret. This is a pic from last year at Termas de Outariz at Ourense city. The river is not that high now, but wouldn't you love to bathe in a place like this?

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Galicia is a land of great wines, but these ones you probably never heard of

There are many protected wine areas in Galicia and each has its own features, from great fruity whites to sparkling reds, there is so much to explore for wine lovers. Best known are RiasBaixas - Albariño, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra... but there are other regions with a particular style in winemaking.

The guys at +Bluscus got together an infographic with the other ones, the ones you should try to add to your list when visiting Galicia.

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For all of you who will be here for O'Marisquiño (yes, this weekend)

I just wrote a guide on where to go and what to do in Vigo, avoiding the crowds of the urban sports competitions that take over the city from Friday to Sunday.

Not everything that is there, but everything worth checking this weekend. It's in Spanish, but you have Google Translate for that, don't you?

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Another sunny day in Rias Baixas

Looking forward to a great sunset today! Can't choose which spot will be best to see the sun go down behind Cíes Islands.

Our options are: the lighthouse of Museo del Mar, Samil beach, Patos beach or maybe cross by ferry to Cangas and try to spot a great sunset while on board (and then go dine at a furancho).

Which would you choose?

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