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Wearable VR? Just an idea for a fashionable HMD.
All the work is done by a mobile device via cable or wireless.

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Intel's project Alloy is another dedicated device like Qualcomm's VR820, but integrated with Windows 10 holographic shell, rather than Android.
Coming to a workstation near you?
"Winston, this is the Ministry of Truth ..."

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The VR820 Headset is an Android device, without the cellular functions. This is a very exciting application of embedded architectures like ARM, SoC, Java, Linux, GLES, etc ..

This approach will only get faster, better and cheaper. It is already cheaper than Oculus, but still more expensive than Gear VR. For example, the screen does not have to be touch, so there is room for economical 120fps.

There are questions about VR820 support for Daydream, Cardboard, Unreal, Unity, etc.

It appears to be a separate platform (so yet another fork of Android). But it is great that semiconductor companies are embedding advanced VR/AR functionality.

The SDK release has slipped, but you can keep an eye on this here:

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They don't call it "Daydream" for nothing:
“Where you have the opportunity to explore the same feelings you get while lucid dreaming.” - Favreau

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#Daydream might be the Cinderella of #MobileVR .
It actually fits the #GLES platform's tiny footprint.

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Vulkan: Gear VR saviour?

Daydream VR already has Vulkan support - Gear VR does not.

This thread on the Oculus Forums seems to indicate it is "on the Road Map" for Unreal (which supports the Oculus SDK on Gear VR), but Daydream is already there.

Since Daydream was designed from the metal to support Vulkan, products that were not could be deemed "legacy" already.

The technical reasons are non-trivial, but projects like are a way to understand the challenges. Keywords: "task-oriented asynchronous pipelines"

Daydream: Gear VR Killer?

Daydream, like Gear VR, is a collection of mods to Android and it's linux kernel.

Samsung owns the mods for Gear VR, and it is unlikely these will ever appear on other devices.

Daydream however, is largely the same mods, and now available in Android N to all devices (including Samsung).

The question is: will VR developers choose to limit themselves to one device manufacturer, when basically the same functionality is available on all devices (including Samsung) via Daydream.

I think they shall abandon Gear VR faster than you might think. With Google and the community at large behind it, Daydream shall quickly become the standard (faster better cheaper, etc)

No doubt someone shall very soon make all Gear VR apps run on Daydream - that shall be the death knell ... Google may simply swallow the Gear VR team.

Still hearing crickets over at Apple ..

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