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66,100 Followers! Really?

Just checking in with the followers of this collection! When I created this G+ Collection almost 3 years ago, I had big dreams for it to become a community where people who loved science and natural history could get together and share interesting thoughts, stories, and research on the subject.

I just checked and noticed that this collection apparently has 66,100 followers. I find that hard to believe.

So, if you are one of the followers of this collection and are still active on G+, please +1 this post or, better yet, leave a comment. If there is sufficient response, then I'll keep the collection active. If not, then I may close it.

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Biggest Week In American Birding Festival Was A Hit!

My wife (+April Pulley Sayre) and I just returned from The Biggest Week In American Birding festival. It was the sixth year of this fantastic event. The festival is a celebration of neotropical bird migration, in particular the return -- and passing through -- of the colorful wood warblers. It is one of the best places in the world to come in close contact with warblers during their northward migration.

As our Field Guide to Nature of the Midwest was recently released, +Kenn Kaufman and I presented a keynote. We also participated in several book signings along with his wife Kim.

All in all, it was another wonderful event spent in the field, catching up with old friends, and making new friends. In case you have not seen previous posts about my latest book, here is a link to Amazon where you can buy your very own copy. Note: Our book is still holding a #1 slot!

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Our New Field Guide Is #5 On Amazon!

Okay, it is not #5 for all books, but it is number 5 in the Books > Science & Math > Nature & Ecology > Reference section. That is way cool!

BTW, I'm also impressed that our current overall Amazon ranking is 4,999. We just broke the 5,000 mark! That is amazing given all the books (print and ebook) that they sell.

Here's our book's Amazon link, in case you're interested in purchasing a copy: 

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Our Book Is Now Live!

After three years of hard work, hundreds of treks into the field across the Midwest, and almost 30,000 photos, the field guide that I co-authored with +Kenn Kaufman and his Wife Kim is officially released as of this morning!

This pocket-sized field guide makes a great addition to any naturalist's toolkit, to a birder who wants to learn more about the other organisms in the Midwest, to a botanist interested in birds and butterflies, or to everyone else who likes to spend time in their yard or a park in the Midwest looking at nature. Please consider purchasing one for yourself and thirty or forty for friends and family! ;-)

You can find it on Amazon here: 

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Spring's Woodland Treasures!

Right now in the central to northern parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and the southern parts of Michigan and Wisconsin, the spring ephemeral spectacular is at or nearing its peak. Woodland wildflowers emerge in the spring before the shrub and tree layers of the forest have leafed out. They complete their growth and reproductive cycles rather quickly and then often die back to the ground in summer -- thus called spring ephemerals.

Here is a photo taken this past Sunday (April 26, 2015) at Bendix Woods County Park in St. Joseph County, Indiana. It is one of the Midwest’s top woodland wildflower hotspots. This picture pretty much tells why!

My wife (+April Pulley Sayre) and I easily encountered 30+ woodland wildflower species on our walk through the woods that afternoon. The forest is a mature Beech-Maple climax community literally carpeted with tens of thousands of wildflowers of numerous species. It is a breath-taking, impressive display -- truly one of the natural treasures of the Midwest.

Among the most obvious wildflowers on display in the photo are Trillium grandiflorum (White Trillium), Trillium recurvatum (Prairie Trillium), Isopyrum biternatum (False Rue Anemone), and Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger).

I’ll be posting (and sharing on G+) a video tour of our wildflower experience a little later on YouTube.

To learn more about woodland wildflowers, and the plants of the Midwest in general, pick up a copy of my latest book which is available this coming Tuesday, May 5, 2015! You can grab a copy here: 

/cc +Kenn Kaufman 

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Big Name, Tiny Flower

Floerkea proserpinacoides (False Mermaidweed)

A short-statured (up to 6”), early blooming woodland wildflower (spring ephemeral) of forested floodplains, moist to mesic woodland soils, small riparian corridors, and shaded seeps.

Interesting fact: although this wildflower has one of the longest scientific names of any woodland wildflower, it has one of the smallest flowers. Its inconspicuous flowers are no more than 1/4-inch across and not showy. The most obvious part of the flower are its three greenish sepals. The three white petals appear small compared to the sepals -- sometimes barely being visible.

cc/ +Kenn Kaufman 

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NPR Affiliate Interview With My Co-Authors!

Listen to my co-authors Kim Kaufman and +Kenn Kaufman talk about our new book, Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of the Midwest.

#nature   #ecology   #fieldguide   #NPR   #publicradio 

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Wow! Our Field Guide Is An Amazon #1 New Release!

I just learned from my co-authors Kim Kaufman and +Kenn Kaufman that our very-soon-to-be-released field guide is currently the #1 Hot New Release in Amazon's Outdoors & Nature Reference category. 

Here are its other current Amazon rankings:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #44,828 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#20 in Books > Travel > United States > Midwest
#74 in Books > Science & Math > Nature & Ecology > Reference

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I"ll Be Keynoting The Biggest Week

Into nature, birding, or science of any type? Then plan on attending The Biggest Week In American Birding! It's a ten-day celebration of birds, migration, and nature. Many thousands attended each year.

I'll be co-presenting the Friday, May 15 keynote with +Kenn Kaufman, one of my co-authors -- and the creator of the Kaufman Field Guide series. If you are attending, let me know. We can meet up somewhere along the trail.

To learn more about the festival, speakers, and presentations at this year's Biggest Week: 

To Learn more about my upcoming field guide to nature, which will be released in less than a month, see this post, My Field Guide Is Finally Finished!!! (

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Extinct Giant Insects Rediscovered and Rescued!

Even if you are grossed out by the picture, the story is wonderful -- that is if you like science, adventure, and people's desire to help non-human animals.

#science   #conservation   #entomology   #insects   #discovery  

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