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The act of writing gives feet to imagination's flights.

How's the writing going today? =)

Update: This quote is one of 103 Bracing Quotes to Propel You Through Your First Draft
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I want to see characters that ARE WHO THEY ARE.

Despite their pasts.

Not because of them.

I see too many writers coming up with elaborate backstories to explain away every single aspect of their character's personality. Tell me, what are those characters without their pasts? Do they own nothing of their own personality? Are they blank slates colored only by experience?

No. Personality formation is a combination of inherent inclination and learned thought processes (the result of backstory). Beyond that, the effects of our experiences are rarely straightforward, and two people will be shaped by the same experiences in vastly different ways.

So find how your character's personality defies their backstory. Take every learning experience and get serious about figuring out the unexpected ways it shaped them.

Have fun making your character their own person.

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How did your writing go this year? What did you get done? How did it improve?

And how can you make next year even better?

Check it out...
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Writing doesn’t need a strict timeline.
You don't need a specified "writing month" to make writing happen.
With NaNo over, it's time to stop beating yourself up for falling behind.

Get back in the groove, YOUR groove, your ideal pace, with 103 Bracing Quotes to Propel You Through Your First Draft

Get ready to let the words flow...
est. 17 minute read

A grand hat tip to:
+Darcy Pattison, +Mary Jaksch, +Gregory Ciotti, +Seth Godin, +K.M. Weiland, +April Kihlstrom, +Andy Shackcloth, +Martha Alderson, +Chuck Wendig, +Jody Hedlund, +Karen Woodward, +Cheryl Reifsnyder, +Kristen Lamb, +Hugh Howey, +Jenny Hansen, +Beth Hill, +Anne R. Allen, +James Scott Bell, +Joanna Penn, +Neil Gaiman, +Ava Jae, +Rachelle Gardner, +Jordan Rosenfeld, and +Jeff Ford
Thank you!
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{New Writingeekery Post}
This one's for you if NaNoWriMo has beaten you into the dust.
If you've been tortured by a lack of words.
If you kept rewriting instead of making new words.
Or if you didn't even dare to try NaNo.

103 Bracing Quotes to Propel You Through Your First Draft
The time to write doesn't end on December first. You haven't lost, and you won't as long as you keep writing.

Read the quotes for some great advice and a solid mindset reset.

You're going to rock this.

#writing #motivation #firstdrafts
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What's your writing goal for today?
Don't just share a word count... What's your plan of action?
• What scene will you write?
• What time will you work on it?
• Have you scheduled any planning time to go with your writing time?
• Will you commit to allowing your imagination space to play, not judging the quality of the output?

The more specific you get, giving yourself a guide on how you're going to get it done, the easier it is to do it.

You ready to get some writing done? :D

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So you struggle to just get the story written...
Ginger Moran has a fantastic take on why writing is often so stinking hard.

I think most of us can empathize with the plight of getting overwhelmed by the sheer size of the undertaking before us. But Ginger points out exactly how to break it up and make it manageable.

Shoo, go read. ;)
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Writers, what's your number 1 challenge?
I'm asking for it, so don't hold back. Vent. Rant. Let it out.

You're not alone. We as a community can and should be supporting each other.

What's your struggle?
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Are you ready to drench your character in irresistible complexity?

How much inner conflict does your character have? Is there a big decision on the horizon?

Not just any decision qualifies as inner conflict. Inner conflict needs to do more than make your character stop and scratch his head. It needs to throw him back on his heels.

It has to be a choice he would never make if given half a chance.

Read the article for a guide to finding the inner conflict and essential tips on using it...
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How often do you focus in on one specific detail of your setting to create a theme?
How deep is your character's connection to their corner of the world? How can you make it deeper?

Check out this quick read.
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