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Nice. Looks like the SunRail accepts NFC payments like +Google Wallet. Just tapped to pay for my card.

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I'm pretty sure I created the most funny/ridiculous listing on Swappa just now. Most descriptions are pretty dry. I hope people realize I'm serious about selling it, though.

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Neato. I must have missed that the Chromecast's model number is H2G2-42. Not surprised there are Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans at Google.

So...anyone else having more trouble than Android 4.2 is worth so far? I got the OTA upgrade on my stock Galaxy Nexus last night, and though the new features are nice, my system is basically hosed now.

Lots of apps don't work, especially where sending login data is concerned, and even the stock People/Contacts crashes upon loading. And performance is really jittery/sometimes even smoother than 4.1.x, but oftentimes laggy.

Going to factory reset in a bit. Having everything synced to the cloud makes that pretty painless, at least!

Update: Definitely going to factory reset. Now the new gesture typing feature stopped working and it lost its dictionary and so thinks every word is wrong. Also, it seems to have lost emoji auto-correct from Android 4.1.

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YES! Looks like we're about to see the fruition of Android@Home!
Any of this sound familiar? Android@Home is more than likely coming to yours relatively soon!

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Wow! First the $250 Barnes&Noble NookColor, now the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire? These "bookstores" are going to push tablets into that "why not?" price point needed for tablets to achieve mass adoption.

See, solid tablets need to hit prices well below the current $500+ price of entry before they can become even remotely as ubiquitous as other gadgets like other electronic devices such as mobile phones or personal computers. To put things in perspective, in the same time period in which all tablets have sold maybe 40 million units worldwide, there have been something like half a billion PCs and over a billion mobile phones sold worldwide.

I think Amazon and Barnes&Noble have begun a tablet price war. Surely, B&N will have to drop the NookColor's (and its eventual successor's) price to $200 to be competitive now. This is all great news to us consumers!
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