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Digital Assistant attracts Users
data first, AI second

The post made us interested in the role of Fei-Fei Li at Google. For us, the application of AI is the consequence of average people feeling helpless in the face of huge problems. They rather look for a shortcut, than leave their comfort zone. Making it easier for the few people who do so, day by day, who run the extra mile, go for the challenge, work their brains out, focus until they really solve.

In Europe AI is integrated into many software solutions already for many years. So for us it is not a paradigm shift, but a marketing issue. Online collaboration however is a paradigm shift. And that people will experience small, hopefully meaningful assistance, that is based on AI functions integrated into the Gmail app, will just calm most of us down, rather than make us suspicious.

We strongly advertise to go for a G Suite account rather than a free Gmail account and to learn how to handle digital assets. For us, that is the base for the kind of democratization tha Fei-Fei Li aims for.

How do you think about the subject? Would you use a AI function in your business, if you would know how to do so?

Thx +Jake Weisz for pointing to this publication.

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Why would you choose Microsoft instead of Google?
with Google control over Android (for Work)

From a strategic point of view, what might come after the mobile OS that is currently working like Microsoft Windows did for decades to bind users and developers to a platform. May be we should consider .NET development platform vs Google products for development

but in a rapidly changing environment, this is not key to the decision. It all starts with peoples habits and thinking ahead, we rather go with Google as we expect online collaboration and sharing to be the way for turning digital assets into residual income vs marketplace, app or play store.

May be if we would have achieved the same with Microsoft when we started in 2010, we would not have taken this position, but since than, we have saved a lot of money, frustration and even entered into a development project, the digital assistant, that has not been understood for a long time, until now.
Microsoft's Strategy To Seduce Android And Apple Users

Microsoft's recent Build Conference has highlighted the ongoing push to have Microsoft's services include and entice iOS and Android users. Windows Story Remix - which takes your images and allows you to edit them into short sharable videos - is a good illustration of this approach:

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Why E-Mail?
everybody is using WhatsApp

Because WhatsApp is just messaging and building a business requires more than that. The faster your business grows the more information needs to flow, the more responses need to be in time, or your pace will slow down.

That is nothing new, every answer to really serious questions you do not provide in time will either lead to a stop or a delay. And it will show those, who do not get an answer that you are not really interested in them.

The faster you can reply on less complicated requests, the more time you will have for those, that require thoughtful action.

We however would have been glad, if Gmail would integrate a button for inline voice recording to take on WhatsApp with this feature. 
Announcing Smart Reply in Gmail—using the power of machine learning to suggest email responses → 
Animated Photo

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Only if you Know-How
you can participate in the transformation

Remember, collaboration and conversation in the digital world follows the same principles as in the real world. It is just a tool, like a car for extending the reach. Without a license most people are not allowed to drive a car. There is no such thing as a driving permit for G Suite or Google apps. But consider to learn and to practice in order to master it.

From our own experience we know, that sharing is something that can go wrong otherwise. 
Did you know the best introduction to G+ is on the G Suite Learning Center?

Even though they're in the Gsuite learning center, they're available to everyone.
Check'em out:

Introduction page:
Get Started with G+:
And G+ Cheat Sheet:

Thanks +François Bacconnet for finding them!

#googleplus #howto #t

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How Do You know all this?
we are following those who know better :)

And so could you. We do not agree with every tip, but appreciate the perspective. The G Suite learning center and this page provide the fast track to using G Suite in a way, that really makes a difference.

Just make sure, you practice before you try to accomplish your goal. If you don't there is plenty of room for making grave mistakes, because G Suite is a powerful tool.
Five years, several hundred tips and over 22,000 subscribers after Google Apps Tips appeared, we’re launching our brand new G Suite Tips site powered by +OverDRIVE. Take a look -


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Information Flow (Messaging) vs Assistance
a support function vs a core function

People are asking us about the difference and we keep saying, for assistance the service requires skills, for communication it just requires connection, editing, recording, transportation and optimization of data formats. So messaging is just a support function and to build assistance into it, will not work.

Setting up a knowledge base is a completely different kind of challenge. Facebook could aggregate a generic knowledge graph, as well as Google and all other major media companies. But they suffer from a huge disadvantage. Media is not obliged to report truth. To make money with media, you will have to attract peoples attention. EVERY VENDOR TRYING TO UTILIZE A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM by adding chat bots to the conversation will pay a huge price for this attempt and ultimately fail. Distraction is not only killing the sale, but also killing the mental capacity of people.

We either protect us, from an overflow of media garbage by selecting the right collection, or expose ourselves to a stream, that is injected with adverts and what other people think we might be interested in. This is why we collect ideas in Google collections and eventually attract people who are really interested in a conversation. And of course, seek for collections, to engage.

Just keep in mind, adding a comment to a post that is written in English, might benefit from being expressed in the same language :)

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The future of WhatsApp
might be similar to the fate of Snapchat

Facebook took on Snapchat with Instagram and succeeded. With Google Photos integrated into the Google Apps, but not being part of the core apps of G Suite there is at least a working alternative in place if you would want to go for a private community - i.e. exclusive content.

It is most likely that Google Duo (Video) and Allo (Voice/Chat/Image) will be integrated with _Google Drive and Mail like e.g. Google Hangouts, after they are integrated into one app. But why are integration with Google Search and Google Assistant the main features to take on WhatsApp?

Because there is more to communication than just feeling socially connected. Many people form teams that pursue a goal. So it's the resulting object that matters. And a means for consolidating the contributions of team members to, e.g. a group chat, makes a huge difference. You could create a form to e.g. collect feedback on a request or just "know" what people are talking about and interpret the response to questions. If a man can do it, a digital assistant will be capable of doing it very soon.

So WhatsApp like many predecessors, was just paving the way by making people aware of the possibilities. If you believe, adding chat bots to chat apps is the same like adding chat to digital assistance, you are mistaken. We have built information flow around digital assistance and could replace the means for information flow, but hardly the knowledge built into the DIGI.

And if a company thinks, they should go to where the people are, i.e. deliver News via WhatsApp broadcast because there newsletter does not work or their Facebook group does not create the same results, they may have chosen the right tactics, but still have to look for the right strategy in the future.

Or course the ideal solution is not in place yet, may be it will never be in place, but the question is hardly, which technology provides a short term advantage, but does the process provide a sustainable result. How would you use WhatsApp to make use of the data that you have exchanged via chat?

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This is already happening
and very useful

It is saving us a lot of time already. While Microsoft seems to be announcing similar functions for Office 365 that are also promising and real time natural language translation is playing an important role as well.

For us it is the whole package: SEARCH x TRANSLATION x ASSISTANCE

And we created the DIGI because we know, that domain specific assistance can not be added without prior implementation of domain specific procedures, that are basic and people are used to apply them daily. Despite many efforts to replace or supplement basic daily procedures with native apps, these apps do not form a flexible, integrated solution unless the leaders decide to open up and migrate towards an open collaboration ecosystem like the one that Google is providing already with G Suite.

Some leaders actually are in trouble already. And instead of leading they tend to react on the demands of those they are leading. Some of them for more than a decade already. Just because they do not understand digital transformation and do not take the time to reflect on the demands of those people who do. We came to the conclusion, that these leaders are not worth following. Using them is not a problem, but following will just lead into a direction where the mistakes of the past need to be fixed again.

There are leaders who are capable of implementing ongoing Change Management into the growth process. These leaders seem to focus on controlling the information flow. In addition they seem to take care for digital asset management. They wisely choose people and focus on those who deliver on their promises. This is where we will improve this year. Therefore we are looking into tools that might help us to overcome deficiencies of the current Apps Script development environment. 
Sidestep the quicksand of tedious tasks and focus on your next big idea. Explore in Docs, Sheets and Slides can help:

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You are not on G Suite yet?
may be you should

So many big companies are no longer fast and flexible enough, not because they don't need it, but because they are successful. Success is your worst enemy when it comes to digital transformation. No matter how much you don't like technology, or even hate it, you either master it in time or meet your master in time.

Of course, communication person to person and high touch will be an advantage, but not over technology as such, just combined with technology vs a competitor who does not consider human needs enough.

But if you wonder, how we managed to anticipate the current revolution 7 years ago, it is because we did some long term planning and decided, that this direction would be right, no matter how much it would cost. Of course it was very challenging, and the DIGI still has flaws that need to be fixed and improved. But the overall thing is ok. Not because of the best programming effort, but because of the unique combination of Apps Script, Google Apps and experience in business process engineering.

Normally you just apply a procedure to gain the results. But with the mindset of an IT expert, you will have a tendency towards automation by nature. And as a result, you will be frustrated with procedures that eat up your energy, time and joy much more faster than it happens for regular people. And if the regular people deny the use and need for automation and a more structured approach, than it's time to proof them wrong. Well, this is what we wanted to do, but it is not that easy.

A tool is just an option, the activity of using the tool makes the difference. Consider this, when watching this +TED Talk by +Ari Wallach
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