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Freework - time tracking made easy for freelancers
#AppRecommendations Freework is specially designed for assisting freelancers manage their time on projects easily. It gives you stats and syncs your progress across devices. Tap on the card to give it a try. It's free.

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Pixel Walls - handmade wallpapers with style
#AppRecommendations Pixel walls is a brand new wallpaper app that consists of flat style wallpapers that you'll find nowhere else. The app is easy to use and pleasing to look at, and the wallpapers can make any home screen come alive. My favourite ones are the Google Now inspired wallpapers. The app is priced at INR 35, which is a small amount compared to other wallpaper apps with original handmade wallpapers and contains no ads or added in-app purchases or any kind of hidden costs. Screenshots from real world usage of the app are provided below for your reference.
Give it a try:
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Fluctuate - for getting the best deal at the best time
#AppRecommendations Fluctuate allows you to track the price of products from online shopping websites, and unlike most Price Trackers on the Play Store, Fluctuate works with (almost) all online shopping sites.

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Graphice - pick prominent colors from your pictures
Graphice is a nifty little tool to pick the prominent colors from a picture and to show its hex code. Some features requires an in app purchase, but the core functionality is free. The app does not contain any advertisements and has an attractive user interface. If you are into web development or into graphics designing, this is a must-have! Give it a try!
Playstore link:

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Monument Valley 2 - the sequel to the original Monument Valley that redefined minimalistic visuals in games
#AppRecommendations Monument Valley 2 is out and it brings a new storyline and an even more amazing graphical experience.

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Tholotis - to blur your wallpapers and to bring your icons and widgets to the highlight
#AppRecommendations Tholotis is a nice little utility app that is used to blur static wallpapers. You can choose one from your gallery or modify your existing wallpaper with the adjustable blur and dim. Unlike Muzei, this app does not require you to set any live wallpaper. If you prefer static wallpapers, but love the blur effects of Muzei, you should definitely give this a try.
Google Playstore link:
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Retro Music Player - an amazing combination of Material Design and iOS Design language
Retro Music Player is a highly customizable hybrid design local music player with a respectable set of features. Notable features include tag editing, lyrics screen with syncing (manual), home screen widgets, toggle to enable rounded corners (yay!) and a light, dark or black theme. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
Download link:
Source Credit : Lorenzo Alinari
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Lawnchair is now available in the Playstore!
#AppRecommendations Lawnchair, Google's Pixel Launcher on steroids, can now be downloaded from Google Play. It is still in an unreleased stage and doesn't support Android 8.0 yet. It is FREE and OPEN SOURCE and you don't need to pay to get additional features out of it unlike the competition. Try it out!

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#AppRecommendations Microsoft Edge is now available for Android! Give it a try!

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#AppRecommendations The Calendar+Weather Widget of the Pixel 2, now for your phone!
Credits to JR Raphael for the find.
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