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We are making #renting easy!!! Create your FREE Renter Profile today and you will never fill out a paper application again! You can start applying to apartments and other rental properties with just a single click.

Creating your Profile takes just a few minutes
Provide your contact information, work history, references, and more.

One-click Application Process
Once your profile is created you can apply to any property on our site with just a single click!

Apply to any Rental in the country
Even if the property is not on our site, you can share your profile with anyone that has an email address.

Safe, Secure, and Free
Your profile is protected by a 256-bit encryption and is 100% free to make.

So what are you waiting for? Create your FREE Renter Profile today!

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9 Common Mistakes That Renters Make -

The tenant population is certainly diverse, and many renters, especially #millennials are entering the housing market for the first time. Unfortunately, word often doesn’t get around about typical renter mistakes, so the same errors are often repeated.

A HUGE mistake, in our opinion, that many renters make is taking the apartment before they learn the neighborhood. You really want to take a look at the neighborhood a couple of times before you agree to any written contract. Drive through the area four separate times, days and evenings weekdays and weekends. Also look up crime statistics for the immediate area.

Here are 8 more common mistakes that renters are making... can you think of any more?

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Thinking About Subletting Your Apartment This Summer? 

Are you one of the many millennials that will soon be on summer break from college? If so, you might be considering doing a little traveling. Whatever your situation, when your apartment is sitting empty, it could be making you money. Enter the world of subletting.

“But before you leap in,” notes Laura Gaskill in Forbes, “it’s important to get a full picture of the risks you face and what (if anything) you can do to minimize them.”

In other words, successful subletting is all about preparation. Our latest blog post offers a small, five-item to-do list that will guide you in getting yourself legal, finding a tenant, screening applicants, figuring out your price, and charging a security deposit. 

Here is a quick 5-item checklist to get you started: 

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It's All About Tricking the Eye

Lucite furniture has been everywhere lately — and from the looks of this dining table, it’s obvious why! Lucite is the ultimate neutral: You can pair it with any color or pattern, and it instantly glams up a room. If you’re going for a minimalist look, Lucite will help keep your decor streamlined and clean, since it doesn't really have a visual footprint.

Check out +Trulia's blog post 8 Minimalist Apartment Interiors That Will Inspire A Clutter Detox to get some more ideas for your apartment:

Related Reading:
10 Simple Tips To Declutter Your Apartment -

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We love this little patio herb garden!

We wanted to reintroduce ourselves as we know that we have some new followers lately. We are Easyrent (, a property management platform for landlords and renters, and we often blog about #DIY projects for renters as well as tips for landlords.

We came across this little herb garden and wanted to share it with you. It is simple to set up and make apartment living much more enjoyable! Are there any patio gardens in our audience?


#diyproject #garden #gardening #apartment #apartmentliving 
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Are You An IDEAL Tenant?
If you can learn how to put your best foot forward, you can write your own ticket when it comes to choosing an apartment! Learn how:

One of the main ideas in the legendary self-help book How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie, 1936) is that you can optimize all interactions by looking at the situation from the other person’s perspective.

That truism is helpful when looking at apartments. Keep in mind that the landlord wants the best possible renters, but even more than that, they want to keep all the terrible renters at arm’s length.

Here is one landlord's horror story: “He had stored garbage in the attic, because he did not pay his garbage fees…. He also kicked in all of the doorknob holes with a sledge hammer…. But, the clincher was how he literally walked thru my walls, leaving an outline of a body throughout my sheetrock.”

#tenant #apartment #selfhelp #selfimprovement #tenantscreening
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Time To Get Organized!!!

Let's face it, you probably have too much stuff. It's incredibly valuable to have "everything in its place" and to have your life guided by a sense of order; in fact, more than 4 out of 5 people said that being organized made them more productive on the job, according to J.J. McCorvey of Inc.

Studies have also suggested that organization is positive emotionally as it revitalizes and empowers people.

But where to start? Our latest blog post is going to help you. Learn how to get yourself, and your apartment, organized:

#organization #organizing #declutter #homeimprovement #selfimprovement
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Ready, Set, Declutter!

Now that the days are starting to get longer and spring is just right around the corner, it's time for a little spring cleaning! Learn how to "Declutter Like a Boss" with these tips from professional organizers on +Trulia's latest blog post:

#organization #organization #organizing  
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Bad Credit? No Problem!!!

HotPads has tips to help you land an apartment even if your credit isn't so great!

One of the best pieces of advice is to focus on the small operators. Think about it... a landlord who owns a few buildings as an individual is often more willing to make “on the fly” lease adjustments, as opposed to a large apartment company, since the latter uses a more standardized approach. They are more likely to be less rigid in their rules.

Read the Article:

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Have A Lease With A Slumlord? Steps You Can Take:

The dreaded S-word, #slumlord . This is a term ascribed to a manager of a “slum” property. Generally a shady individual who profiteers as the expense of their tenants.

We featured some advice from +Marcia Stewart of Nolo[dot]com on a recent blog post that outlines some of the big stick solutions that one might choose to use if their landlord is refusing to make good on their end of the lease agreement:

1. Refuse to pay rent.
2. Reach out to your city’s building inspectors.
3. Repair-and-deduct: Make the fix yourself and then reduce your next rent check accordingly.
4. Thumb your nose at the lease and move elsewhere.
5. Continue to pay your rent but file a lawsuit against the slumlord that covers the difference between what you paid them and what is truly fair rent given the lack of maintenance.

Read More:

#slumlord #rentals #tenantrights #propertymanagement
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