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Bateau Ivre... Paris, France
Midnight-ish, on one delightful evening in Paris. Le sigh!

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The Grand Dame... Paris, France

Who knew this photo (one of my faves, of the Notre Dame, Paris in December, 2010.)... would one day transform itself into Cashmere-Silk scarf? I sure didn't!

I LOVE scarves and can't wait to wrap that slice 'o Delicious around my neck. (it's on order). I'm so excited to see it! It even has my signature on it.

Check it out:
And until midnight tonight... 25% off! 

I'll be honest. That hardly ever happens.

OH... and scarf dimensions are 28" x 78". That's not listed on the website... and some of you might want to know. ;)

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The Abbey... Mont St-Michel, france

Oh, I just loves me some history, architecture and rain all blended together into an irresistibly tasty mix.

More? Mais oui!

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With +Mike Staubes and +Joe Dolister.

Check out allllll the goodies at


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The Red Door on the Left.. Mont St-Michel, France

THE time to see Mont St-Michel is after dark, late at night when all the tourists have gone home. Some nice rain is ideal. Remember to ask for that. ;)

This is what you see coming down the long steps from The Abbey... the one flash of color in all that somberocity. 

I thought about knocking... heh.

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Architecture of the Mind... The Louvre, Paris, France
So many ideas rolled into one reflective moment. 
At least that's how I felt about this!

I don't want to mess it up with my interpretation (s)... maybe just take a moment, get soft eyes and muse for a moment. 

At least it'll be a good excuse for a brain break! If anyone asks, you can say you're contemplating the meaning of life. heh.

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On my most glorious trip to Paris this summer, I did what I love to do... bring folks along! 

I took +Virtual Photo Walks™ through the neighborhood where I was staying... and visited Place de Contrascarpe,  Hemingway's old apartment and some of the other sites within a few blocks from my apartment.

 How amazing is it that we can even DO this?? Blows my mind! And I loved every second of it. :D
+Karen Hutton  took Virtual Photo Walks out into a neighborhood close to where she was staying. We visited the Place de la Contrascarpe and walked by Ernest Hemingway's old apartment.
In the early 1900's, Hemingway rented a room because he believed it had once been occupied by the famous poet Verlaine and he wanted it to rub off. He wan't alone in seeking inspiration... James Joyce worked on "Ulysses" in this 'hood too.
In those days,  Place de la Contrescarpe was, according to George Orwell (who also lived there), a dreadful neighborhood where no policeman dared to go alone after dark. 

Now it's all upscale and right out of a magazine... and I got to show it to my VPW peeps, bringing them to a super cool place they wouldn't be able to see any other way... walking for those who can't. 
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Like Wonderland, it was. 

With +Mike Staubes and +Joe Dolister on one incredible, fanciful road trip through Normandy...

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+Virtual Photo Walks™ is​ featured on PBS Newshour tonight!

I love my work with Virtual Photo Walks (VPW)... I did two of them from Paris recently, one from Las Vegas last week and I plan to bring VPW with me for +Trey Ratcliff's ginormous photowalk in Los Angeles this weekend. For the disabled and homebound, it's a lifeline to the world. For me, it's a way to share the many blessings I've been given in a realtime, global way.

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I'm so excited my head might explode!
But I'm going to take a breath and try to avert that. [Ommmmmmm...]

Instead, I'm sharing some BIG news... and a new partnership. The whole story is on my blog: Mainly because I just can't fit it all in here! (the link below takes you to my newsletter about all this.)

One word: FujifilmUSA. 

[resumes happy dance, begins whirling and suddenly twirls herself off the stage.]

Jumps up and waves at the crowd: "I'm OK! I'm OK!"

Have I defined Helmet for you? 
Ahhhh, I see. It's here;

I am definitely Helmet right now. :D

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Roofs... Courtils, France
Oh, hello village of Courtils in the gorgeous French countryside of Normandy. I miss you... and your utterly charming homes with their awesome roofs. 

You know it's the little things, right? Le sigh.

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