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The Verge's review of the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL: 8.5/10

I can't believe how consistently kick-ass Google has made the cameras on their Pixel lineup, destroying almost the entire competition. Something that's almost unheard of in the tech world is a previous generation Android device being considerably better than the latest, current generation flagship iPhone in one of the most crucial features of a smartphone - the camera. And Google has managed to do just that with the Pixel 2, which many reviewers say still has a better camera than even the latest iPhone XS. And that's a fucking achievement.

And the only phone to beat the Pixel 2's camera is the new Pixel 3. Google has earned itself a perfectly apt and worthy title of consistently making some of the best cameras in smartphones, and this is especially a great comeback from the older Nexus devices which were criticized very much for the same feature. Kudos to them.

But besides for the exceptional camera, there are plenty of good things about the phone, and for the first time, it boldly tick marks many boxes. The display is now perfected and is probably equal to or better than the competition, the build and design is much improved, customer service is getting better, the rest of the features are sufficient and nothing is cheapened out this time, especially (and unfortunately) the price.

I haven't seen many people complain about the super high price tag which is quite shocking to me, but instead I've seen people justify it and say that the new Pixels are actually worth the price this time. If that's true then that's great, but I'm still not going to shell out so much for any phone, and can only imagine what the two will cost when they land in India.

But, all things considered, these phones do seem great, and I take back what I said earlier. After reading opinions and reviews, I think that Google has designed this phone quite well, and I sincerely hope it sells well too. I hope it gives Google the confidence to make an even better, even more perfected Pixel 4 and sell millions and millions of them.

I can finally recommend the Pixel 3 to people as a solid alternative to an iPhone or Galaxy, because it finally fits worthy of the title and price bracket (no it doesn't, but still, LOL). I know people wouldn't be disappointed with the more futuristic design (notch-off is pretty usable), larger screens, premium build, great performance, fluid software, great battery life, exceptional camera and good support too.

The Pixel 3 is easily the best Pixel that Google has put out in the last two years, and I genuinely hope it does well in the market, and not too many problems arise. I'd pick the smaller Pixel 3 if it were cheaper and I had to buy a new phone right now, but I'm already quite happy with my OG XL.

But by all means, go ahead and buy this thing if you want one. You wouldn't be disappointed. #Pixel3

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I like how the Phone and Contacts app automatically switch to Dark Mode when on battery saver. Looks like Google's onto something real here...

I got a call from a friend but couldn't accept it because the Phone app was updating... #FirstWorldProblems

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One UI: I like it!

Got a hands-on with Samsung's One UI on the Galaxy S8 running Pie beta, and I really like it. The extra spacing doesn't look as bad when you're using the phone, and functionally wise it's definitely much better and easier to use with a single hand. The app icons are poop, but they can be changed though. And some of the minor UI tweaks and fonts, including system icons and even the new settings app are far better looking.

I really like the direction Samsung is headed now. This is much cleaner and less cluttered than the hundreds of previous iterations of TouchWiz/Samsung Experience. #OneUI
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Leaked Android Q release reveals some features we've been asking for!


Yes, full system-wide dark mode is coming to Android at last - and it could potentially be the best implementation you've ever seen, as it apparently themes all apps dark, even the ones that don't support it (although they'd be broken, obviously). This should definitely force app developers to switch their apps to a dark theme as many people would want that.

Among other things, there's increasing focus on privacy, accessibility, a Samsung Dex-like feature and more. This isn't even the first developer beta: it's a leak before that, so expect a ton of improvements and features by the time it releases in August-September. #AndroidQ

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What happened to Kimbho?

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This is another level of should I say...attention seeking?
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